• Army Navy Game Turning Into A Cluster As MA Cancels Hotel Rooms To Give To Migrants As A 'Right To Shelter State'

    September 24, 2023
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    Reports are coming in of hotels in Massachusetts canceling rooms of service academy graduates with tickets for the coming Army Navy game on December 9th in Foxboro, MA.

    The reason given is MA is designated a 'Right to Housing' state and the MA governor has declared an emergency due to illegal migrants/aliens coming to the area.

    Social media posts are below:

    One text we received is below:

    Game is in Foxboro, MA. Smaller stadium, tickets sold out before Grads and others even got a chance to buy tickets. Out of the way, hard to get to. And now, the govt of MA has told all the hotels they must start sheltering illegal aliens bc they are a "Right to Shelter" State. So those few grads that were able to get hotel rooms and tickets are being told en masse that their reservations have been canceled to make room for the illegal aliens per govt order.

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    Amy Williams

    We have arrived as a third world country


    Where is it written that permission was given to take one's right to property and given to another.

    Purpose of government is to protect The People's Liberty and for trustees to abide by the rules coincident with oaths sworn.

    These are being violated. Maladministration has been practiced. Trustees are subject to removal.

    C Josef D

    This would be the antipathy of our constitution. A leading role in socialism then on to what we are nearly experiencing - communism.


    Your customers are going to remember this the next time.they need to stay in your area.

    Kelley King

    I sure hope so!


    The quartering act of 1765
    Massachusetts must still be under British law.
    They have to house their soldiers.
    We are being invaded.

    C Josef D

    Actually from my understanding we ARE under British rule, again.

    Bill in Houston

    Wow, this almost sounds like a 3rd Amendment issue! NO STATE has the right to do this. If they want "migrants" to have the right to "shelter," buy them some tents and set them up on the lawn of their capitol building.

    Kelley King

    This is disgraceful. What the hotel operators SHOULD be "proud to serve" are the VETERANS who kept our country free. Have they not heard of WWI and WWII, among others...The hotel owners are able to own their hotels, because of the sacrifices made by all of our veterans. HOW DARE they displace them.

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