• Biden's Creation Of Migrant Cities

    August 30, 2023
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    Guest post by By Belle Carter

    Health Ranger Report: Michael Yon exposes Biden’s simultaneous creation of migrant cities and depopulation of Americans. Independent journalist and former Green Beret Michael Yon discussed with Health Ranger Mike Adams how President Joe Biden's administration is replacing the American population, which is being "slaughtered" through bioweapons and geoengineering, via illegal immigration at the open borders.

    The former United States Army Special Forces member, who just came from the Darien Gap to document the invasion of the United States and the construction of the migrant city in Texas, sat down with Adams for an interview for a "Health Ranger Report" episode recently.

    According to him, they are getting ready for the next phase of "Operation Burning Edge," which is a serious operation studying the negative impacts and downstream carnage caused by the current administration's policies and illegal, unconstitutional border. They utilized sophisticated military tactical observational equipment – including trucks equipped with Swarovski crystal optical devices and night vision lenses to check out what really was happening at the borders. As per Zelenko Freedom Foundation Co-Chair Ann Vandersteel, who joined him in this operation, it is more than just an invasion problem.

    "American cities are collapsing. American people are being replaced and slaughtered. They're being subjected to economic collapse, vaccines, and depopulation bioweapons. And then they're being replaced with these migrant cities," Adams agreed. Yon confirmed his statement saying: "Roughly 10,000 migrants are coming in per day. But nobody knows the actual numbers… In the Darien Gap, where I spend much time between Colombia and Panama, it's overflowing.

    Adams touched on the migrant city constructed specifically for illegals to come in, live, and occupy Texas. Yon confirmed the huge size of the city being built within the Lone Star State. "It's 200,000 people," he said, adding that he had already flown over it several times. "We had a small drone up, looked around and said, 'Wow, this is too big.' So, I said, 'Let's go to the airport.' We went over to the airport and came back by airplane. And it was still too big."

    It is no longer no secret how Biden is bringing more foreigners into the States. You revealed that Director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Alejandro Mayorkas has gone down there on at least two trips in April 2022 and April 2023. He said he was there both times and that Mayorkas came to Panama to expand migration further.

     Moreover, it does not seem too hard to invade America, he claimed as he disclosed how "easy" it is to "penetrate" the borders once an illegal reaches South America. It further encourages migrants to go and "invade" the United States.

    "If you can get your feet into South America, you can get to anywhere in the United States. All you must do is get your feet in Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, or Ecuador, or maybe fly to Quito, and then it's easy to get to Colombia. Once there, you get a straight shot to the Darien Gap then you can be in the United States in a week or two," he added. (Related: Actual invasion of U.S. underway: Hundreds of thousands of military-aged males pouring into the country with help from the Biden regime.)

    It is easy to get a war started but hard to turn it off, Yon warns.

    Elsewhere in the show, Adams raised the question: "How quickly is the U.S. falling apart?" "Because it seems that the acceleration is like we're past the tipping point of being a cohesive society, the cities are just collapsing by the day. The military is collapsing by design from the top down, and they're just gutting the principles of the military. Meanwhile, its recruitment has fallen off a cliff," he raised, pointing out how the government has just become a terrorist organization. Even the judicial system won't uphold the law.

    It looks like we are almost at the end, he said. At his point, Yon lauded Adams, as well as independent journalist Alex Jones of InfoWars, for their courage over the years to disclose "shocking truths" that people thought were "crazy conspiracy theories."

    "The things that you, Alex Jones, and the others have been saying for years, that sounded completely crazy, are now accepted by almost everybody with a brain," he noted. "Now, the discussion is when and what's going to unfold. One of the things I've learned over the years and studying wars is that those who think that they know how the war is going to unfold, should not be listened to. Because it's too complex."

    He warned how easy it is to get a war started, but it's hard to turn it off. And it's hard to know how they can because wars are like fires -- they change with the wind.

    "It is the same with wars. Like fires, they tend to breed more of themselves until they reach some point where the conditions change or the fuel is burned. And then they abate, and people say we'd never do that again. And then it happens again," Yon said.

    Check out InvasionUSA.news for more stories on illegal immigration and open borders. Watch the "Health Ranger Report" episode with Mike Adams featuring Michael Yon below.

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