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    February 15, 2024
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    Semi-Deep State Admiral gaslights the reader on the true causal factors of poor recruiting and retention in the Biden Military

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    Admiral (RET) James Stavridis sometimes says things that are intellectually honest. But sometimes he doesn’t. He was one of the first on November 4, 2020 to announce and congratulate Biden as the winner of the “most secure election ever” (from CK).

    I responded on Twitter and Linkedin and told Stavridis to put a sock in it.

    Now Stavridis is on Bloomberg bemoaning poor recruiting and retention of the US Military. He outlines the great economy and many other made up reasons (I don’t know what planet Stavridis is referring to with a great economy - have you seen the unrelenting growth of airline ticket prices?).

    He can’t bring himself to utter the “W” word - Wokism. With Wokism, White, Straight, Judeo-Christian males (and females) are not welcome. Well that’s about 60% of your demographic to pull from.

    What do you expect is going to happen? Stavridis needs to be bold and brave and really speak truth to power and not be part of the Blue Mob (which is only 16% of the nation according to Rasmussen (those that do not believe there is a Deep State)).



    John Mills (Col, USA, Ret)

    COL (Ret) Mills impacted history since the Cold War to our fight to save our Republic. www.TheNationWillFollow.com documents my fight against the Deep State. War Against the Deep State out this fall.
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    Until things drastically change, ALL whites should stay away from the military. If you want job specific training, apply for fed aid BUT identify as a person of mixed race. Learn to use their racist system to your advantage.

    Amy Williams

    Well Said, Sir!!!!!!❤️🇺🇸

    Jim Rogers

    Wokeism is cultural Marxism in disguise. Best to call it what it is. Same goes for far-left politicians who are Marxists. The left-leaning politicians are socialists. Read the Communist Manifesto, the 1936 Russian constitution (focus on Section X), the 45 goals of the Communist Party in America from the book, :The Naked Communist" by Cleon Skousen (published in the Congressional Record in 1963) & the Democratic Party Platform (2016, 2020). The similarity between these document is stunning!

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