• Noxolone And The Ballot

    January 28, 2024
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    Noxolone is a medication used to reverse or reduce the effect of opioids, taking the life out of our population.

    The Ballot is the only political medication which can be used to reverse or reduce the effects of insidious progressive ideologies taking the life out of our Constitutional Republic.

    America is slowly awakening from an overdose of inattention to the undermining of the sanctity of our Judeo-Christian roots, our founding ideals, and our leadership on the world stage as a beacon of freedom. Rejecting facts and truth has a numbing effect, not unlike the Fentanyl drug affecting our youth today. The sinister roots can have deadly effects.

    But the reality is, as a nation, that we have allowed a slow building disease of passivity to move from a social issue to a full addiction. Like most addictions, it is very difficult to define, identify and attack the underlying demons….and then overcome the tendency to relapse.

    This national addiction, like most, has not been a sudden thing. It is the by-product of a slow but steady infusion of the movements and memes shrouded in comfortable phrases like Black Lives Matter and easy to swallow in-vogue ideas like DEI, CRT and ESG.

    This is not unlike the medications we take because a doctor recommends it. We trust their opinion and seldom question their wisdom. Doctors have always taken the Hippocratic Oath to “Do No Harm” which has always embodied a significant trust element. Even that Oath is under threat today with the promotion of the burgeoning transgender movement in young children.

    Our government leaders all take an Oath of Office to our Constitution. It is the fundamental difference between our form of Government and other “Democracies”. But the true import of that Oath has been subordinated to a ceremonial process without true allegiance to its intent.

    So…. where is this drug-like culture coming from and what do we do about it? Interventions are one of the favored tools to help those addicted. But interventions, in our system of government, are tied to elections and have very long and very forgetful paths to recovery.

    Like the homeless situation we see every night on TV, the after-effects of our current national strategy at the southern border are both destructive to our society and ruinous to our cities, not unlike the long-term effects of drugs on the human body. We watch with dismay the abandonment of any sense of border control, the unabated influx of illegal immigrants and their impact on crime and our existing welfare systems. Let alone the deadly insertion of Fentanyl into our society. Forget the insane move to recruit a new wave of voters at any expense.

    Couple these dynamics to the corresponding loss of disenfranchised youth unwilling to maintain our military might and you have the perfect storm of a failed policy at the national security level.

    DEI, CRT, ESG, Black Lives Matter and the 1619 Project, all contributing to our national drug culture are finally seeing a similar focus on antidotes. Their promotion of identity politics and the loss of merit-based criteria is finally being realized as deadly for a nation based on merit.

    Call it a sudden awakening or a mortality moment. Our Constitutional Republic is on the verge of a heart attack. We are nearing the end of historical Democratic life spans. Oh well, it was a life well lived. But none of those were based on a Constitution. The slow and steady move away from our Constitution and toward more traditional “Democracies” is marching us to the inevitable cliff to ruin.

    Drug addictions unchecked have never ended well. Like needle marks in an arm or between the toes in a cadaver, the evidence is never obvious until the autopsy at the end. The recent academic protests supporting Hamas and the terrorist invasion of Israel are not unlike the incoherent ramblings of the homeless community. Few grasp the reality facts of the situation and many live in a fantasy conception of the real world.

    In a sense, they are the by-products of a new generation of drug lords committed to funding turmoil at any cost. The dark sources of evil are providing resources to fundamentally change the role of the United States in the new world order. The southern border cartels, the unimpeded invasion of illegal immigrants and the accompanying infusion of Fentanyl are significant accelerators.

    For those that care, the fight to maintain a clear vision on the road to recovery is littered with many challenges. Like it or not, we live in a world of election uncertainties, leadership corruption, loss of any sense of our Judeo-Christian roots and a very clear teeter-totter justice system.

    Fortunately, or unfortunately, there is only one equivalent to Naloxone to reverse an overdose of this new generation of deadly boredom at the national level. That Naloxone is the ballot. It must be unimpeded and it must be wrested from the drug lords to bring us back to life.

    It really is that serious.



    Tom Burbage

    Mr. Burbage is a Naval Academy graduate, former Navy Test pilot and industry leader. He is working with a group of like minded individuals concerned with the ongoing movement to fundamentally change the focus of our military and specifically our Service Academies.
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    No sane parent would allow their child to enlist in the WOKE military with the neocons in DC.

    Raquel Maggio

    is so bad

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