• RETIRED MILITARY SELL-OUTS TO MARXISM - Former USAF General Rep Don Bacon Wants To Cave To Those Destroying The Nation

    January 5, 2023
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    Bacon Candidate website

    AFP reached out to Congressman Don Bacon's office for a comment on why he sees the need to 'work with Democrats' in the Speaker race currently ongoing in the House of Representatives.

    Nebraska residents should demand to know why Congressman Bacon is willing to work with Marxists who are bent on destroying the republic.

    As of writing this article, we have not heard back from the Congressman's office regarding our request for a quote.

    When anchor Jake Tapper on Thursday, on CNN’s “The Lead” asked about former Rep. Denver Riggleman (R-VA) saying ‘That he worked in counter-terrorism and you can’t negotiate with terrorists,’ Bacon “I feel that way," reported Breitbart.

    He continued, “We were talking about that today. Hostage takers at least have a goal, and they have demands. We met those demands, and still, they can’t get to yes. They refuse to get to yes. They’ve been offered everything but one demand that we’ve not gone to. So this is more like terrorism, and you’re right.”

    Bacon sees them as terrorists. The American people see them as patriots standing up to the destruction of the nation.

    How did Bacon lose his honor?

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