• DoD Creates Work-Arounds For Tuberville Promotion Holds

    August 7, 2023
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    Senator Tommy Tuberville has put an indefinite hold on promotions within the Department of Defense, in opposition to 'woke' policies. DoD is attempting to maneuver around the effort.

    “This unprecedented, across-the-board hold is having a cascading effect, increasingly hindering the normal operations of this Department and undermining both our military readiness and our national security,” Secretary of Defense Austin writes in the Aug. 2 guidance, reported The Hill. 

    With that in mind, Austin directs the Pentagon’s workforce to consider several strategies, noting that leadership roles might need to be reorganized.    

    “In extraordinary cases,” lower-level officers in a grade of 0-8 or below who are not in the normal line of succession “may be assigned to head organizations in an acting capacity,” Austin writes.  

    We understand that reversing DoD racist policies and those of sexual perversion, abortion which would allow Tuberville to reverse his hold, are not being considered.

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    Amy Williams

    👿 Fire Austin, please!!!!

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