• Russia Puts Nukes In Orbit?

    February 16, 2024
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    Representative Mike Turner (R, OH-10), Chair of the House Intelligence Committee came out with a cryptic message yesterday. The message was garbled and unclear, but insisted President Biden immediately de-classify, highly classified information on this topic. I read multiple public reports to try and make sense out of this highly unusual statement. In the end, what was Turner freaking out about? It appears that he was referring to the Russians have nukes in orbit.

    This is an absolute national security crisis - but this situation has so many branches and sequels, including but not limited to:

    • This situation confirms that the U.S. Intelligence Community (IC) has a hyper over focus on the smaller of the two threats, i.e. Russia instead of the far larger and more dangerous senior partner, China. The IC has essentially ignored the Chinese nuclear threat until the last couple of years and has a hugely under-developed knowledge base on the Chinese nuclear force. China’s strategic nuclear force likely exceeds America’s force in number of warheads and combined with Russia, the Axis of Evil (China, Russia, Iran, Venezuela, and North Korea) likely have a 3 to 1 advantage over America and the UK on nuclear warheads.
    • If Russia has put nukes in orbit, strong likelihood China has also.
    • Space matters are hyper over classified, which at this time only ensures the American public is kept in the dark (and lied to) about the space threat from China and Russia. Most space matters are not only Top Secret with multiple caveats but are routinely SAP’d (Special Access Program) and polygraphed. This may appear to be a good idea at first, but over time this community becomes further disconnected from reality and ensures the delivery of yesterday’s solution tomorrow. As we fall further and further behind China, the Space Community panics and doubles down on security to ensure the American People do not know the truth. It is a Deep State self-licking Ice Cream Cone.
    • American Citizen Chenguang Gong, worked as a contractor on highly sensitive space matters, was likely SAP’d, Polygraphed, and everything else, yet, like Edward Snowden with Russia, had full access to the crown jewels of space based missile defense and gave the crown jewels to China.
    • Once again, who is watching the watchers of the Counterintelligence World and assuring their trustworthiness? It’s like being the Weight Control Officer in a military unit. Why do the fluffiest always volunteer to be the Weight Control Officer? Why do some flock to the Counterintelligence World? Ask Charles McGonigal.
    • We are in a post-treaty world. The era of grand Cold War treaties is over.
    • Nukes in space violate the Space Treaty - one of the last Cold War treaties “still in effect”. The IC and the Biden Team likely knew the Russians (and Chinese) were violating the Treaty, and they did what? Nothing.
    • There are no nuclear treaties being followed at this time. Treaties have become a cult for the Blue Team and Globalists.
    • Treaties only work if they are followed and they are enforced. America used to be the trusted nation that could amass overwhelming force in the United Nations or the Treaty environment to enforce treaties. A significant part of enforcement is having a credible deterrence. The Obama-Biden Team are illiterate on deterrence at best and at worst are playing for the other team to destroy America.
    • With the Obama-Biden/Globalist psycho crazy focus on issues like transgenderism and fake science climate change (i.e. codeword for the Deep State expanding power and control over the citizen), the United States has lost all credibility and has no ability to gather like minded nations together to enforce anything.
    • John F. Kerry, Biden’s Climate Czar is delusional and is only respected in the halls of CSIS, Atlantic Council, CFR, the EU, and Davos. Yet Lurch is the face of this scam. Congress should demand to know about his staff and budget - Kerry hides as a non-Senate confirmed figure in the Executive Office of the President at the White House with significant influence and budget.
    • The classic nuclear limitation treaties of the Cold War are no longer being followed by Russia, America walked away from the Intermediate Nuclear Force Treaty because of the unmistakable reality that Russia was lying about their INF nukes (the Trump Team saw the reality and made a good decision to stop spending enormous time and money on the worthless INF Treaty), and China was never a signatory to any nuclear limitations treaty. China did sign the related Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and the Test Ban Treaty - but can’t be trusted to follow the letter and spirit of their signature.
    • China is even violating the Antarctic Treaty and militarizing the South Pole. And the Biden Team does nothing. Even penguins aren’t safe anymore from the CCP.
    • China signed the Biological Warfare Treaty yet killed hundreds of thousands across the world with the virus they made, with Dr. Fauci money and collusion, at Wuhan, China.

    Ladies and Gentlemen (you’re one or the other by birth), we have a fire in the main engine room and the only answer is: MAGA



    John Mills (Col, USA, Ret)

    COL (Ret) Mills impacted history since the Cold War to our fight to save our Republic. www.TheNationWillFollow.com documents my fight against the Deep State. War Against the Deep State out this fall.
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    One minute the Russians are being obliterated by Ukraine and the next minute Russia has nukes in space. F all of you. You've cried, "Wolf" one too many times. This Jarhead is done with the BS. GFY Leftists, no matter your station.

    Mad Celt

    Dear Vladimir,
    Please nuke Washington first.

    Jake Dodds

    The alphabet agencies of the New Democrat Bolsheviks have gone full metal Chekist. Spy on Trump and Trump supporters- concerned parents, traditional Catholics, etc. While the Republic is being invaded by Illegal Alien criminals, and the DOD is in disarray. Enemy spies are reported about in the news near every week. And our military can't recruit. Dangerous times for our Republic- stay alert and keep faith.

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