• 160 Senior Military Signed DEI Letter To Congress

    May 24, 2023
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    The attached press release is an update as to suggested actions to be taken regarding our WOKE Department of Defense (DOD).  

    Also attached is a letter signed by more than 160 senior military leaders to our U.S House of Representative leadership requesting action.

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    Retired? Who cares what they think, they said nothing until they got their fat pensions and therefore have no honour. If serving officers aren't willing to stand up and be counted and get rid of the dual passport types destroying the US from the inside back to their real country then no-one else should give a damn.

    Chuck the letter in the bin.

    The weaker the US is the less damage it is capable of doing to the rest of the planet and the happier I'll be.


    Is the letter factually incorrect? Formalizing DEI policies within the DOD started in earnest only recently. Each of these retired flag officers didn't necessarily end their service at a time when they would have had good cause and/or example to make their voices heard in opposition. If active flag officers ranks today remain silent in light of the harmful consequences of DEI, then one could argue that they are supporting such policies and the consequences squarely rest on them.


    Take your comment back to WWll, if your statemen had been true then you would be speaking German and doing the Hitler salute now.


    Like Hitler's SS officers, they are doing what they were told to do and being good little Nazis.

    Dave T

    The Department of Defense has "included" all the various "Protected Classes" for decades. Every unit down to the Battalion level has assigned Equal Opportunity Officers and NCOs and these roles are listed as "Additional Duties" at the company level and below. The Department of Defense is mandated, by law, to include these positions, and others related to the various "Protected Classes." This letter is simply "political theater" that is meaningless given Federal, State, and Local Law.


    Sheesh. If these retired officers are so concerned about having a "woke" military maybe they can borrow a time machine and go back to 1948 and stop Harry Truman from desegregating the military.

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