• F-35 May Destroy Enemy ICBMs

    October 11, 2022
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    (Washington D.C.) The Pentagon is working with industry to explore the possibility that bomb, missile or laser-armed F-35s could destroy an attacking nuclear-armed Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) targeting the US, potentially bringing a new dimension to existing defenses.

    F-35s & ICBMs

    The concept, according to industry and Pentagon developers, would be to use F-35 weapons and sensors to detect or destroy an ICBM launch during its initial “boost” phase of upward flight toward the boundary of the earth’s atmosphere. The F-35 could use a “kinetic” solution wherein it fires upon and destroys a launching ICBM -- or a “sensor” solution where it “cues missile defense systems.”

    While Pentagon F-35 officials emphasize the F-35 program is currently focused on nearer-term efforts such as delivering software upgrades to the airplane, there is growing consensus that exploring F-35 nuclear missile defense is something of great potential benefit. Early conversations and conceptual work are already underway...

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    James T Matters

    Unless the Chinese manufactured magnets embedded in every single F35 mysteriously fails at a critical point...


    You would have to be a fool to actually believe this headline. If or WHEN this destructive, criminal Biden administration gets us into WW3, no, I repeat, NO technology in the human arsenal will prevent the obliteration of humankind along with all other life on this planet. Once nukes start flying, the planet will die along with everything else in and on it. This is why corrupt Biden must be stopped at all costs. They are trying to convince you that nuclear war is survivable, It Is Not!!!

    Peter Johnson

    Problem is, the F-35 is not fast enough, doesn't have enough range, and can't carry a missile big enough to shoot down an icbm unless it's within 2 miles of the launch!

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