Troops Administering and Receiving Covid Vaccine

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While the government's Covid-19 vaccine mandate for U.S. troops is no longer in effect, the Pentagon sent a letter to lawmakers recently saying that it could still remove as many as 16,000 unvaccinated troops from service.

According to the letter from the Under Secretary of Defense for Military personnel Gilbert Cisneros, military officials "continue to review cases on an individual basis to determine appropriate action" for personnel who did not get vaccinated and who also did not request an exemption.

The letter noted that there are 16,000 of those cases and approximately 69,000 unvaccinated troops, although 53,000 of those had requested either a religious, medical, or administrative exemption.

The 16,000 who remain unvaccinated and did not request a waiver are still subject to separation, according to the Pentagon, despite Republicans using the 2023 National Defense Authorization Act to force the Biden administration to rescind the mandate last year.

Jim Banks (R-IN0), Chairman of the Military Personnel Subcommittee, criticized the Pentagon's decision to punish troops who did not file for an exemption, saying, "It's incredibly divisive and cruel to fire patriotic service members for refusing to comply with a partisan and harmful rule that no longer exists. To me, the only explanation is that the Biden administration wants to purge conservative service members from the military."

When questioned by Banks during a hearing as to why troops are being punished regarding a mandate that is no longer in effect, Cisneros said it was due to the mandate being a "lawful order" at the time it was issued and that troops who remained unvaccinated without seeking an exemption "disobeyed a lawful order."

"Those who refused the vaccine and did not put in a request for an accommodation refused a lawful order," Cisneros answered.

When asked what purpose enforcing a rescinded mandate served, Cisneros replied, "In order to maintain good order and discipline, it's very important that our service members follow orders when they are lawful."

Despite Cisneros' answers, the DOD has never publically answered questions regarding whether or not the Covid vaccine mandate was lawful.

The DOD will also not reveal whether or not Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin requested or received an exemption from President Biden.

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Soldier with Coivd Vaccine

Certain U.S. troops will still be mandated to receive COVID-19 vaccines, the Department of Defense (DoD) said in a recent memorandum.

Troops who are deployed to countries that require COVID-19 vaccination must satisfy the requirements, Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks said in the Feb. 24 document.

“The Department’s Foreign Clearance Guide will be updated to reflect that DoD personnel must continue to respect any applicable foreign nation vaccination entry requirements, including those for COVID-19,” Hicks said.

“Other than to comply with DoD Foreign Clearance Guidance, DoD Component heads and commanders will not require a Service member or group of Service members to be vaccinated against COVID-19, nor consider a Service member’s COVID-19 immunization status in making deployment, assignment, and other operational decisions, absent establishment of a new immunization requirement in accordance with the process described below,” she also said.

Military rules (pdf) have been altered to include a new section that states a secretary of a military department, a director of a defense agency or field activity that operates medical clinics, or a commandant of the Coast Guard can submit requests to the assistant secretary of defense for health affairs for approval to mandate COVID-19 vaccines.

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United Airlines Restricted Access To Personal 401k For Not Taking Vax
Image by JacobAviation

In CDMedia's 3rd episode of Wings for Liberty and Justice series about the United Airlines' lawsuit over mandated covid "shots," American Conversations Host Christine Dolan interviews Ken Locke and Rhett Wolff.

Locke has been employed by United for 24 years as a Flight Attendant. He refused to take the covid "shot" mandated by United in 2021, and applied for a religious exemption. That meant nothing to hold onto his job. He was put on "standby" and pushed off the schedule.

Locke was not officially fired so he could not apply for unemployment. He was not collecting a paycheck and his wife also lost her job for refusing to take the shot required for her hospital job. Finances were tight. Locke had been put on furlough like many other United Airlines employees during 2020, but they had an active life insurance policy and access to his 401(K).

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After Locke applied for his religious exemption in 2021, and was on "standby," he lost his active life insurance policy coverage at that time, and was denied access to his 401(K).

There was no forewarning by United Airlines that if their employees applied for religious exemptions and put in limbo that Fidelity would not give them access even when applying for "financial hardship."

Rhett Wolff has been employed by United Airlines as a pilot for 31 years, and was just shy of 30 years in 2021 at time of being kicked off United's property because he too refused the mandated "shot." Wolff also applied for religious exemption. He suffered religious discrimination from both United Airlines and Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA). Todd Insler, who was head of ALPA at time, sat on United Airline's Board of Directors.

The U.S. military has a racism problem alright, and a corruption problem as well. However, it's not in the rank and file, it's in the senior officer corp, and civilian leadership.

See the incident below where a general officer (Ohio National Guard Adjutant Maj. Gen. John Harris) threatens and attempts to assault a black reporter simply doing his job during OH Governor DeWine's press conference on the train derailment/chemical fire. This is the way they roll in Beijing; it's not supposed to be like this in the United States of America. We have a free press corp, General, and free speech to boot.

When I was the U.S. armed forces, people were relieved of command for such behavior.

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin has forced the prosecution of U.S. military members who refused to take the Covid mRNA gene therapy injections, falsely called 'vaccines'. He has continue to allow service members to be persecuted after Congress removed the Covid-19 vaccine mandate. He has allowed the coverup of a massive increase in deadly side effects with service members after taking the injection. He is pushing Marxism throughout the armed forces with critical race theory (CRT).

Lt. General Richard Clark, USAFA Superintendent forced his cadets to take the vaccines, even in the face of prolific evidence the injections were dangerous and did not work against the virus. He even forced a cancer survivor to get vaccinated in the face of evidence the injections harm one's immune system. He has pushed critical race theory at the Academy which is an attempt to divide the races and harm the force. He then told falsehoods about his racist agenda at the institution.

One Air Force cadet recently died on the way to class with a blood clot in his lung, which the academy blamed on a 'football injury', when it is common knowledge the vaccinated are experiencing blood clots, coronary issues, and sudden death.

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General Mark Milley, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has undermined civilian control of the military by working behind the duly-elected President's back in communicating with the Chinese Communist Party on nuclear policy. He has worked to divide the force with critical race theory. He has pushed the 'vaccines'. He is worried about 'white rage'.

General Darryl Williams, commanding general of United States Army Europe and Africa, previously the Superintendent of the United States Military Academy at West Point, oversaw the implementation of CRT among the Cadet Corp and enabled the persecution of cadets who did not want to take the vaccine.

If this isn't racism and corruption? What is?

Reversal comes as Congress considers bill seeking redress for military's discharged vaccine refuseniks.

The United States Military Academy is reimposing restrictions on unvaccinated cadets despite the lifting of the military's COVID-19 vaccine mandate, reports military attorney R. Davis Yountsa reversal that comes even as Congress mulls legislation seeking redress for service members dismissed for vaccine refusal. 

The Department of Defense rescinded the military vaccine mandate pursuant to the Dec. 23 enactment of the 2023 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which included a measure repealing the mandate. 

During the height of the pandemic, West Point implemented a policy prohibiting cadets from traveling for sports or other events, according to Younts. After the vaccine was made available, only unvaccinated cadets were restricted from traveling. Then, last semester, while the military vaccine mandate was still in place, West Point dropped the policy, allowing unvaccinated cadets to travel for sports, the Army-Navy game, and other events...

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Host L Todd Wood speaks with those at the tip of the spear of the fight against medical tyranny in DoD. 1LT John Bowes and Attorney Dale Saran give the latest insight from the fight.

This video is part of the series Information Operation.

New Army Recruits

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In yet another blow to military service members, those who did not meet the full term of their contract due to being kicked out of the military for not complying with the Covid vaccine mandate are now being forced to pay back their recruitment bonuses, in addition to losing their jobs and careers.

After years of dedication to the military and their country, many service members see the signing bonus pay back as a "kick in the face."

One soldier had signed a contract with the Army for 6 years of service and, in return, received a $7,000 signing bonus. After he was fired for refusing to get the Covid vaccine last May, the military informed him that he would have to pay back the $4,000 prorated amount of his bonus upon his termination from the Army because he did not complete the commitment outlined in his contract.

The soldier had to "sell" 60 unused vacation days to cover the bill, and many service members didn't have that option and are struggling to make the required payment. The Army soldier said that his mental health has suffered as a result of his poor treatment by the military and described it as a "final kick in the face."

The soldier was not the only one to express extreme dissatisfaction with the military and its treatment of those who have sacrificed so much to protect their country. Another service member said, "The Department of Defense continues to fall short on reestablishing trust for wrongdoings, and this is yet another example of that." He went on to describe the forced pay back scheme as the "icing on the cake" of the DOD's mistreatment of military service members.

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Another Army soldier expressed his disgust in a statement, saying, "The appalling treatment these individuals endured broke the trust that is owed to our citizens and our volunteers. America's sons and daughters."

"Until true efforts are made to establish trust, the recruiting and retention shortfalls will only continue. The individuals who make public statements that they are unsure what has contributed to the current recruiting and retention shortfalls need to take a look in the mirror, and perhaps they should resign for the betterment of our nation," the solder concluded.

The further fallout with former military service members comes as the military faces critically short lows in recruitment numbers across all branches. The lack of new recruits has become so dire that the military has been forced to increase the maximum age for enlistment and has announced in recent weeks that it will now accept people with behavioral problems in order to meet its recruitment figures.

If the DOD, Pentagon, and Biden administration wanted to honestly support the military, then they would focus on acknowledging wrongdoings, rebuilding trust, and extending long overdue apologies for their deplorable treatment of military members rather than lowering their standards and kicking service members in the face on their way out the door.

Host L Todd Wood speaks with Dr. Scott Sturman, a member of and a former USAF pilot, about how to heal the US military force after forced injections of a dangerous substance.

This video is part of the series Information Operation.

Host L Todd Wood speaks with Attorneys Col Tom Rempfer (USAF, Ret) and Lt Col "Lou" Michaels (USAF, Ret) on developments with the military vaccine mandate, the consequences, and restoration of member careers.

This video is part of the series Information Operation.

Recently, Hunter Brown, a United States Air Force Academy cadet and member of the intercollegiate football team, died of a cardiac arrest while walking to class.  Tragic events like these are becoming all too common.  It is not acceptable to automatically regard these events as normal and categorically deny that they are not related to mRNA vaccines.  Those of us in the graduate community mourn Hunter's death and extend our deep-felt condolences to his family and friends.

For over two years eminent scientists, independent investigative journalists, and skeptical free thinkers have sounded the alarm about the potential severe side effects caused by mRNA derived gene therapies.  Despite ominous signals from the DMED and VAERS reporting systems and the skyrocketing incidence of cardiac arrests in young athletes, the Department of Defense, medical establishment, pharmaceutical industry, and MSM either ignored the data, messaged it, or unleashed ad hominem attacks on those who suggested a link between the two.

The press dispenses merciless criticism on physicians who do not regurgitate the party line, as if they are incapable of independent, rational thought.  Only sub-specialists in the fields of virology, epidemiology, and infectious disease representing compliant academic institutions are qualified to comment and set policy. Ironically, Dr. Anthony Fauci, a physician touted for his commanding intellect, who ruled NIAID with an iron hand for 40 years and controlled billions of dollars in research grants, testified 174 times during his deposition that he could not remember the most basic Covid-related topics.

As a non-practicing orthopedic surgeon and former head of the FDA and a Pfizer board member, Dr. Scott Gottlieb's credentials were never called into question.  Acceptable qualifications seem more to do with parroting approved solutions and suppressing opposing views. Dr. Gottlieb apparently attempted to compel Twitter to censor FDA Commissioner Dr. Brett Giroir for posting the audacious Tweet that natural immunity is superior to protection conferred by Covid vaccines. This blatant display of conflict of interest and unethical behavior perversely and directly affected members of the armed forces, who were compelled to receive the mRNA Covid vaccine despite being at low risk for serious disease and protected with antibodies from previous infections.

The rush to vaccine millions with mRNA based therapies was bound to expose patients to unknown risks.  There is a prudent reason that the gene therapy approval process requires ten years rather than a a few months.  It is impossible to identify the long term health risks of an experimental medication that is being introduced to the general population in the midst of a pandemic. 

According to a non clinical, computer based model, the Lancet reported and implied that the vaccines saved 20 million lives in one year.  The report has been criticized for over estimating the effectiveness of the vaccine, underestimating its adverse effects, and using inflated case infection fatality rates that have not been experienced during the pandemic.  Martin Kulldorff, writing in Brownstone, analyzed randomized control trials conducted in Denmark that clearly indicate that mRNA vaccine efficacy was neutral at best. 

It has been known that certain types of antibodies, the IgG4 subtype specifically, are related to aggressive tumors and may be implicated in their escape from tumor surveillance by the immune system.Until December of this year it was unclear how mRNA vaccines affected the process.  In a paper published in Science Immunology authors demonstrated that patients who receive more boosters are prone to have higher levels of serum IgG4 antibodies.  It is highly unusual that this antibody subtype, which suppresses the immune response, to be present at these elevated titers for prolonged periods.  Further investigation is warranted to explore the mechanism of tumor progression and its relation to the mRNA vaccine.

It is unscrupulous for the Department of Defense to assume that the hundreds of thousands of vaccinated service members have not been injured due to the mRNA vaccine or put at risk of succumbing to long term diseases.  Those who refused the vaccine for either medical or religious reasons require immediate restitution, and those who have received the vaccine require appropriate testing to determine if their health is in jeopardy.

Soldier Receives Covid Vaccine

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After the Republicans used the passage of defense legislation last month as a means to force Democrats to drop the mandatory Covid-19 vaccine for all military personnel, the Pentagon released a memo from Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin Tuesday evening that formally repealed the mandate.

Austin’s memo rescinds the mandate for active duty, the National Guard, and the Reserves.

The repeal comes after an order from Austin on August 24, 2021, in which he mandated that all military personnel be full-vaccinated or be discharged from military duty.

Prior to the lifting of the mandate, some 8,400 troops were discharged, with tens of thousands applying for accommodation requests, including for medical, administrative, or religious reasons. Tens of thousands of reservists, allegedly up to 60,000, remained unvaccinated and were set to be discharged as well. The mass discharges came as the military has faced a serious recruiting crisis in recent years.

In an escalation of the battle between the military and leadership, forces successfully sued to temporarily enjoin the Navy, Air Force, and Marines from taking action against individuals who had applied for religious accommodations. The inspector general for the Pentagon also sent a memo to Austin indicating that blanket denials of religious accommodation requests flirted with breaking the law.

Some troops took a different tactic and fought the mandate on the basis that the DOD can only mandate FDA-approved vaccines, which some of the Covid vaccines at the time were not. The claim argued that the military was using a form of the vaccine that was under the Emergency Use Authorization provision and not FDA pre-approved. Then-DOD official, Terri Adirim, replied in another memo the two vaccines were interchangeable.

Despite the repeated challenges from troops and the massive loss of forces, the Biden administration refused to back down and reverse the mandate until House and Senate Republicans used the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which authorizes defense spending, to strong-arm the administration into repealing the mandate. In a statement released in conjunction with Austin’s memo, the Pentagon said, “This recession requirement was established by the James M. Inhofe National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2023.”

The Pentagon’s statement continued, “The health and readiness of the Force are crucial to the Department’s ability to defend our nation. Secretary Austin continues to encourage all Service members, civilian employees, and contractor personnel to get vaccinated and boosted against COVID-19 to ensure Total Force readiness.”

Austin’s memo stated, “No individuals currently serving in the Armed Forces shall be separated solely on the basis of their refusal to receive the COVID-19 vaccination if they sought an accommodation on religious, administrative, or medical grounds.”

The memo went on to clarify that the military would also remove adverse actions that were solely associated with denials of accommodation requests for troops, including any letters of reprimand, which could be career-ending.

The memo also noted that the military would stop any current reviews of accommodation requests for service members.

The correspondence did include a section indicating that the DOD would still take action against unvaccinated troops saying, “Other standing Departmental policies, procedures, and processes regarding immunization remain in effect. These include the ability of commanders to consider, as appropriate, the individual immunization status of personnel in making deployment, assignment, and other operational decisions, including when vaccination is required for travel to, or entry into, a foreign nation.”

Austin concluded his memo by noting that the Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness would be issuing additional guidance to “ensure uniform implementation” of the memo. Recently, the Coast Guard and Army have both issued guidance only to have it retracted hours later. It just goes to show that the military leadership has never considered any alternatives to the vaccine mandate.

Meanwhile, Republicans have vowed to fight for the reinstatement of discharged troops with backpay in 2023. The question remains though, how many discharged service members will return to a military that denied their civil liberties, attempted to silence their voices, and turned its back on them? Unfortunately, the answer is probably, too few. Austin’s memo is like Biden’s border visit – too little, too late.

The centennial of the United States Military academy at West Point, New York. 1802-1902 (1904)

On 15 December 2022, the Senate passed a colossal $858 Billion military spending bill.  By a vote of 83-11, the bill passed and went to President Biden for signature.  Notably, the GOP included language that eliminates the vaccine mandate for the Department of Defense.  Earlier this month, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin had vehemently opposed the proposal to remove the military vaccine mandate, claiming his mandate had saved hundreds of lives.  In reality, 96 active-duty members had died of Covid-19 in nearly 3 years.  Austin, who was fully vaccinated and boosted, famously contracted Covid-19 twice in 2022 alone, despite his obedience to his own mandate.  

Thousands of active duty servicemembers and dozens of cadets from all service academies had been separated for refusing the vaccine, even ones who sought exemptions of religious grounds.  In addition to low morale, the services had experienced enormous recruiting shortfalls, prompting 20 Republican governors to send President Biden a letter last week stating that the vaccine mandate was risking National Guard effectiveness.

On 4 December 2022, Austin had told the media, “We lost a million people to this virus.  A million people died in the United States of America.  We lost hundreds in DoD.  So, this mandate has kept people healthy.”  In 2021, as soon as the vaccine was FDA approved, Austin ordered the mandate for the Covid-19 vaccination.  Non-compliant servicemembers were harassed by chains of command and in many cases, separated from the military.  Very few exceptions were authorized and DoD refused to provide an explanation despite repeated demands from Congress.

No cadets at the service academies died from Covid-19.  Amazingly, healthy 18-22 year olds didn’t seem to be at risk from the disease itself.  Less than 0.3% of deaths nationwide occurred in Americans 24 years of age and younger.  Most of the Covid-19 deaths were in older Americans and those with co-morbidities, 2 categories West Point cadets in particular are absent from.  

In early November 2022, the 6 remaining USMA cadets who refused the vaccine on religious grounds were ordered to get the vaccine late in the day, denying them legal recourse to examine the order.  The USMA Inspector General denied cadet appeals to scrutinize the legality of the order.  Despite letters of appeal from USMA graduates and a Congressman-elect discussing the issue on national TV, the Superintendent of West Point, LTG Steven Gilland, issued General Officer Memorandums of Reprimand to the cadets who then awaited separation orders. 

While many who knew him before his West Point tenure describe LTG Gilland as a good and decent officer in Army line units, this particular general officer placed obedience to the SECDEF and therefore ‘brown nosing’ above religious freedom or even patience to see how the political winds will handle the mandate.  His decision to go ahead and punish the cadets and prepare expulsion proceedings demonstrates his ethical downfall once he began to wear stars on his uniform.  

Unless President Biden vetoes the defense spending bill that eliminates the DoD vaccine mandate, the hated military Covid-19 requirement will end.  Any servicemember still on active-duty will instantly be out of jeopardy.  Further congressional/senatorial demands may seek re-instatement of servicemembers and removal of unfavorable punishments meted out under SECDEF Austin’s misguided policy. The 5 cadets LTG Gilland reprimanded will remain at USMA and hopefully graduate and bring their courage and conviction to the Army.  That being said, forever more it will be known that when LTG Gilland had a chance to play the hero and pause (or halt) the policy at his academy, he chose instead to be a mindless, obedient servant of the SECDEF.  Cadets deserve a better leader to emulate at West Point.

John Hughes, MD

Emergency Physician

Veteran of OIF/OEF

Member of



STARRS Attorney Mike Rose participated in the U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham's Press Availability Today

Rescinding the mandate is an important step but does not provide remedies for those involuntarily discharged for refusing the vaccine.”

— Lt Gen Rod Bishop (USAF, retired), Chairman of STARRSCOLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, December 9, 2022 / -- Congress is moving forward with bipartisan support for the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) which includes language to rescind the COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

The President of the United States—America’s Commander-in-Chief of our armed forces—and the Secretary of Defense have already made their opposition to this move public.

U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) held a press availability today to discuss the support for the COVID vaccine mandate for service members or recruits. STARRS Attorney. Mike Rose from Charleston, South Carolina, participated in the media availability.

Stand Together Against Racism and Radicalism in the Services, Inc. (STARRS) has been one advocate for this move for nearly a year. Lt Gen Rod Bishop (USAF, retired) led the effort to alert Congress to legal, health, and safety violations of First Amendment concerns.

Dr. Ron Scott (Colonel, USAF, retired), President of STARRS, said that STARRS leaders support the plethora of vaccines already in use for worldwide deployability and are fully vaccinated for covid. “Concerned military members also reached out to STARRS with concerns about the religious accommodation process,” said Scott.

Gen Bishop said, “Rescinding the mandate is an important step but does not provide remedies for those involuntarily discharged for refusing the vaccine.”

STARRS has already reached out to Service Academy Superintendents (with no response to date) to encourage their leadership in advancing remedies for cadets and midshipmen adversely affected. (See open letter to military academy leadership).

“This was an important effort to bring ‘healing’ to the rank and file where retention and recruiting numbers are abysmal.” Said Scott.

In terms of the “human cost” and sense of betrayal involved, Mike Rose, STARRS’s General Counsel, asserted, “This is about DoD’s apparently willful disregard of the law (not just any law, the First Amendment and a federal statute designed to protect it) to pursue a policy objective and vindicate earlier decisions that evolving evidence showed had been erroneously predicated (i.e., face-saving).”

“Of all government agencies, one should expect the Defense Department to be among those that scrupulously observe and defend the Rule of Law, starting with leading by example,” he said. “Unfortunately, that did not happen here, and it’s partly because DoD acts as if the Constitution must yield whenever they think it should suit their policy positions, notwithstanding their oaths to ‘bear true faith and allegiance to the Constitution."

Major General Joe Arbuckle (USA, retired), Vice Chairman of STARRS, assembled notional remedies that could be the right step to the healing process. Recommended priorities include:

a. Immediate reinstatement at the last rank held to active duty, reserve, and national guard status plus reentry for those expelled from the academies.

b. Reimbursement of lost pay and benefits to include seniority lost for all favorable personnel actions like promotion eligibility and schooling.

c. Expunge military records for all personnel of any negative action taken based on a refusal to take the vax, and this includes honorable discharges for those deciding not to return to active duty.

d. For those with 15 or more years of service who chose not to return to active duty, grant them retirement benefits.

Gen Arbuckle argues that it is time to focus on religious exemptions being denied because when peeling that onion back, it reveals Critical Race Theory/Marxism at its core. He cites the following to support his contention:

a. When Secretary Austin testified during his senate confirmation hearings, he pledged to rid the ranks of racists and extremists. He then did a stand down for the entire Department of Defense (DOD) “witch hunt” for extremists and found less than 100 in all DOD.

b. Republicans were able to remove provisions in the NDAA requiring the Services to report on actions taken to eliminate neo-Nazis and white supremacists. That sends a clear signal that the intent of the NDAA was to continue the “extremist” witch hunt in the DOD.

c. In a closed-door session with the top Air Force generals, it is reported that the SECAF allegedly (according to a whistleblower) said there would be no religious exemptions (consistent with Marxism’s anti-religious perspective).

d. The political culture on the left sees those who are religious enough to sacrifice their careers and retirement based on religious reasons as being “extremists” and perhaps MAGA supporters. “Moreover, a high percentage of military recruits come from red states, typically in the South, where religion and traditional values are likely seen by the left as MAGA and, therefore, extreme,” Scott said.

Scott is encouraged by the current development but says much more needs to be done to stem the ideological indoctrination taking place in our military. “STARRS encourages veterans and citizens to join our cause and to consider helping us at STARRS.US, but other advocacy groups as well, such as Truth for Health Foundation, the Center for Military Readiness, and Liberty First,” he said.

Established in Spring 2021, STARRS is a 501(c)3 approved organization that primarily provides educational information, assistance, and materials related to racism and radicalism in the military. [Note: radicalism in the organization's title is based on Michigan State University's definition: "the beliefs or actions of individuals, groups, or organizations who advocate for thorough or complete social and political reform to achieve an alternative vision of American society."] The public can learn more about STARRS, its mission, and how they can help at

+1 719-651-5943
email us here

STARRS Introduction Video 2022

On December 4, 2022, AP news reported that the Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, is refusing to consider rescinding the Covid-19 vaccine mandate.  In recent days, Republicans in Congress and the Senate have pushed back on the mandate, citing harm it has done to recruiting and retention in the military.  Worse, the military has fallen short of recruiting goals by the tune of tens of thousands.  Republicans have threatened to hold the passage of the Defense spending bill until the White House directs the vaccine to be ended.  White House spokespersons said the Commander in Chief was considering the issue.

SECDEF, Austin, however, has doubled down on the vaccine mandate.  ““I’m the guy” who ordered the military to require the vaccine, Austin added.  “I support continuation of vaccinating the troops.””  Austin triumphantly declared that “A million people died in the United States of America.  We lost hundreds in DoD.  So, this mandate has kept people healthy.”

Austin, a 1975 graduate of the United States Military Academy, has strayed far from his ethical roots.  To date, 96 active-duty deaths have been attributed to Covid-19 since the pandemic began.  This figure has not changed in the past 4 months.   Less than 10 have died of Covid in the past year.  The vast majority of deaths in the  690 figure he likely refers to includes contractors, dependents, and civilian DoD employees.  According to the CDC, less that 0.3% of covid deaths have occurred in Americans 24 and under.   The average age of US military servicemembers is 23.  The DoD has repeatedly made covid statistics by age and comorbidity unavailable, likely to mask the truth that nearly all of the 96 deaths that did occur were in personnel with multiple co-morbidities and that were way over 24 years of age.  

Not surprisingly, 0 cadets at any service academies have died from Covid-19.  Yet, just last week, following Austin’s vindictive guidance, LTG Gilland (USMA Superintendent) gave 5 general officer letters of reprimand to 5 West Point cadets who refused the vaccine on religious grounds.  All 5 face separation any day.  Covid-19 is not a threat to the vast majority of DoD active-duty personnel, particularly the young Americans sorely needed as recruits.

The vaccine does not protect against Covid-19.  In a famous trial in January 2022 at the height of Omicron, 27% of vaccinated and boosted NBA players still contracted Covid-19 despite vaccines, boosters, and daily Covid-19 testing of the NBA workforce to isolate infected personnel.  Keep in mind the average age of NBA players is nearly a decade older than US military members’ average age.  SECDEF Austin, famously vaccinated and boosted, has contracted Covid-19 twice in 2022 so far.  Worse, since April 2022, the majority of deaths from Covid-19 have occurred in vaccinated Americans.

SECDEF Austin is equivocating on the truth.  If he had done that as a cadet, he would have been kicked out of West Point by the Honor Committee.  In addition to setting poor ethical examples for DoD, he is a poor physical example as well.  Overweight Austin daily shows that he doesn’t care about the science of what actually does cause Covid-19 disability – obesity and poor health.  Since early 2020 it was well known by physicians that advanced age, obesity, and co-morbidities were the biggest risk factors for age.  SECDEF Austin is not manifesting any form of leadership.  He should apologize for his mistake, take a math course to understand simple mathematics better, end the mandate, and buy a treadmill or join a gym.

John Hughes, MD
Emergency Physician

Veteran of Iraq/Afghanistan

Member of



DoD Vax Mandate May Be Lifted

Several U.S. Senators have agreed to take on the Biden administration’s mandatory vaccination policy in the military and are calling for Biden’s mandates to come to a screeching halt. They are refusing to vote cloture on the National Defense Authorization Act 2023 unless the mandates are changed. They sent a letter to the Senate leadership

Senator Paul Rand (R-KY) kicked off the press conference last week by citing that even Dr. Paul Offit, a pro-vaccination doctor and an FDA vaccination advisor resigned over the U.S. policy pushing vaccinations on children and young adults. Offit will not have his own 24-year-old son vaccinated. 

Senators Lindsey Graham (R-SC) Mike Lee (R-Utah), Ted Cruz (R-TX),  Rick Scott (R-FLA) and others are standing up for the U.S. military. 

With all of the other factors, Senator Lee stated, “This is not worth it” based upon the economic and health factors. 

“Is this really a hill worth dying on?,” said Lee referring to all of the medical risks arising from these shots. 

“Bottom line – the vaccination does not prevent infection or transmission, so why would we make anyone take it. It is insane,” said Senator Johnson. 

According to Johnson, 8,000 military members have been dismissed because they refused to take the shots and 17,000 are waiting for their religious exemptions. 

Senator Johnson cited CDC and FDA’s own data as causes for concern. “They have not been “transparent. The process is “out of control,” said Johnson. 

“We should be taking care of our military members,” said Senator Rick Scott (R-FLA).

The Department of Defense required military members to become vaccinated in August 2021. In February, 2022,  the military began discharging members for refusing to take the vaccine. 

A delay on NDAA passage would compress the legislative calendar during the lame-duck session. Lawmakers need to pass either a stopgap spending bill or an omnibus package to continue to fund the government. Spending is set to expire on Dec. 16. 

You can watch the press conference here in full. 

DoD Vax Mandate May Be Lifted

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy appeared on Fox News' Jesse Waters show and declared he will get the DoD vaccine mandate lifted in new defense authorization bill (NDAA) after speaking with President Joe Biden.

Congressman McCarthy said he “I know I am going to get that.”

Here is an update from Liberty Counsel on the efforts against the DoD vaccine mandate:

* On December 14 in Atlanta, the U.S. Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals will hear oral argument in Navy SEAL 1 v. Secretary of the United States Department of Defense. It is the oral argument for the government’s appeal on the preliminary injunction granted to Navy Commander and Lieutenant Colonel 2 in February 2022. It is separate from the appeal of the Marine class, but is related because it is the same issue.  The decision in the case will heavily influence all of the pending military class actions.

* We submitted expert declarations from Dr. McCullough and Dr. Cole late last night. They were submitted in response to the purported “experts” of the DOD claiming on the jab prevents transmission (even though they admit is doesn’t). Dr. McCullough and Dr. Cole will provide expert depositions. Both will give testimony concerning their findings on the safety and efficacy of the vaccine, potential harms from the vaccine, and other expert testimony on COVID and COVID vaccines in general.

We will keep you up-to-date and in-the-know regarding the outcome of these court appearances. We stand firmly committed to justice regarding the dishonorable treatment of our military heroes. We will not back down until the vax mandate is repealed and our service members reinstated.

The Plain at West Point c1896. The only building still standing today is Pershing Barracks, the tallest building in the center

LTG Steven Gilland became USMA’s 61st Superintendent on 27 June 2022.  Prior to this, he was a decorated combat officer and had a distinguished career in special operations and in the conventional Army.  He assumed his duties at West Point at a very challenging time in the wake of the messes made by prior Superintendents.  It is easy to look at his illustrious career and interview prior subordinates who praised his past leadership and ask that public opinion give him a pass with the ethical dilemma of unvaccinated military servicemembers.

Before Disney/Pixar became a woke machine focused on indoctrinating America’s children, it made many movies with sound morals and sage, timeless advice.  Its 1998 classic Bug’s Life has a scene where the evil grasshopper Hopper tells the young new ant queen, “First rule of leadership:  everything is your fault.”

It is no longer April 2020.  Covid hasn’t just arrived in the US.  There is not a sea of unknowns about the virus and the vaccine.  This is not the Spanish flu that killed over 45,000 servicemembers and nearly imperiled the Meuse-Argonne Offensive of 2018, prolonging a war.  LTG Gilland has been aware of the DoD vaccine mandate for over a year.  He volunteered to become Superintendent knowing that the question of dispositions of unvaccinated cadets was unanswered.  

Once a commander assumes the office and issues the first order, he/she owns the position and all of the unit’s problems.  It is unfortunate that the confluence of a new Superintendent with a stellar career, a virus that has killed less than 100 servicemembers in nearly 3 years, 6 cadets who value freedom of speech and religion, and a misguided DoD mandate occurred within months of his arrival.  His predicament is manifest in the term ‘loneliness of command.’  Commanders/generals are surrounded by staffs, but in the end, they alone must make the decision and they alone own it.

The Superintendent position is bigger than any person.  Many excellent officers in history have had careers cut short due to events beyond their control including but not limited to higher commanders who have grudges against lower officers, unlucky circumstances that resulted in damage to equipment or injury to soldiers, and/or a good officer ‘doing the right thing’ and falling on their sword to protect subordinates.  With today’s politics in Washington DC that are becoming increasingly hostile to DoD’s steadfast reluctance to eliminate the mandate, it is quite possible that if LTG Gilland resists pressure to separate the unvaccinated cadets, no harm will befall his career.  It is improbable given the 2022 election results that the Chief of Staff of the Army or Chairman of the Joint Chiefs will make a public spectacle of rebuking or relieving him.  It is also quite possible that doing the right thing could end his career.  He may also just opt to separate the cadets and try to wither the storm and also hide behind the above argument to give him an ethical pass because he is the ‘new guy.’

In the end, officers have to find out for themselves what they truly value.  If sacrificing 6 cadets to make the flag officer’s retirement shadow box brighter, then they will have to live with the dishonor of what they have done.  Conversely, many ethical officers gladly sacrifice a few extra trinkets in a picture frame for the lifelong knowledge that they did the right thing, superiors be damned.  Whatever the Superintendent decides, he will own the decision and must not be allowed to have an ethical pass because he had a great career and is ‘new.’  If the keeper of the Honor Code behaves this way, then West Point is obsolete and should be closed as it is failing in its core mission from the top down.

John Hughes, MD
Emergency Physician

USMA 1996

Member of

1 Bug’s Life.  Walt Disney Pictures/Pixar.  1998

Soldier Holding Covid-19 Vaccine

Politico reported:

The military’s COVID-19 vaccine requirement could end if Republican senators succeed in amending the National Defense Authorization Act that’s expected to pass in the coming weeks, Grace reports.

The Senate bill will likely come to the floor soon, and the GOP will try to amend it. The House passed its version of the defense bill in July, leaving the mandate intact. A conference committee must reconcile them before final enactment.

Bills sponsored by Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.), a member of the Armed Services Committee, could form the basis for amendments. Recruiting shortfalls: Blackburn wants to lift the mandate when the military isn’t meeting its “end strength” target — the number of troops in the force — which is the case right now.

The Army missed its recruitment goal by almost 10,000 soldiers for fiscal 2022, and defense officials aren’t optimistic about 2023. The vaccine mandate isn’t helping. The armed services have discharged 8,000 active-duty troops since Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin first directed service members to get vaccinated in August 2021.

“© [Article Date] Children’s Health Defense, Inc. This work is reproduced and distributed with the permission of Children’s Health Defense, Inc. Want to learn more from Children’s Health Defense? Sign up for free news and updates from Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and the Children’s Health Defense. Your donation will help to support us in our efforts.

For too long, the forces of evil in the US have been keeping non-Woke Americans on their heels, forcing them to constantly react and chase balls like manic puppies.  The education community caved first, with the head of the 1.7 million strong National Federation of Teachers (Ms Randi Weingarten) recommending amnesty for decisions made during the pandemic.  Up until the summer of 2020, such a request could have seemed reasonable.  Not much was known about covid or its effets.  Over 2 years later, it is criminal.

It is past time to go on the offensive.  In areas including but not limited to covid vaccine and side effects, covid mandates, opioid deaths, psychological and educational trauma to children, defunding the police, and economic damage from misguided policies it is time to start associating key officials by name with their policy and the untoward outcomes.

Regarding the DoD covid vaccine mandate, for example, it has been known for some time what populations were most at risk (elderly, serious medical conditions) and rightfully needed to be protected from the virus from Wuhan Province.  It has also been known for some time that there were serious side effects associated with the vaccine.  The data on side effects was willfully and knowingly suppressed by Pfizer under the cover of the US federal government with the power to suppress such information.  Specific individuals that can be named from Pfizer and the government were involved.  Disparate reports of harm done to young Americans by the vaccine are widespread; up until recently, anyone daring to acknowledge their existence faced cancel culture socially, economically, and professionally.  Recently, Pfizer has finally spoken the word ‘myocarditis’ with its announcement of investigation into the ‘possible’ side effects of the vaccine and long-term consequences.  Amazingly, even NBC news announced the investigation.  Unfortunately, it is well known that NFL football player Da’Vion Miller was far from the only one affected.  The rumors of the effects did not emerge in November of 2022.  They emerged long ago and those who sounded the alarm early on like Dr Peter McCullough were professionally ruined and, in his case, actually sued.  

Misguided and selfish as they are, modern US generals are still smart individuals.  Most have graduate degrees and are very well read.  In spite of this, they rubber stamped the vaccine mandate for young military servicemembers who were at little if any risk of dying from Covid.  If informed consent was allowed, soldiers would have been told that the risk of harm from the Covid virus was likely equal to or less than the risk of the vaccine. 

Some reports put the number of servicemembers eliminated for vaccine noncompliance at over 15,000.  This is roughly the equivalent of a US Army division.  The last time a US division got wiped out was at the Battle of the Bulge when the green 106th infantry division was destroyed by the experienced Wehrmacht in December 1944.  Current US generals have succeeded in destroying enough combat power to field a division for a disease that killed at total of 98 servicemembers in nearly 3 years.  A disease that has almost a 0% kill rate in young healthy servicemembers and who are at the highest risk of myocarditis (particularly young males) and other complications of the vaccine.

It is time by name to hold Pfizer, CDC officials, certain politicians, and individual generals and DoD leaders responsible for any and all side effects/deaths from the vaccine that they forced on servicemembers.  They were not ‘following the science’ and their actions ran counter to a century of informed consent and to 3 years’ worth of data and charts on the impact of Covid.  ‘I was just following orders’ was an excuse given by Nazi officers during WW2.  It didn’t hold up then and it shouldn’t hold up now.  Just like in the Nuremburg trials, it is past due to begin prosecuting our misguided, blindly obedient generals who have knowingly and consciously weakened our military and worse put our nation’s most precious resource (our sons and daughters in the military) at risk.

2 months after President Biden declared the pandemic over, LTG Gilland, West Point Superintendent, is actually contemplating expelling 6 more servicemembers (West Point cadets) for vaccine non-compliance.  The only thing generals respond to these days are threats against their careers.  It is time to bring that career threat and potential criminal presecution to US general and further begin to debate criminal intent and for them to know what could happen if they emerge on the ‘wrong side of history.’  It won’t be ignored and forgiven.  It is time to go on the offense to bring the misguided whole house of cards down and restore not only our military but also our Democracy.  The best defense is a good offense and they are less likely to inflict further damage on our military if they are fearing investigation and punishment.

John Hughes, MD

Emergency Physician

West Point Class of 1996

“A true leader has the confidence to stand alone, the courage to make tough decisions, and the compassion to listen to the needs of others.”  

This timeless wisdom from General Douglas MacArthur is both sage and sorely needed counsel for modern American general officers.  Twice, MacArthur and officers of his caliber saved the country and the world from tyranny in wars that engulfed the entire world.  Though charismatic, he had relevance in US military operations from WW1 to the Korean war not just because of his technical ability to command armies but also because of his moral fiber as a leader.  On April 11, 1951, President Truman fired General MacArthur for his public statements regarding how the revered general thought the Korean War should be fought.  Taking a stand cost MacArthur his command and his career, but highlighted what was special about one of America’s most famous generals.  He was willing to risk his career for what he believed in.  That altruistic belief was not about personal promotion or cushy post-military employment (goals that corrupt too many general officers of today).  His concern was about the nation.  It was about the troops in his command and winning a war.

Fast forward to 2022.  The new breed of generals and admirals advance through the ranks but very few if any will be remembered in the history books decades from now.  None have been ‘mavericks’ arguing for any new methods of warfare.  They presided over a disaster in Afghanistan where no senior leaders were fired or held accountable.  A political ideology has consumed the branches of service with little to no pushback from senior military leaders.  Nearly 15,000 military servicemembers have been booted from the ranks for a controversial vaccine mandate.  From the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs to Service Chiefs to senior commanders to academy Superintendents, generals and admirals have obediently and faithfully executed the bidding of political masters to the detriment of the force.  Recruiting and retention levels are at crisis levels.  US military strategic deterrent is a disaster.  Admiral Charles Richard recently stated, “We used to know how to move fast, and we have lost the art of that,” the admiral added. The military talks “about how we are going to mitigate our assumed eventual failure” to field new ballistic submarines, bombers or long-range weapons, instead of flipping the question to ask: “What’s it going to take? Is it money? Is it people? Do you need authorities?” That’s “how we got to the Moon by 1969.”  

In September 2022, the Commander in Chief declared the COVID-19 pandemic over.  Since then, the Coast Guard academy shamefully threw out more cadets over the mandate. ‘"They were escorted to the gate like they were criminals or something," the lawyer, Michael Rose, told the newspaper. “No one helped them with travel arrangements or gave them any money," said Rose, based in Summerville, S.C.. "One had to get to California, one to Alaska. One's estranged from home and living out of his truck, according to an email I received describing his situation."  Rose said two of the seven cadets had no homes to return to.’

No senior flag officers have had the courage or initiative to take a stand for the force.  There is a chance that such a move could cost the leader their career.  Knowing this, none have stepped up to become a true leader of character.  West Point Superintendent Steven Gilland began the process to separate 6 cadets at West Point who are unvaccinated and were denied religious exemptions.  There is a high likelihood that he will follow through and spend the rest of his 4 ½ years as Superintendent doing what Superintendents do – waving at football games and parades and doing the usual admin and ceremonial duties of the position.  If he does, decades from now he will be lumped in with the rest of the quiet, do-nothing generals and admirals who feverishly achieved mediocracy and never took a stand on anything of import in their career.

Or, he could be that general that looked at the moment in history and opined on what should really be done.  The pandemic is over.  0 cadets have died.  Morale is low across the military and recruiting is a disaster.  He could be that guy that granted exemptions and began the movement to end the DoD mandate so the military could focus on real issues, not manufactured social crises from its partisan political leadership.  It could cost him his job.  He already has a comfortable retirement pension guaranteed.  But taking that stand now to buck the lazy groupthink that has infected the general officer corps would most certainly make him a hero in the eyes of many.  He could be that guy that took a stand to begin to turn the page and resurrect the military from the ‘funk’ it is in at the moment.  The eyes of many of the cadets and Long Gray Line members are on him.  Does he have the character to think independently and be a real leader and begin the end of the destructive COVID-19 vaccine purge?

As Spike Lee instructed in his 1989 film, “Do the Right Thing.”

John Hughes, MD
Emergency Physician

West Point Class of 1996 (#1 grad)

Veteran of Iraq/Afghanistan

Member of

American Conversations Host Christine Dolan speaks with former US Coast Guard Academy Sophia Galdamez, who recently was discharged after her request for religious exemption to the Covid vaccine mandate was refused, along with six other cadets.

Tuesday morning, Brian Kilmeade on Fox and Friends confronted National Security Council spokesman, retired Admiral John Kirby, on the Department of Defense's decision to remove 20,000+ servicemen from active duty service for not complying with the illegal unapproved FDA COVID-19 gene therapy mandate.

Fox & Friends - Tuesday 04 October 2022

After John Kirby claims it is a valid military requirement, Kilmeade responds with "You know it's not valid! It is an experimental vaccine that just came off the shelf!"

Evidence has been released that the vaccines are owned and manufactured by China. Over 8,000 women in the Department of Defense had 'malformed' pregnancies due to the 'vaccines'.

Furthermore, evidence has been released that over 1,200 patients died in the clinical trials during the first 3 months from the 'vaccine'.

Evidence also shows massive placenta damage in pregnant women from the COVID-19 'vaccines'.

The Department of Defense has also committing fraud against our troops with the 'vaccine' approval process. The only 'vaccine' approved by the FDA the BioNTech. However, this injection is not provided to the troops. The only injection available is the Pfizer 'vaccine'.

See below for the whole interview:

President Biden thanked a US Coast Guard member for saving lives during Hurricane Ian — only for the hero rescue swimmer to reveal he will soon be discharged for not being vaccinated against COVID-19.

“I told him how proud of him I was and thanked him for all the work he and his Coasties are doing to save lives,” Biden said Friday of his call with Aviation Survival Technician Second Class Zach Loesch, Fox News reported.

The president also spoke with Lt. Cmdr. Christopher Hooper.

“The President thanked them for saving lives and asked for a report on the work that continues to rescue Floridians. He also asked if they needed any additional support that he can provide to accelerate successful rescues,” the White House said in a readout.

But despite the tribute, Loesch told Breitbart News that he is among the service members poised to be discharged in 30 to 60 days for not following Biden’s edict making the jabs mandatory in the military.

Aviation Survival Technician Second Class Zach Loesch.
Zach Loesch is one of 2,632 Coast Guard members who refused to get a vaccine.

To read more visit the NY Post.

Retired Coast Guard Vice Admiral William "Dean" Lee has written an open letter to his fellow flag officers, calling for the end to the DoD 'vaccine mandate'.

You can read the entire letter below:


October 3, 2022

As many of you know, I have advocated publicly for seven cadets who were recently discharged from the USCGA for failing to comply with DOD’s vaccine mandate.   Each had applied for, and had been denied, a religious exemption.   I have been publicly rebuked, harshly, for doing so.  This letter will explain the facts and circumstances underlying my actions. 

I am not now, nor have I ever been, anti-vaccine.  I took both shots and advised a number of officers and enlisted members who sought my counsel to do the same.  I find no fault in the decisions made by operational commanders at the height of the pandemic who judged it necessary to make the vaccine mandatory.   I would have done likewise.   But, as with any new disease, with time, scientific understanding has markedly increased, treatments for those infected have been developed, and the effects on both the general population and specific cohorts of the population are better known and predictable.  Unquestionably, the risks of prolonged and severe disease, and of adverse outcomes, are now reduced, particularly for those of military age and who are otherwise healthy.  

The American people have moved on.  The President himself has declared “the Pandemic is over.”   Yet, we continue with an outdated mandate and to purge good people, even though we struggle to meet our recruiting goals.   The legality of the order itself is under significant scrutiny, with at least three federal injunctions in place.  The CDC just issued new guidance that advises that the vaccinated and the unvaccinated need not be treated differently.    

It’s time to pause and reevaluate whether, for some demographics at least, the cure has become worse than the (diminishing) disease, and, in the case of the military’s mandate, whether material violations of law have occurred.  Science has rapidly moved forward, but DOD inexplicably is not keeping up.  Vaccine protocols, in practice, require demographic stratification in order to keep up with the science, particularly where the risk-benefit analysis necessarily depends on demographic considerations.

Bringing this issue into the public domain is not easy for me, for I’m keenly aware that I may appear to some to be the dissident in a club that expects blind loyalty and whose rules require that retired Flag Officers go home and shut up, leaving the service in the capable hands of those behind us.  That was my plan.  But I am not blind, and there comes a time when prior leaders should question, and seek accountability of, those responsible for maintaining the core values and culture put in place by the chiefs and officers who preceded them.  I believe now is such a time.    

The men and women in the bowels of the ship are becoming uncomfortable.  Trust is eroding as our sailors question the motives and judgment of those who, despite the evidence, are sticking to a mandate that is no longer necessary; who have resorted to apparently unlawful measures to continue enforcing it; who have embraced a culture with ideologies antithetical to unit cohesion; that divides people into identity groups; and that promotes the acceptance – without question - of flags and symbols that may be offensive to men and women of faith.  They have no voice.  There is shoal water ahead, and the ship’s bridge isn’t listening to the lookouts on the fo'c'sle.

Herein lies the challenge to my fellow flags:  Who, if not we, will question a military institution when it has gone, perhaps unwittingly, awry?  Are we to be  “good men [who] do nothing”?  When the course deviation transgresses our Constitution, it is our obligation to adhere to our oath to support and defend the Constitution by seeking to enforce its principles.          

A former Army officer and lawyer put it best: 

 “The military officer’s oath includes the words “… that I will bear true faith and allegiance  to the same” (referring to the Constitution).  Those unqualified words are in our oath to emphasize the point that our highest obligation as officers is to our Constitution, superior to any obligation that we may owe to the military service in which we serve, owe to any group, to any individual, to our peers, to ourselves (including our careers and approval from our peers), and to any supposed (but nowhere codified) obligation of retired flag officers to refrain from speaking publicly about any “political” issue. “ 

After investigating the circumstances and conferring with counsel, it appears that DOD and the CG have violated the rights of USCGA cadets under the First Amendment and the federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act by dismissing them for not taking the vaccine despite their sincere religious objections.  

Our Constitution requires that the President (and by extension, his subordinate officers) "shall take Care to ensure that the Laws be faithfully executed.”  It appears that relevant laws have not been faithfully executed with regard to the cadets’ (and others’) religious exemption requests to the vaccine mandate. 

The DoD vaccine mandate’s propriety, even if lawful when first issued, has since been called into question by no less an authority than the Department of Defense Inspector General.  The DOD IG Report found that the services materially deviated from their own, required procedures, codified in regulations, for handling of religious exemption requests.  Individual review of all of the facts and circumstances relevant to each specific request is required, but, according to the Report’s findings, appears not to have occurred.  The Report also notes that the means least disruptive to the requesting member’s religious beliefs and that do not impede a compelling government interest are to be employed; yet, according to the Report those criteria have not been properly applied. 

The efficacy of the vaccine in preventing disease and transmission has been less than the entire nation was led to believe.  The young and generally healthy military personnel cohorts are at very low risk of developing serious illness.  Adverse, sometimes serious, side effects are more frequent, varied, and prolonged than initially estimated.  The mandate’s predicate, that a fully vaccinated military workforce is crucial to readiness, was, based on the limited information then available, an ostensibly reasonable basis for the blanket mandate.  It is becoming ever more doubtful almost daily.  

Reports of recruiting struggles across the services indicate that the vaccine mandates are an impediment to recruiting, exacerbating the current recruiting and retention problems that are already impacting force strength in some DoD components.  Enforcement of the blanket mandate is also resulting in separations of thousands of personnel and therefore is exacerbating force strength issues, and thus readiness concerns. 

I have concluded that the policies and practices about which I am speaking publicly likely involve Constitutional (First Amendment) and federal statute violations.  Some, after thorough investigation, objective analysis, and legal consultation, may disagree; but surely all will agree that I have the right to reach my own, informed conclusion, and, consistent with my oath, to voice it on behalf of those who have no voice in an effort to end those violations.

To my esteemed colleague who made this missive necessary:  Your words were no doubt sincere, but they are misguided.  You are advocating for the continuation of a policy that is now causing enormous harm to the service you led.   This track line is not good for the country, the Coast Guard, or the mariners we serve.   My in-box has exploded with notes from many front-line operators who are incredulous that leadership cannot see the flawed logic that you, and others, so inexplicably cling to.  Those dedicated men and women – vaxed and unvaxed -- have highlighted facts that they want brought to the public’s attention, not the least of which is actual risk to readiness, and the cost to the taxpayers, caused by DOD’s intransigence:   

Let us just examine the rescue swimmer (AST) rating:   The folks in the field, directly involved, have informed me that they are currently short 44 swimmers, for an overall rating strength of 89% (note:  below 95% = critical).   The number of ASTs seeking an accommodation to date is at least 26 confirmed.   Of those 26 confirmed, five have retired and four have separated—all due to the mandates.   Losing 19 more will drop the rating strength even lower.   Not ideal for a school with a running attrition rate of 80%.  

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 As your previous Atlantic Area Commander, I ask you, how do you expect to support surge operations for natural disasters if they can’t even cover their own duty schedules?  Does anyone in their right mind think that a distressed fisherman treading water in the Gulf of Alaska really cares about the vax status of his rescuer?   Certainly not.  The only thing he cares about is whether there is someone on duty to rescue him.     This, sir, is truly the more important matter.  

And lastly, a prior AST schoolhouse instructor has told me that he fears the added pressure on maintaining readiness will lead to lower standards as they struggle to fill the ever -widening gaps created by this flawed leadership decision.    

Which town(s), which cities, which coastlines, do you recommend we leave unprotected just to punish these devoted public servants?   Police and Fire responders have seen the light – they have adjusted to changed circumstances --- why can’t others?

When I first raised this issue, it was about cadets.   Nothing more.    Having been ignored, it is now a campaign for ALL of them – the entire spectrum of unvaxed people who had the moral courage to stand by their religious convictions.   These are good, dedicated, highly trained individuals that we have spent a ton of money to develop.     People with up to 18 years of service, forced out, with no pension.    Anyone willing to give up that, rather than break faith, is someone I admire.    

You came at me hard in your public rebuke when you asked: “What part of the oath you raised your hand and swore to exempts you from failing to obey the orders of … the President?”   

Good question … to my knowledge, I never did disobey the orders of the President.  If I believed an order of the President was illegal, however, I would not obey and retire, instead.  Most importantly, we swore allegiance to the Constitution, not to the President or other superiors, and keeping faith with the Constitution requires us to disobey any order that does not comport with the Constitution.

Even you, yourself, disobeyed the President in 2017 over the transgender issue.   It was a stance that I frankly admired, because you made a statement that I supported wholeheartedly; i.e.,  “I will not turn my back.   We have made an investment in you, and you have made an investment in the Coast Guard, and I will not break faith.” 

The Constitution and federal law, not to mention the science, are on the side of many dedicated sailors and cadets.  I am now involved because the service that they love has indeed broken that faith, ironically enough, because of their faith.   

Perhaps in the heat of the moment, you accused me of being “an embarrassment to the service you led.”  I must admit, it stung.  Leadership can be lonely, but the many communications I have received leave no doubt that those I am supporting think otherwise.  On the other hand, your having labeled many of them as “insubordinate wrong doers” is a badly misinformed mischaracterization deserving of reconsideration and, respectfully, an apology.  

 And for all of my fellow flags, if you think this is an important discussion, please research the treatment of these 7 cadets and other CG members who have been discharged or are threatened with discharge, such as the rescue swimmer that the President called this week to congratulate for rescue efforts during Hurricane Ian.  Whatever conclusion you may come to, I fully support your right to speak about it.

Even the best of organizations can be slow to reverse course and correct their errors, often requiring external force to do so.  I intend to be that external force.      

Yours, most sincerely,

Wm. Dean Lee

VADM, USCG (ret)

“We know they are lying, they know they are lying, they know we know they are lying, we know they know we know they are lying, but they are still lying.” 

– Attributed to Aleksandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn

There is something very dark happening at the upper echelons of the United States military. In my opinion, it is no longer possible to give certain flag officers the benefit of doubt.

They are pushing the so-called 'vaccines' which aid and abet our existential, near peer adversary, the Chinese Communist Party and the People's Liberation Army.

These are not vaccines, even the CDC had to change the definition of a 'vaccine' to allow the inclusion of mRNA gene serums which alter human DNA.

Whether they believe it or not, these officers are committing treason in support of our enemy, a nation which launched a bioweapon upon the United States and the West in late 2019, and their enablers in supranational organizations and funders. You don't have to believe as I do that Covid was intentionally released from the Wuhan Lab, you only must understand the fact that China sent over five million citizens into the West in late 2019 while the rest of China was locked down, to spread the disease, while informing no one. This is fact, not conspiracy. This is biological warfare.

Let's walk through some more facts - just the facts, and you can make your own decision whether or not you agree with me.

There is a group of scientists, analysts and attorneys, numbering in the thousands, who are pouring through the hundreds of thousands of Pfizer documents on the Covid 'vaccine' trials which were given to the FDA to 'approve' the 'vaccines'. These documents were forced to be released to the public by a U.S. court. Pfizer wanted the documents sealed until the year 2076.

You can read all their analysis here, (it is a lot!) which big tech, DoD, and the Biden administration don't want you to know.

Here is Dr. Naomi Wolf, a progressive 'third wave' feminist, outlining why the 'vaccines' are a bioweapon and are owned, and tested by communist China. Her information is taken from the analysis of Pfizer documents discussed above.

DoD personnel have experienced horrific harms from these forced 'vaccines'. In order to hide these harms, DoD altered the DMED database. Here is a panel discussion with Senator Ron Johnson on Capitol Hill where whistleblowers 'blew the whistle' on the DoD fraud, and criminal behavior.

Evidence has been released that the vaccines are owned and manufactured by communist Chinese.

Evidence is being released that over 8,000 women in DoD had 'malformed' pregnancies due to the 'vaccines'.

Evidence is being released that over 1,200 patients died in the clinical trials during the first 3 months from the 'vaccine's. This was covered up by Pfizer, FDA, and DoD.

Evidence is now being released from these document dumps that over 600 infants were harmed during the trails by mother's breastmilk contaminated by the 'vaccines', including death, and Pfizer/FDA hid the information.

Evidence is being released that shows massive placenta damage in pregnant women from the 'vaccines'.

The DoD is also committing fraud against our troops with the 'vaccine' approval itself. The only 'vaccine' approved is the BioNTech. This injection is not available to our troops. The only injection available is the Pfizer 'vaccine'. DoD knows this and is covering this up. In short, they are lying.

The question is why? If not treason, then what is the explanation?

It is patently obvious the 'vaccines' are harming readiness, recruitment, and the health and safety of our troops.

Any officer pushing these 'vaccines' is immediately suspect of treason and his allegiance to the republic should be questioned.

The Nuremberg excuse of 'I was just following orders' is not acceptable. It wasn't acceptable for Nazi officers, who were hung, and it is not acceptable now.

The officers pushing this bioweapon on our troops will eventually be held accountable in a military court.

Justice is coming.

L. Todd Wood is the CEO of Creative Destruction Media. He's also been a longtime national security columnist for the Washington Times, and other large publications. Visit

The non-profit entity, built to bring the U.S. service academies back to their original mission, has issued a press release on the corruption at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy and abuse of power against cadets regarding the vaccine mandate. It is believed all 7 cadets have now been discharged from service.

You can read the entire press release below.

STARRS’ mission is to promote unity and cohesion in the armed forces by fighting against racism and radicalism in the military.

Of the seven cadets disgracefully and forcefully thrown out of the Coast Guard Academy five are minorities of color and the other two are Caucasian females.”

— Ron Scott, (USAF-Ret. Col.) STARRS PresidentCOLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, September 23, 2022 / -- The US Coast Guard continues to persist in its abuse of seven US Coast Guard Academy (USCGA) cadets, according to Ron Scott, (USAF-Ret. Col.) STARRS President. “The cadets were abruptly and summarily ordered to their home of record August 19th and are still banned from the academy with their future unknown,” he said.

recent STARRS press release reported on the mistreatment of the USCGA cadets.

STARRS’ mission is to promote unity and cohesion in the armed forces by educating about racism and radicalism in the military.

“We recently highlighted the heartbreaking plight of the seven cadets at the USCGA and their families caused by blatant and unfair mistreatment of these cadets because of their sincerely held religious beliefs that are protected by the 1st Amendment and the Religious Freedom Restoration Act,” Scott said. “The cadets' protracted agony at the USCGA to which they gave heart, soul, sweat, and tears since their arrival is disgraceful."

Attorneys have detailed statements from cadets documenting the abuse they have received

Lt Gen (Ret) Rod Bishop, Chairman of the Board of Directors of STARRS, said in a recent interview “Trying to assist and having met unvaccinated cadets from all five Service Academies over the last half year, the USCG Academy has been the source of the most egregious actions toward their own service members by far.”

“They seem to have forgotten their own cadets are people first with First Amendment rights. Instead, the USCGA has pushed basic human rights aside ‘just following orders’ to force an unnecessary ‘series of shots’ that no one seriously can say is for ‘force protection’ now,” he said. “No critical thinking; no common sense; no compassion; no sense of duty to 'do the right thing,” he added.

“Over a month has passed and they are getting further and further behind in their academic studies to the point that it will be almost impossible for them to catch up," Scott said. “The dreams, aspirations and sacrifice of these young Americans who so fervently desire to serve their country that they embarked on one of the most difficult paths to that service, namely a military academy, have turned to ashes.”

The President said the pandemic is over. Click on this link.

“The Coast Guard apparently did not get the message. The growing consensus across the nation is that the requirement to be vaccinated with an ineffective, likely harmful for some and experimental drug, is both unconscionable and illegal,” said Scott.

“The mantra of our government under the current administration has been diversity, diversity, diversity,” Scott said. “Of the seven cadets disgracefully and forcefully thrown out of the Coast Guard Academy five are minorities of color and the other two are Caucasian females. One cadet is the adopted son of Americans from Korea. His lifelong dream has been to serve his adopted country, to wear the uniform as a proud American. Even after he has been treated this way, unfairly and unjustly, he still has that dream to serve in the Coast Guard.”

STARRS has learned that one of the seven cadets has been selected by the USCGA to receive an award as a top cadet leader at a ceremony in October. “Is he going to attend that ceremony and receive his award even though he has been kicked out of the Coast Guard Academy?” Scott asks.

Another cadet has documented medical problems that his personal physician states could cause him long term medical problems if he took the vaccine, Scott noted. “Her doctor’s concerns have been ignored. Why is the Coast Guard acting so tyrannical?”

According to STARRS officials, VADM William Dean Lee, USCG (Ret) and RADM Peter J. Brown, USCG (Ret), USCGA ’85, want to know why ‘their’ Coast Guard is mistreating their cadets using such harsh measures. “Their concerns are based on the legality and appropriateness of the vaccine mandate especially with young, healthy, vibrant Coast Guard personnel,” Scott said.

VADM Lee and RADM Brown want to know, “Will the cadets be allowed to return to the USCGA while all the legal and other matters related to religious exemption requests and the legality of the mandate are being decided in court?”

Facts considered by VADM Lee and RADM Brown in deciding to make an appeal on behalf of the cadets directly to the Commandant of the Coast Guard include a letter dated September 15th to the Secretary of Defense from 47 Republican Congressmen in the House of Representatives, stating:

“We urge you to immediately revoke your Covid-19 vaccine mandate for all servicemembers, civilian personnel, and contractors and re-instate those who have already been discharged.”

See more information about their letter.

According to STARRS General Counsel Mike Rose, three federal courts have issued injunctions prohibiting the Air Force, Marines and Navy, respectively, from penalizing their service members with religious accommodation requests. Additionally, there are several lawsuits pending against the Coast Guard, Rose added.

The DoD Inspector General issued a report recently concluding that the SECDEF “probably” is violating the law by penalizing service members having religious objections for not taking the vaccine. See Pentagon in `Potential Noncompliance’ With Law in Denying Religious Exemption Requests to Vaccine Mandate: Leaked Memo” at the link at the bottom of this press release.

The Marines and the Navy have rescinded their penalties against service members for not taking the COVID vaccine due to their religious objections. See more information at the link at the bottom of this press release.

Cadets/midshipmen at multiple other academies who have not taken the COVID vaccine due to their religious objections physically remain attending classes, engaging in normal training, etc.

Another issue that the American public ought to know, according to Scott, is that the cadets have been illegally ordered to not talk to the press about what the USCGA is doing to them. But STARRS, VADM Lee, and RADM Brown have the intention to publicize this outrageous treatment for the cadets.

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When President Biden declared on “60 Minutes” last week, “The pandemic is over,” he made more of an observation than a declaration. The vast majority of Americans left COVID fear and restrictions behind long ago and have gone back to living their lives in much the same way as they did before 2020.

Yet not everyone has been able to move on. On September 23, the U.S. Coast Guard Academy in New London, Connecticut, allegedly discharged seven cadets after denying their requests for religious exemptions to the military’s COVID vaccine mandate. Now, two highly-decorated retired admirals are demanding to know why.

All between the ages of 18 and 22, the cadets say when their religious exemption appeals were denied on August 18, they were told they must leave campus in less than 24 hours or face being escorted off the grounds by guards. This forced two, who did not have homes to which they could return, to respectively live out of a car and find refuge with another cadet’s family...

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The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit has denied the U.S. Air Force's attempt to block a class-wide preliminary injunction that protects all Air Force personnel who filed for religious exemption against the Pentagon's COVID shot mandate. 

The court denied the Air Force's emergency motion against the class certification and injunction granted by District Judge Matthew W. McFarland, of the Southern District of Ohio, in July. 

In that case, Hunter Doster, et al. v. Hon Frank Kendall, et al., Judge McFarland had ordered the Air Force to not take any disciplinary or separation measures against a class of some 10,000 unvaccinated service members...

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From the outset of the Covid-19 pandemic, members of the armed forces rightfully expected their commanders to ensure their best health options—to adapt to changing conditions and implement optimum treatment plans to assure force readiness. However, the Department of Defense failed to accept that natural immunity provided the best military option and were wholly silent on any therapeutic or preventative treatment plans with the exception of mandatory, universal vaccination of all military personnel. The department, along with their civilian counterparts at FDA, NIH, and CDC, used randomized control trials (RCT) as a cudgel to quell all competing options.

Rather than serving as an impartial tool to advance the understanding of treatment modalities in the battle against Covid 19, RCTs have been used by the FDA and CDC to suppress the ability of doctors to best care for their patients. To the lay public and the less astute in the medical community, RCTs are sacrosanct and their findings beyond reproach. But according to Dr. Harvey Risch, a world renown epidemiologist and Professor Emeritus at Yale, they are easily corrupted and do not yield useful information unless the trials enroll sufficient numbers of patients to identify statistically significant outliers, and the trials are designed to evenly match the placebo and treatment arms.

The FDA’s long history of insisting that time consuming, multiple, and large-scale RCTs be concluded before terminal cancer patients were allowed to access promising, investigational cancer treatments, prompted Congress to pass the 21st Century Cures Act in 2016. Section 3022 of the law mandates that agencies reviewing Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) requests must take into account all available treatments, and RCTs are not a necessary condition for approval.

In 2020 the Henry Ford Hospital conducted studies early in the Covid crisis that showed substantial reductions of hospitalization and death, if hydroxychloroquine was administered during the initial stages of hospitalization. The two petitions for an EUA were denied by the FDA, which demanded multiple, large-scale RCTs showing efficacy before approval. Dr. Risch stated in a September 2022 interview on Viva Frei that this rejection violated the 2016 law that was specifically intended for patients seeking all reasonable therapeutic options during emergency conditions.

Ivermectin similarly was denied EUA status for off-label treatment of Covid-19 despite numerous supportive clinical studies and its contribution to the public health triumph in Uttar Pradesh. Dr. Pierre Kory discussed the global disinformation campaign to discredit the drug in a series presented on his Substack site. One only need enter "Uttar Pradesh-Ivermectin" into a search engine to be inundated with articles disputing all beneficial aspects of Ivermectin in the treatment of Covid-19.

Members of the military were denied all EUA out-patient treatment options as a result of the impossibly high and probably illegal standards set by the FDA. Conversely, in-patient treatments with expensive, patented drugs like Remdesivir, Paxlovid, and Molupiravir were granted rapid EUA despite low patient volume trials showing subtle clinical benefit.

Until a recent Harvard-John Hopkins study that demonstrated an adverse risk-to-benefit profile for Covid vaccinations for college students (an age identical to most personnel entering the military), no studies have been conducted by any major U.S. health agency or academic institution assessing the risks and benefits of the vaccine. For two and half years the agencies tasked with protecting and advising Americans have been silent on the subject.

In an article last week that is symbolic of academic institutions covering their tracts, The New England Journal of Medicinewhich has aggressively and unapologetically supported mask and vaccine mandates, made the following statement:

"We believe the decisions that have been made during this later stage of the pandemic — after the introduction of highly effective vaccines, and when the trade-off between the efficacy and the perceived harms of masking in public spaces was more nuanced — warrant reexamination by public health institutions."

If the medical landscape was so “nuanced,” how can this justify abridging a patient’s right to informed consent, shutting down businesses for arbitrary reasons of public health, promoting the intellectual and emotional stagnation of children with mask mandates, or over emphasizing the benefits and ignoring the risks of the mRNA vaccine used to treat rapidly mutating Omicron variants?

These “highly effective” vaccines fail in their primary purpose to protect against acquisition and transmission of disease. The so-called effectiveness relates to the CDC’s new definition of a vaccine that omits protection and relies on the ability of a vaccine to provoke an immune response.

Health agencies consistently downplay the adverse effects of the mRNA vaccine. VAERS and DMED reports are brushed away as exaggerations, and adverse events are treated like the cost of doing business or simply collateral damage. CDC Director Walensky’s conflicting reply to Senator Ron Johnson's inquiry underscores the agency’s unwillingness or inability to objectively examine the risks of vaccinating the general public and healthy military-aged personnel.

Young males are at particular risk for vaccine induced myocarditis, and as Dr. Risch points out:

“Myocarditis is not mild. The "mild" asymptomatic form damages the myofibrils of the heart and has long term adverse effects on cardiac health. Reports of the incidence of myocarditis, which combines symptomatic and non- symptomatic cases in males in the 18-35 age range, are estimated from 1/4000 to 1/400."

Are mandatory, annual bivalent Covid boosters in store for members of the armed forces? The pharmaceutical companies are maneuvering to have the annual Covid booster automatically treated like the influenza vaccine—no need for extensive trials, just a carte blanche authority to match the annual vaccine with the most current variant and distribute to the general population.

What could go wrong? It’s just collateral damage.

United States Air Force Academy Photo May 3, 2006

EDITOR'S NOTE - The drop in interest in USAFA is due to woke policies and vaccine mandates, not Covid.

Applications for admittance to the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs dropped by about 20 percent for the latest incoming class of cadets compared with application numbers seen before the coronavirus pandemic. 

A total of 8,393 people submitted applications to be part of the academy’s class of 2026. Ultimately, 1,071 were admitted into the military institution. 

Col. Arthur Wayne Primas Jr., the academy’s director of admissions, said approximately 10,600 people applied in the years leading up to the rapid spread of COVID-19. He attributed the drop largely to the academy’s decision to stop in-person recruiting for much of the pandemic. That meant recruiters did not visit high school college fairs or recruit at youth STEM competitions. It also meant the academy’s largest recruitment event, known as its Summer Seminar, was held only virtually for two years...

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United States Coast Guard Academy

In a disgusting tyrannical move, the U.S. Coast Guard Academy has banished 7 cadets from the grounds for being unvaccinated, even though multiple lawsuits have stopped other services from continuing to impose the vaccine mandates.

Below is a press release from, a group of service academy graduates.

U.S. Coast Guard Academy Jettisons Unvaccinated Cadets

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO – 08/25/2022 — STARRS has learned that seven cadets at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy (USCGA) were banished from the grounds recently and given 24 hours to “get out” for failure to comply with what is likely an illegal order to receive the Covid-19 vaccination.  

Three separate courts have imposed service-wide injunctions stopping adverse actions against members of the Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps who have sincerely held religious objections to the Covid 19 vax.

 A request for a similar injunction regarding Coast Guard personnel is being reviewed.  “What’s the rush?  The cadets pose no danger to others,” said Ron Scott, USAF-Ret (Col.), STARRS President.   Multiple press reports indicate there are several hundred thousand in the military who have yet to be vaccinated with zero evidence of any harm to readiness or danger to others who serve. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has now acknowledged the experimental vaccine does not prevent the acquisition or spread of infection.  Major concerns about its present and future adverse side-effects are being ignored.  “This raises profound questions regarding the legality of the Covid-19 vaccine mandate,” Scott said.  Among the most compelling concerns are the lack of proper informed consent, blanket denial of legitimate religious exemptions, and the legal distinction between the Emergency Use Only vaccine in use and the FDA approved Comirnaty product, Scott noted. 

All branches of the armed forces are experiencing a recruiting crisis. “It is nonsensical to dismiss seven highly qualified USCGA cadets, who have expressed a fervent desire to serve their country,” said Scott. “When will politicians and military leaders have the courage to put an end to this tyrannical mistreatment of citizens?”  

STARRS is raising funds for the legal defense of those whose lives, careers and honor are under attack by the nation that they have sacrificed to serve.

For more information or to donate, visit https://www.STARRS.US  The organization is a 501(c)(3).

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