• EMERGENCY PACIFIC SITREP: We Are Likely At War Already-CCP Satellites Confirmed Directly Over Maui At Exact Moment Fires Erupted

    September 25, 2023
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    Host Bill Quinn unveils CCP satellite tracking data showing possible directed energy weapon attack.

    You can watch the entire video on Insist On Truth.

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    Ed Kennedy

    D.E.W.s may work better than the fire balloons launched by the Japanese in WWII. The question is if at that extreme range, enough energy could actually have been generated? It would take a huge Everready battery.

    u know watt u need 2 dew

    Not necessarily. 1000 watts of microwave energy focused and held would do just fine. Boost it to 10KW for a minute and you'll easily start a fire.

    Being it's radio energy and not so much light like a laser, atmospherics, ie dirt and garbage in the air won't mess with it as bad, you won't have to worry about thermal blooming along the beam path, dispersing it. Easily focused too.

    Think about when they focus 20kw down to the size of a quarter on someone's head.


    So you didn’t even bother to watch the video which explains that ‘microwaves’ would Not work for the exact reason you say they would. They excite particles. The expert also explains how These satellites Are very large and incorporate several battery banks the size of cars in them.
    And one more little enlightenment for you, ‘radio waves’ Are light waves! That’s why they travel ‘at the speed of light, that’s what they are!
    ‘A 1000 watts microwave would do just fine’ that’s hilarious!


    Really ? After passing 100 miles through space to earth ?

    GT Void

    Stop promoting the CCP lie pushed by the deep state to promote WWIII. First off, there are no energy weapons connected to space satellites, especially since there are no satellites in space.

    Secondly, the US and deep state are responsible for DEW. Don't be a pawn!


    No satellites in space? And the earth is flat, right?


    Oh sure laugh, but it's flat at my house.

    Johnny Law

    "especially since there are no satellites in space"

    No one capable of replying to this article could be that ignorant.
    *Troll Alert


    Oh, puhleeze .

    There are no "directed energy weapons in space" that caused the fire, it was simple arson as the likely cause.

    Consider a laser, by the time the beam hits earth, the beam is spread out, how could that cause a fire ?


    I'm not sure that we are at war with China. They may have acted at the behest of our government or BlackRock, or "our" defense contractors directly. The natives of Maui had refused to sell their mega-valuble property to BlackRock. Now banks (controlled by BlackRock?) are refusing to loan so that they can rebuild their properties.


    God you people are idiots.


    Yeah right, the CCP used DEW's to surgically take out the native poplulation but leave the fat cat's properties in tact. Simultaneously they turned off the water and forced the Maui police to block roads in order to cause maximum carnage. The US govt ring fenced the entire area and gaged their MSM because they didn't want the CCP to get in trouble. BIDEN GOVERNMENT - WE KNOW IT WAS YOU.

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