• Army Guard And Reserve Grapple With The Time Suck Of Mandatory Online Training

    October 18, 2022
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    U.S. soldiers take the Online Academic Skills Course at the education center on USAG Benelux-Brunssum, Netherlands, Aug. 18, 2022. (U.S. Army photo by Sandra Wilson)

    Mandatory training is an often unpleasant, time-consuming fact of life in the Army, but some reserve commanders want to rethink how big of a priority it is.

    The Army requires soldiers to sit through roughly a dozen training courses per year, such as suicide prevention and cyber security fundamentals. Though the courses cover service priorities, they often boil down to soldiers clicking their way through dull online training.

    The courses also eat up valuable time that is in short supply, especially for those serving in the National Guard and reserve. They are difficult for the reserve components to squeeze into their already tight training schedules...

    To read more visit Military Times.

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