• Afghan National Resistance Front Issues Update On Fight Against Taliban

    June 11, 2024
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    In May 2024, the National Resistance Front (NRF) of Afghanistan continued its strategic operations against the Taliban terror regime, demonstrating their dedication by launching attacks in support of the Badakhshan uprisings against Taliban control. Throughout the month, the NRF significantly expanded its
    operational reach, focusing on undermining Taliban authority and enhancing their tactical effectiveness. NRF forces executed 17 key operations across various strategic locations, effectively challenging Taliban strongholds. Notable attacks included those near the Presidential Palace and the Taliban's Ministry of Interior, as well as in major urban areas, marking significant breaches into high-security zones. These operations inflicted heavy casualties on Taliban forces, with 29 killed and 22 injured. The NRF employed a range of tactics, including ambushes, targeted assassinations, and the use of improvised explosive devices.

    NRF forces continue to engage in unconventional warfare, conducting hit-andrun attacks and surprise assaults across the country. This strategy has allowed the NRF to execute significant and impactful operations in various strategically important areas, effectively challenging Taliban control. The National Resistance Front meticulously plans for most operations to occur under thecover of darkness to enhance operational security and minimize civilian exposure, while some daytime operations are executed with precision to avoid collateral damage. Currently established in twelve provinces, the NRF is planning further expansion into the northwestern and southwestern regions, as increasing territorial presence leads to acquiring ammunition and enhancing operational capabilities. This phase is pivotal for structuring and reinforcing NRF forces, preparing them for base-building and phasing into conventional warfare to ultimately liberate provinces.



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