• National Resistance Front In Afghanistan Launches Spring Operations Against Taliban

    April 18, 2024
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    Image by RAWA

    In March 2024, the National Resistance Front of Afghanistan (NRF) launched its spring offensive against the Taliban regime, capitalizing on the arrival of spring and the Persian New Year, which traditionally marks the commencement of the fighting season. This period saw the NRF substantially amplify its guerrilla warfare tactics across the country, delivering extensive losses to the Taliban.

    Utilizing a wide array of tactics, including precision strikes targeting key Taliban terrorists and assaults on checkpoints and strongholds with rockets and mines, the NRF operations were notably concentrated in strategically important areas, even within the heavily secured green zone of the capital. Beyond their broad guerrilla warfare efforts, NRF forces specifically targeted Taliban operatives known for harassing local communities and those implicated in the abuse of female detainees within the Taliban's General Directorate of Intelligence (GDI).

    The attacks, predominantly executed in urban centers, particularly Kabul, saw NRF units swiftly striking and then withdrawing to safety, although some encounters led to direct confrontations lasting up to an hour. During these engagements, NRF forces managed to confiscate weapons and a Taliban vehicle.

    Notably, the NRF conducted these operations under the cover of darkness to avoid any civilian casualties. Currently, the NRF is present in twelve provinces of the country, with plans to extend its influence into the northwestern and south-western regions. This expansion is part of the broader guerrilla campaign and efforts to gain weaponry and build capacity, setting the stage for the crucial base-building phase. This foundational phase is essential for organizing and fortifying Resistance forces, preparing them for the transition to conventional warfare tactics aimed at liberating provinces.



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