• Boeing Woes Also Infecting Military Aviation

    May 9, 2024
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    The failures at Boeing, by design in our opinion, have reached military aviation. The following memo from Boeing to the U.S. Army is being circulated.

    Shoe writes, "In light of all the news about Boeing, defective parts, and whistleblowers dying, someone sent me this memo sent from Boeing to the Army, and it’s shocking. The Army just had another Apache crash two days ago on Fort Riley. We don’t know the cause of the crash, but we do know there have been AT LEAST two catastrophic tail rotor failures over the last two years. This memo says from 2019 to 2024 there have been defective tail rotor blades coming from the manufacturer. Over 4000 of them. These blades have been in use and installed fleet wide and are not reaching their expected service life of approximately 6600 hours. Many not even close to that at all. The Army and Boeing have been good about keeping this all hush hush. Are these crashes due to tail rotor blade failures? One was a 64E at Rucker in June 2022, the other was a 64D at Bliss November 2023. 3 of the 4 crew members were able to walk away, while the 4th will not fly again due to back issues. Because no one died, it’s easier to keep these incidents on the down low. In a perfect world, the whole fleet would be grounded until this was sorted out, but that’s never going to happen."



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