• Democrats Propose Solving Their Military Recruitment Crisis With Illegal Aliens

    December 26, 2023
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    Guest post by M.B. Mathews

    Migrants here illegally (let’s call them “illegrants” for brevity’s sake) are now welcome in the U.S. military, and in fact, are being encouraged to enlist, all expenses paid, of course. This is no different than turning our military over to the enemy. Fox News reports:

    The ongoing migrant crisis at the southern border is breaking new records, and multiple marks have been set since September, as the crisis deepens into its third year and Washington struggles to agree on solutions.

    The latest record was smashed Tuesday with over 12,000 migrant encounters at the southern border.

    It marked the highest total for a single day ever recorded.

    The record is one of a number that have been broken in recent months. It was revealed in October that fiscal 2023 set a new record for migrant encounters at the southern border with 2.4 million migrant encounters, outpacing the record set in fiscal 2022.

    With the influx of upwards of 12,000 illegrants in one day, most of them military-age males, and with the reluctance of native-born Americans to join a pronoun-intensive drag-woke military, our brass is finding it hard to keep and get American males to enlist—because the latter just don’t believe in what the wokesters have done to our military. At least our citizens care about the country, but do the brass? Illegrants certainly don’t care about wokeness and will sign up in a heartbeat to get those three hots and a cot, and maybe even learn a trade. What have they got to lose?

    Five million illegrants have entered America since Biden took office. This is fatally reckless. We have a border and we have laws against illegal immigration, because we don’t want criminals and spies in our midst who have waited decades to take America down from within. 

    Illegrants have no allegiance to America. They were not born here, they have no notable notion of our history and the blessings of living in the best country in the world, and they don’t know about the blood and sweat soaked into every fiber of the parchment on which our Constitution was written. They are in it for personal security and would essentially be mercenaries, beholden to whomever would give them the most. 

    Worse, a large influx of illegrants into our armed forces would put America at risk for an internal coup, should the sinister powers that be organize them into a traitorous mob that sees no problem with overtaking America for foreign interests. What would keep illegrants from fighting for the ones who promise the most? 

    KTRH radio in Houston reported:

    Biden’s woke military continues to struggle with recruiting, but may start filling ranks with scores of single, military-aged men streaming across the southern border.

    Retired Army captain and JAG lawyer Sean Timmons calls it the perfect opportunity. ‘Luring unsuspecting applicants who are economically depressed, or economically desperate, into the ranks is one of the mechanisms for recruiting,’ he says. But there’s no guarantee foreign-born soldiers would remain loyal to the U.S. ‘We’ve uncovered Chinese espionage rings on active duty, literally serving as Chinese migrants or immigrants, cloaked as impoverished rice field workers when they [are] really under the direction of the Chinese government to be spies.’

    Timmons says they may just take their U.S. military training and turn it against us.

    I call that a recipe for disaster. They are coming here from Iran, China, Honduras, Venezuela, and God knows where else. Why there isn’t a monumental American outcry about this is staggering. 

    We must not allow any illegrants into our military. Make them jump through our lengthy immigration process first. Then they may serve if they care enough to go through a legal process.

    If someone breaks into your house, eats your food, and takes your money to live, you don’t ask them to guard your vegetable garden, your power supply, your house, pets, children, or your car.

    This is madness. The Biden administration should be ashamed that native born Americans won’t enlist because they abhor the woke that has happened to the military. But Biden and Mayorkas and “Rachel” Levine are out to lunch on this issue and our enemies are eating it.

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    LtCol (ret) Ed Kennedy

    Mercenaries. The Romans tried it. Didn't work.


    Why on earth do folks keep talking about this as if it isn’t already 90+% complete?

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