• Inside The 'Woke' Takeover Of The US Air Force Academy

    June 23, 2023
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    [The author's name has been changed to a pseudonym to protect the author's privacy.]

    When I reported to the Air Force Academy, I knew it was where I belonged. I was ready to start my new life, ready to achieve my goals of becoming an officer and a pilot in the world's greatest Air Force.

    Leading up to my arrival at the academy, I always thought I would be surrounded by like-minded people: young men and women who love their country just as much as I do, men and women who want to see the survival and prosperity of our nation’s values in the face of rising adversaries. I’d like to preface this by saying that my initial thoughts proved to be true: Roughly 95% of the people I have met at the Air Force Academy care about this nation’s values and want to see them flourish for years to come. However, one bad apple tends to spoil the bunch, and the leftist ideologies, including critical race theory and diversity, equity, and inclusion trainings, being forced upon us by academy leadership have divided the cadet wing from within, in a profession where unity is essential.

    I was first introduced to DEI and CRT by the academy before I even arrived. Upon accepting an appointment to the academy, appointees are given a laundry list of documents and training to complete online before reporting on Induction Day, or I-Day. One of these training modules was DEI training. I had never seen something more divisive in my life. As a white man, I felt that I was being generalized because the training always made white people look like oppressors and minorities as victims...

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    We THE PEOPLE must stop this Bullshit and Biden/Obama administration, three letter Agencies. Time for TREASON and Sabotaging our Great Military and American Citizens. Charges of Highest-ranking Criminals, Crimes against humanity. @Rep. Jim Jordan @Speaker Kevin McCarthy. We will be in the Street's with Legal Militia 's if you MOFOS ❤ DO NOT PROTECT OUR COUNTRY AND GOD'S CHILDREN ACROSS GOD'S LAND, 🙏 IT'S OUR LAND NOT GOVERNMENT AGENCIES, NOT THE CORRUPT CIA, DOJ, FBI AND HUGE BIG PHARMA

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