• REPORT: Ukraine Front Line Continues To Collapse

    February 27, 2024
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    KYIV – Our attention caught the following leak from the Office of the President of Ukraine. The leak is not confirmed. We read similar leaks in the past and the information was confirmed later.

    What it means is that General Syrsky ordered to build a defense line around Pokrovsk, with foreposts in Selidovo, that means that the next expected advance of Russians is expected to be 30 km deep. We are very much worried about the situation.

    Here is the notice:

    “Our source in the General Staff said that Syrsky gave a command to prepare Selydovo for defense and the creation of a fortified area from the city, while the main center of resistance should be Pokrovsk, to which equipment and BC are now being brought.

    The command has already transferred more than ten thousand soldiers to that area, who are occupying empty houses and apartments, to create defensive structures.”

    Another picture with information comes from the source at “3d Fighter brigade” of the Ukrainian Army. The text on the picture says that the enemy is advancing every day pushing on “Berdichi-Orlivka.



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