• Achieve An American Spiritual Revival

    August 5, 2023
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    “For the US Government and Administrative State, ethics have become obsolete. That is the overarching lesson of the COVID crisis. In our lust for power and global dominance, we have come to tolerate and financially support an “intelligence community” willing to do anything to support global American/Five Eyes hegemony. Overthrow democratically elected governments. Election interference. Assassination. Censorship and psychological manipulation of US Citizens on a massive scale.”

    Doctor Robert Malone, MD, Inventor of mRNA vaccines, July 8, 2023

    We are an independent nation, put here by God’s providence to serve Americans, not unaccountable Global oligarchs. The United States of America is 247 years old as of this writing. For most of those years, we strived to become the “more perfect union” envisioned by the Founders. Along the way, America fought a great Civil War to end slavery, two world wars to protect freedom-loving nations from totalitarian tyranny, a cold war with the Soviet Union, and a war on terrorism that continues today.

    Along the way, we righted wrongs that were still a part of our society, such as the disenfranchisement of black Americans and women. As time passed, America moved closer and closer to being that “perfect union” described in the Preamble to the Constitution. America has never been perfect, but it has always strived to be. Our country has made mistakes but has always sought to learn and correct them. This is why the left’s war on America makes no sense. No nation in the world has worked harder or more consistently to do better and be better.

    The left’s attacks on traditional American values and principles are a relatively new phenomenon in the overall history of our country. Still, in just 60 years, leftist ideologues have made a disturbing amount of “progress.”  In doing so, they have set America on a path of destruction. This is why it is vital for patriots who still want to see our country be that “perfect union” envisioned by the Founders stand up, speak out, and join in the battle for America’s soul. Here is what we must come together and do:

    ·        Achieve an American spiritual revival.

    ·        Preserve the sovereignty and integrity of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

    ·        “We the People” must regain control of our country.

    ·        Preserve America’s true history by rejecting historical revisionism.

    ·        Preserve free-market capitalism by rejecting socialism.

    ·        Restore patriotism and love of the country.

    ·        Overcome various domestic threats that could undermine achieving the End Game.

    ·        Overcome various foreign threats that could undermine achieving the End Game.

    We have many foreign and domestic enemies, and they have been tearing our nation apart. The cavalry is not coming to save us, but “We the People” have our Constitution, history, and heritage to guide us. If we wake up, pay attention, and work together, we can take our country back.

    This is the blueprint we recommend for saving America. This is the blueprint that will allow our country to make continual progress once again toward becoming “a perfect union.”  This is the blueprint for saving not just our country but the rest of the free world from despotism because, as goes the United States, so goes the rest of the free world.



    Major General Paul Vallely (USA, Ret)

    Paul E. Vallely is a retired U.S. Army major general and senior military analyst. He served in the Vietnam War and retired in 1993 as deputy commanding general, Pacific Command. In 2004.
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    John Hughes


    Amy Williams

    Sounds like a blueprint that will lead us home- Thank you!

    Keep up the amazing work!

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