• BREAKING: Massive Surprise Hamas Attack On Israel – Large Death Toll/Wounded – Hospitals Full

    October 7, 2023
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    BREAKING: Massive Surprise Hamas Attack On Israel – Large Death Toll/Wounded – Hospitals Full

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    A massive surprise attack on Israel in the south of the country by Hamas terrorists has left a rising death toll approaching 100, with over 700 injured.

    Terror cells from the Gaza group have infiltrated a number of communities in the south of the country.

    In addition, thousands of rockets have been fired at the center and south.

    Hamas has claimed to have taken a number of hostages from Israel to the Gaza Strip. There has been no confirmation from Israel.

    The assault has been ongoing since approximately 6:30 a.m.

    The death toll is expected to rise, reports Times of Israel.

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    Ed Kennedy

    As a graduate of the Israeli Armored Corps Commander's Course, I strongly suspect that this attack on the 50th anniversary of the Yom Kippur War will result in a massive Israeli response. Hamas would like to provoke a general muslim counter-response --- including an uprising of muslims in Israel. Iran is conducting a proxy war and even though they are Persian, they are muslim. If I were to guess, Hezbollah will take advantage of this to open an offensive on the Lebanon border again.


    will it post?


    It is possible that Israeli intelligence knew of the attack and that there might be subsequent attacks from the north. The Israeli leadership decided to let the attack proceed in order to give Israel an excuse to end the knife at Israel's throat which is Hamas. It depends on what Hezbollah and Iran do. Will they wait for Israel to become bogged down in Gaza and then attack? If so, then a general Arab uprising throughout Israel may well happen. With this excuse Israel will apply a final solution


    2nd post. Israel must destroy Hamas and their evil ideology. The Gaza Arabs will never accept peace. They are in a mass psychosis that craves the death of Israel. There is only one solution...The transportation of all Arabs inside Israel to someplace else. Send them to occupied Southern Lebanon and West Jordan.


    3rd post--Sooner or later "Murphy" will show his hand-- the Arabs will get lucky, then Israel will have to go nuclear. Israel needs land to allow for strategic maneuver and a greater population to absorb casualties. A greater Israel is a must. It is now or never. The hypocrites in the West are preoccupied with Ukraine and their NWO.


    Since Israel came into existence the great powers have held her back. Blame the politics of Arab oil. Since the Arabs got their mini-state in Gaza they have used it as a base for terror. Israel would respond and be rebuked. The West would pour in billions and the Arabs would replenish their weapon stockpiles. Then the cycle would begin again. It must end !! I think this time Israel will use the excuse Hamas has given them to end the cycle and the internal Arab threat. Diversity is Death.


    The covid vaccine is the vehicle of depopulation implemented by the Wash DC Globalists.
    If so, then they are the most evil ruling class in human history. The US is projected to have a population of 100 million by 2025.

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