• It's Time For All Military To Leave USAA As It 'Debanks' Trump Attorney John Eastman

    April 18, 2024
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    A once patriotic, military-focused firm, USAA (United Services Automobile Association) has 'debanked' Trump attorney John Eastman.

    Eastman was also recently 'debarred' in California for advising President Trump after the 2020 presidential election.

    John Eastman, once an attorney for former President Donald Trump, was de-banked twice in the span of several months by two prominent financial institutions, Bank of America and USAA, he told the Daily Caller. His accounts were closed as he faced substantial backlash for his work advising Trump around the time of the 2020 election, writes The Daily Caller.

    Eastman said he had switched most of his banking from Bank of America to USAA,a company that provides financial services exclusively to military veterans as well as their families, due to the former’s “wokeness.” Both corporations are federally insured, and Bank of America was bailed out with billions of dollars in taxpayer funds during the global financial crisis...

    “And then two months later, we get a similar letter from USAA saying that they’ve decided that they’re going to close your account and they did like three weeks later,” Eastman told the Daily Caller. “And so that was where all of our automatic payments were coming out of, all our automatic deposits. So it was a real pain to shift everything. We had to get a new bank account opened and shift everything over.”

    It's time for all veterans and active military to leave USAA; the firm is no longer what it used to be -- it's now quite the opposite.

    You can read the full Daily Caller article here.



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    Amy Williams


    A. Spaulding

    Sad. Have been with USAA since 1971

    B Seidem

    Yup, I was with them for 30 yr and they shafted me when my car was hit in a parking lot in Utah. Got back to Phoenix and could not get a USAA adviser who knew what to do and refused to send paperwork to a repair shop. Went thru 3 incompetent advisors until I went to a high end shop in Scottsdale that worked with USAA and knew what to do. Best work ever by a body shop. Worst service by an insurance co.

    Former USAF

    Is Victory Funds (used to be USAA) still associated with USAA?


    Senile, little girl fondling, demented Joe Biden has destroyed out military. Doubt they could win a war against a Boy Scout troop.


    USAA has been rayping military for years on their rates, in florida it's just obscene. So who is left TO use anymore?

    Robert Falls

    Don't forget they sell insurance also.

    David L Latham

    Yup,Been with USAA a long time.They better change their tune quick other wise I'm going to de-bank them.


    Unfortunately, almost every other insurance company/bank out there is just as tainted. We've been members for decades. As soon as we can find a non-political bank/insurance, we're gone.


    I had been with USAA since 1986. Canceled last year when I checked home owners insurance rates with other companies. USAA was double with less coverage. I then checked the vehicles and it was the same. Even pulled my checking and savings. All my family members have left USAA. My son is serving now and he won't even get quotes from them.


    I have been with USAA for 32 years. Who do you recommend as a solution? My home and car insurance have sky rocketed!


    I've been with USAA since 1968. I have trusted them with all my banking, insurance and investments for years. They have been wonderful to me with several disaster claims. I bought my property with their help in 2005, and refinanced through USAA a few years later. But the next time I tried to refinance, they put me through months of red tape hell, then denied me over a 400ft shared driveway.
    DEI and debanking over politics are the last straw.

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