• Our First Look At The Army’s Upgraded M1A2 SEPv4 Abrams Tank

    October 14, 2022
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    The US Army is testing a prototype M1A2 SEPv4 Abrams tank in Arizona and hopes to field the first operational examples in Fiscal Year 2025.

    hat appear to be the first pictures of a prototype of the newest version of the Abrams tank, the M1A2 System Enhanced Package Version 4 (SEPv4) variant, have emerged online. The tank in question is currently undergoing testing at the U.S. Army's Yuma Proving Ground in Arizona.

    Pictures of the improved Abrams were posted earlier today on the official Facebook page for the 2nd Battalion, 12th Cavalry Regiment, which is part 1st Cavalry Division's 1st Bridge Combat Team based at Fort Hood in Texas. The tank has "M1A2 SEPv4" emblazoned at least on the front end of the right side of its hull, along with "PV05 SEPV4" written in various locations on the hull.

    Members of 2-12th Cavalry are helping to test the new Abrams variant at Yuma. The Facebook post was subsequently taken down, but the photographs are now widely circulating elsewhere on social media...

    To read more visit The Drive.

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