• It's 1938 All Over Again

    January 22, 2024
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    Multiple regional conflicts represents a world at war, again. War can be many things, not just bombs landing on American territory. China wants to win by collapsing America from within and without.

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    By my count there are 14 major regional conflicts underway:

    1. Europe/and the Middle East
      1. Ukraine was the first one and Putin’s contribution to the Chinese led alliance to topple America (which is a formal agreement between China and Russia and their proxy allies of Iran, Venezuela, and North Korea). Ukraine was to be delivered in 72 hours by Russia’s version of Desert Storm (their model of the perfect war). Two years later, here we are.
      2. Hamas - When China saw Biden flee Afghanistan, the task was given by China to Iran to start planning the vicious Hamas invasion of Israel.
      3. Driving America out of Iraq and Syria - President Trump had accomplished the mission and re-deployed our forces back home. Biden put American troops right back in harm’s way and now Iran is firing ballistic missiles from its territory right at our base camps.
      4. The largest and most pervasive war against merchant shipping since WWII is going on now as the Iranians use the Houthis and Somalis to block the access to the Suez Canal - something China has directed to help cut off the Middle East from the West
      5. Iran is now turning the grudge with Pakistan hot with multiple terror and ballistic missile attacks across the ungoverned spaces of their shared border areas. Pakistan has nuclear weapons, Iran might possibly have the nuclear capability. Both work for China, so is China creating a “fight club” within its own ranks?
      6. Kaliningrad is possibly next. Although bloodied and accepting of horrendous losses, Russia covets a land bridge from Belarus to Kaliningrad. This will trigger all out war in Europe.
    2. Asia and the Western Pacific
      1. The tensions are rapidly inflaming on the Korean Peninsula. North Korea no longer wants re-unification - they want destruction of South Korea and Japan. North Korea’s arms factories are keeping Russia alive and the North Korean equivalent of the Poseidon undersea drone, nuclear powered with nuclear warhead is a mortal danger to all. Japan and South Korea are working together feverishly to defend against North Korea and China.
      2. The current window for China to invade Taiwan is closing by June which starts the typhoon season. If China doesn’t have a firm beachhead on Taiwan by April, they have to wait until after President Trump is back in Office. They don’t want that.
      3. The Philippines are in soft, but potentially explosive conflict with China already over Philippine shoals right off their coasts. PLA Planners may consider a landing on the Philippines first to secure the bottom / left shoulder of Taiwan first.
      4. The Straits of Malacca are still vital to the energy and food needs of China. 50% of their energy passes through the narrow straits. A seizure of Singapore will secure the straits.
    3. The Americas
      1. Venezuela is still menacing next door Guyana, especially the oil rich coastal waters.
      2. The Panama Canal is in a precarious situation with overflowing Chinese influence operations, an absence of American interest, and a dangerously low water level.
      3. Chinese spy and military training is in progress 90 miles from Florida. With that training are very possibly long range anti-aircraft “defensive”missiles, which can knock down an airliner over Orlando.
      4. And after all this - the most important one. The Drug Cartels in Mexico are now a proxy of China and Chinese Special Operators are in place all over America. Chinese Special Operators are muscling in on “legal” cannabis - a cash rich operation which funds their proxies of the Antifa/BLM/Transgender/Palestinian crazies.

    What happens next? Hopefully President Trump returns to office to lead us to victory in WWIII - already in progress, we’re just distracted.



    John Mills (Col, USA, Ret)

    COL (Ret) Mills impacted history since the Cold War to our fight to save our Republic. www.TheNationWillFollow.com documents my fight against the Deep State. War Against the Deep State out this fall.
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    No. It's summer 1939 in Berlin, and white Americans are the jews now....

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