• BREAKING: USAA Raises Insurance Rates 100% In Florida - Are They Recouping Life Insurance Costs For Military Vax?

    February 3, 2023
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    AFP has learned military-focused USAA has raised car insurance rates in the red, heavily active-duty military and veteran populated state of Florida over 100%.

    One source told us his 6 month policy for a 2019 truck went up almost six thousand dollars, or a thousand dollars a month. The USAA Facebook chat is filled with military members in The Sunshine State enraged at the development.

    We called USAA to ask questions about the issue and were told rates across the state of Florida were heavily increased. No reason was provided.

    Some facts:

    1. Obviously the company has to recoup costs for hurricane-relate claims; however, the damage was located in one area and hardly would call for 100%+ increase in premiums across Florida in our estimation.
    2. USAA has not written home-owners policies in Florida for almost two decades, so real property damage is not the issue.
    3. We have checked with competitors like Geico and there does not seem to be a commensurate increase in automobile rates.

    There could be another explanation - USAA writes a lot of life insurance. All Department of Defense employees were forced to take the Covid-19 mRNA vaccines. The resulting deaths could be a driver of increased costs to USAA. Hence, the increase in rates for automobile policies.

    USAA has been supportive of the 'woke agenda'.

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