• STARRS Issues Press Release On Coast Guard Academy Abuse Of Power

    September 25, 2022
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    The non-profit entity STARRS.us, built to bring the U.S. service academies back to their original mission, has issued a press release on the corruption at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy and abuse of power against cadets regarding the vaccine mandate. It is believed all 7 cadets have now been discharged from service.

    You can read the entire press release below.

    STARRS’ mission is to promote unity and cohesion in the armed forces by fighting against racism and radicalism in the military.

    Of the seven cadets disgracefully and forcefully thrown out of the Coast Guard Academy five are minorities of color and the other two are Caucasian females.”

    — Ron Scott, (USAF-Ret. Col.) STARRS PresidentCOLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, September 23, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- The US Coast Guard continues to persist in its abuse of seven US Coast Guard Academy (USCGA) cadets, according to Ron Scott, (USAF-Ret. Col.) STARRS President. “The cadets were abruptly and summarily ordered to their home of record August 19th and are still banned from the academy with their future unknown,” he said.

    recent STARRS press release reported on the mistreatment of the USCGA cadets.

    STARRS’ mission is to promote unity and cohesion in the armed forces by educating about racism and radicalism in the military.

    “We recently highlighted the heartbreaking plight of the seven cadets at the USCGA and their families caused by blatant and unfair mistreatment of these cadets because of their sincerely held religious beliefs that are protected by the 1st Amendment and the Religious Freedom Restoration Act,” Scott said. “The cadets' protracted agony at the USCGA to which they gave heart, soul, sweat, and tears since their arrival is disgraceful."

    Attorneys have detailed statements from cadets documenting the abuse they have received

    Lt Gen (Ret) Rod Bishop, Chairman of the Board of Directors of STARRS, said in a recent interview “Trying to assist and having met unvaccinated cadets from all five Service Academies over the last half year, the USCG Academy has been the source of the most egregious actions toward their own service members by far.”

    “They seem to have forgotten their own cadets are people first with First Amendment rights. Instead, the USCGA has pushed basic human rights aside ‘just following orders’ to force an unnecessary ‘series of shots’ that no one seriously can say is for ‘force protection’ now,” he said. “No critical thinking; no common sense; no compassion; no sense of duty to 'do the right thing,” he added.

    “Over a month has passed and they are getting further and further behind in their academic studies to the point that it will be almost impossible for them to catch up," Scott said. “The dreams, aspirations and sacrifice of these young Americans who so fervently desire to serve their country that they embarked on one of the most difficult paths to that service, namely a military academy, have turned to ashes.”

    The President said the pandemic is over. Click on this link.

    “The Coast Guard apparently did not get the message. The growing consensus across the nation is that the requirement to be vaccinated with an ineffective, likely harmful for some and experimental drug, is both unconscionable and illegal,” said Scott.

    “The mantra of our government under the current administration has been diversity, diversity, diversity,” Scott said. “Of the seven cadets disgracefully and forcefully thrown out of the Coast Guard Academy five are minorities of color and the other two are Caucasian females. One cadet is the adopted son of Americans from Korea. His lifelong dream has been to serve his adopted country, to wear the uniform as a proud American. Even after he has been treated this way, unfairly and unjustly, he still has that dream to serve in the Coast Guard.”

    STARRS has learned that one of the seven cadets has been selected by the USCGA to receive an award as a top cadet leader at a ceremony in October. “Is he going to attend that ceremony and receive his award even though he has been kicked out of the Coast Guard Academy?” Scott asks.

    Another cadet has documented medical problems that his personal physician states could cause him long term medical problems if he took the vaccine, Scott noted. “Her doctor’s concerns have been ignored. Why is the Coast Guard acting so tyrannical?”

    According to STARRS officials, VADM William Dean Lee, USCG (Ret) and RADM Peter J. Brown, USCG (Ret), USCGA ’85, want to know why ‘their’ Coast Guard is mistreating their cadets using such harsh measures. “Their concerns are based on the legality and appropriateness of the vaccine mandate especially with young, healthy, vibrant Coast Guard personnel,” Scott said.

    VADM Lee and RADM Brown want to know, “Will the cadets be allowed to return to the USCGA while all the legal and other matters related to religious exemption requests and the legality of the mandate are being decided in court?”

    Facts considered by VADM Lee and RADM Brown in deciding to make an appeal on behalf of the cadets directly to the Commandant of the Coast Guard include a letter dated September 15th to the Secretary of Defense from 47 Republican Congressmen in the House of Representatives, stating:

    “We urge you to immediately revoke your Covid-19 vaccine mandate for all servicemembers, civilian personnel, and contractors and re-instate those who have already been discharged.”

    See more information about their letter.

    According to STARRS General Counsel Mike Rose, three federal courts have issued injunctions prohibiting the Air Force, Marines and Navy, respectively, from penalizing their service members with religious accommodation requests. Additionally, there are several lawsuits pending against the Coast Guard, Rose added.

    The DoD Inspector General issued a report recently concluding that the SECDEF “probably” is violating the law by penalizing service members having religious objections for not taking the vaccine. See Pentagon in `Potential Noncompliance’ With Law in Denying Religious Exemption Requests to Vaccine Mandate: Leaked Memo” at the link at the bottom of this press release.

    The Marines and the Navy have rescinded their penalties against service members for not taking the COVID vaccine due to their religious objections. See more information at the link at the bottom of this press release.

    Cadets/midshipmen at multiple other academies who have not taken the COVID vaccine due to their religious objections physically remain attending classes, engaging in normal training, etc.

    Another issue that the American public ought to know, according to Scott, is that the cadets have been illegally ordered to not talk to the press about what the USCGA is doing to them. But STARRS, VADM Lee, and RADM Brown have the intention to publicize this outrageous treatment for the cadets.

    About STARRS or to support cadets legal defense go here. [https://www.starrs.us/?page_id=2365#unvaccinated-cadets]

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