• China Conducts "Major" Military Exercises - Taiwan To Purchase 400 American Anti-Ship Missiles

    April 19, 2023
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    In preparation for a possible future invasion by Beijing, Taiwan is buying up to 400 land-launched Harpoon missiles, according to Rupert Hammond-Chambers, the president of the U.S.-Taiwan Business Council.

    Taiwan has purchased Harpoon missiles before for use on warships, but the new deal marks the first time the island has purchased mobile Harpoons that can be launched from land.

    While the Pentagon announced the contract on April 7, which is with Boeing for $1.7 billion, it did not name the purchaser.

    The Harpoon contract is part of as much as potentially $19 billion in backlogged U.S. sales of military aid to Taiwan that need to be advanced. Other items to be provided to Taiwan include MK-48 torpedos, Stinger missiles, the F-16 Block 70 fighters, and the M109A6 Paladin self-propelled howitzer.

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    The same day that the Pentagon announced the deal with Taiwan, China announced that it is conducting "major military activity" in the Yellow Sea off the coast of Shandong province, according to Zerohedge.

    Although the exercises were only to last a few hours, they come after a string of large-scale, days-long drills that encircled Taiwan and have been occurring since U.S. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy met with Taiwan's President Tsai Ing-wen in California much to Beijing's chagrin.



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