Three books co-authored by Kelisa Wing, the military-schools DEI chief, whose books are stocked in the libraries of K-12 schools on military bases

The children of our servicemembers are educated in K-12 public schools run by a Defense Department sub agency known as Education Activity (DoDEA). Over 60,000 children attend these schools funded by a $3.1 billion budget.

Today, “every aspect” of DoDEA “from the curriculum and assessment to hiring and professional development” is overseen by the agency’s chief diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) officer.

The Chief DEI position was a completely new position within the agency.

In December 2021, DoDEA Director Thomas Brady announced the promotion of Kelisa Wing from diversity, equity, and inclusion specialist to chief. His press release described the position and its responsibilities...

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Guest post by Michael D. Pefley, Colonel, USAF (Ret)

Apparently birthing persons (without being specifically called out as such), are in, while moms and dads are eliminated from Air Force vocabulary (See USAFA D&I training presentation). 

In the most DIE (Diversity, Inclusion , Equity) way possible, the Air Force Academy is eliminating the traditional family to make their service more inclusive while providing equity to any and every minuscule fringe group that self identifies as “I’m a victim of the oppressive, traditional American culture!”

Because “diversity is our strength”, USAFA has become fixated on pronouns, race, gender (biological or declared) and sexual orientation!  You might ask, “What’s all this DIE have to do with combat capability?”  Our opponents and enemies would answer a resounding “Nothing!” while our military leaders would answer “Absolutely everything!”

Obviously if you deny, ignore or dismiss the DIE philosophy, then you are guilty of being the “R word.”  The liberal use of the label “You are a R-word” is an approved method for bullying anyone into the compliant group think mantra of “DIE is good and Meritocracy is evil.”

The USAFA training guide exhorts cadets (to the exclusion of former cadets or alumni) to embrace inclusivity, harmony and institutional pride. Opinions and feedback from USAFA graduates is excluded in the Air Force’s adherence to inclusivity.  In addition, if one stated “I don’t see color or I’m color-blind,” you must be, you guessed it “a racist.”

It’s remarkable that USAFA didn’t include “Comrade” or “Comrades” as an appropriate method of addressing others. 

The STARRS organization “Stand Together Against Racism and Radicalism” is dedicated to the constitution, unity and military readiness.  Just to be clear, those are the tenets of a free country and a free people!

Michael D. Pefley, Col, USAF (retired)


Graduate of USAFA 1974

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Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) applauded the Pentagon for looking into recently surfaced remarks disparaging white people made by the chief of diversity, equity and inclusion for the Department of Defense’s K-12 school system, after she and another Republican congressperson sent a letter to DOD.

“Following House Republicans’ advocacy, the Department of Defense will conduct a review of [Department of Defense’s Education Activity (DoDEA)’s woke diversity chief and her history of divisive rhetoric,” Stefanik said in a statement about Kelisa Wing.

Wing, who oversees the DEI curriculum for all of the military’s K-12 schools that serve more than 66,000 children, disparaged white people on a number of occasions on social media...

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