• After Failing 6 Audits, Guess What The Pentagon Is Asking For

    November 24, 2023
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    Here on the right side of the American political spectrum, we're used to railing against "the government." I've done plenty of it in speeches and in writing over the years. Most of the time, I will refer to "the bureaucracy" when I am making a point about how awful the government is. Bureaucracy is, after all, what clogs the arteries of the federal government. 

    What frustrates those of us who have to function in the real world about the federal bureaucracy is the utter lack of accountability. While the rest of us have to do our jobs well if we want to keep them, federal bureaucrats can be perennial screw-ups and upwardly mobile at the same time. 

    Money is no object when it comes from the taxpayers and the magic Monopoly printing machine that the government keeps for special occasions...

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    jack johnson

    What is the Pentagon asking for....another rocket to the accounting division like on 9/11.

    Ben Colder

    It just proves that the pentagon just does as it pleases the house ought to cut off the funds for a while until they come up with a reasonable answer to the audits .I can not imagine what would happen to a business that fails their audit stuff would hit the fan but the pentagon ignores it another gov agency out of control this can not stand .

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