• First B-21 Bomber To Roll Out Of Northrop Grumman’s Palmdale, Calif., Plant On Dec. 2

    October 22, 2022
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    Artist rendering of a B-21 Raider concept in a hangar at Dyess, Air Force Base, Texas, one of the future bases to host the new airframe. (Courtesy photo by Northrop Grumman)

    The Air Force and Northrop Grumman will roll out the B-21 Raider from Air Force Plant 42 in Palmdale, Calif., on Dec. 2, the company announced via Twitter. The rollout is the first for a new Air Force bomber since 1988, when the B-2 Spirit emerged from the same facility.

    The invitation-only event will include Air Force and political dignitaries and a limited number of media representatives, according to Pentagon and industry sources. Photography will be permitted, but the Air Force will restrict the size of lenses photographers can use, and viewing of the aircraft will be limited to one section of the facility. No new photographs or artwork are planned to be released in conjunction with B-21 rollout.

    Air Force acquisition executive Andrew Hunter teased the announcement at AFA’s Air, Space & Cyber Conference in September, saying the event would happen the “first week of December,” meeting previous service statements that the event would happen by the end of calendar 2022...

    To read more visit Air & Space Forces.

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