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We are at war but most Americans are blissfully unaware.  Folks are busy living their lives, attending school, work, raising kids, pursuing dreams, or if retired, leisure activities, visiting grandkids, enjoying life.  Most are ignorant of the malign designs of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) of the People’s Republic of China (PRC).  

China is ruled by CCP Chairman and President Xi Jinping.  His word is law.  His goals are anathema to freedom loving people everywhere.  The people of China are helpless pawns.  They have no rights.  Government may lock people in their dwellings for months on end with no reason and no recourse, as they recently did. There is no freedom, no autonomy.  Everything, everyone in China is subordinate to the will and whims of the CCP and its absolute ruler, President Xi.  I have written extensively on the threat of the CCP here, here,  and here.  China experts Gordon Chang of Gatestone Institute, Dr. Michael Pillsbury of Heritage, and former Trump National Security Advisor Lt Gen H. R. McMaster have sounded alarms about the PRC.  See General McMaster’s recent Congressional testimony.  Dr. Pillsbury concludes there is a 70% chance that the PRC will dominate the world.  Unfortunately, too little heed is paid to these warnings.  We don’t want a world ruled by China.

Decades ago, Congress established the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission.  That non-partisan body has been doing yeomen’s work warning the nation of the CCP/PRC threat.  Their sobering 2023 Executive Summary is well worth reading.  The full report lays out in stark detail the corrupt and evil ways the PRC is using to gain power, influence, and dominance in virtually everything.  Experts consider China a peer or near-peer to the United States in both military and economic strength.  A 2023 study by Australia Public Policy Institute documents China’s leadership in 37 out of 44 fields.  Technology is crucial to economic and military strength.  China is a leader in space, Artificial Intelligence, quantum computing, rare earths, manufacturing, college degrees, patents, pharmaceuticals, hypersonic missiles, shipbuilding, batteries, solar panels, manufacturing, port control, and many other fields.   Senator Rubio issued a startling report Made in China 2025 on CCP’s plans to dominate in 10 critical sectors by 2025.  They are well on their way to this goal.  

Many now predict a military confrontation with the PRC/CCP in the near term?  It likely will be over Taiwan.  I have written about that threat here and here.   President Biden and other national leaders state forthrightly that the US would come to the aid of Taiwan.  We have authorized billions of defense weaponry and promised more.   TRANSCOM General Minihan recently warned that war will begin with China as soon as 2025.   What is the state of our readiness?

You might think our military will save the day.  Heritage Foundation’s Index of Military Readiness paints a grim picture.  This year’s report warns in stark terms our military capability and readiness has fallen.  Heritages states, “ In the aggregate, the United States’ military posture can only be rated as “weak.”  Weak budgets, neglect of the military by both parties, and the politicization of the military has led to a shocking weakness just when China is stronger than ever.  

Our military is not ready to fight the PRC!  Both Heritage and the Security Review Commission are sounding the alarm!  Exacerbating a bad situation, the politicization of our military which started in 2009 under President Obama is now on steroids!  President Biden greatly accelerated what Obama began, mandating divisive, wasteful social justice indoctrination.  Critical Race Theory, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, gay pride celebrations, drag queen shows, women in combat units, indoctrination in what pronouns to use, and integration of transgenders are military commander top priorities, consuming resources and distracting from the core mission.  With what result?  Readiness is down.  All services missed recruiting goals last year.  Retention is down.  Military member suicide trends are unconscionable and the problem is glossed over by leadership.  Sexual assault rates have skyrocketed as shown by this report.  Scores of commanders are being relieved each year for cause.  Our military is distracted and not ready.  American youth are declining to join the military.  Families who served generations are telling their children to avoid the military.  The nation is waking up to this danger thanks to the efforts of veterans’ organizations who are documenting the problems.  STARRS, Calvert Group, Restore Liberty, Center for Military Readiness, and Veterans for Fairness and Merit are sounding the clarion call to restore merit and traditional values in our military including fidelity to the Constitution.  Visit their websites and support their efforts.  Members of Congressman are warning of these dangers too such as Senator Rubio and Congressman Roy who recently issued a scathing report outlining dozens of examples of the wokeness that has weakened and distracted our military.

In 1941 with the attack at Pearl Harbor, the world saw the US viciously attacked with our pants down.  Almost 3000 died on that single infamous day.  In hindsight its clear the US ignored the warning signs that presaged that attack.  Our failures in diplomacy and readiness led Japan to wrongly conclude that they could defeat us.  That led to 111,000 American deaths and 250,000 wounded in the Pacific theater alone.  Let’s not repeat that type of failure with the PRC with 10 times the resources and population of Japan plus nuclear weapons.  

We must elect those who will strengthen our military.  We must have a military that focuses on readiness alone.   We must educate the American public on the dangers to America the PRC poses.  Congress must act to better protect us against the CCP’s evil plans and strengthen our military.  If our military is not ready to defend us you might as well start learning Mandarin.  In a stark warning, China’s Minister of Defense openly discussed using biological weapons to kill Americans.  Both the Department of Energy and the former head of the CDC confirm that the Covid virus was developed in Wuhan China.  What else are they developing?  Think of that.  Every one your loved ones could be dead in a few years in the coming conflict if we don’t act now to preserve our military and its ability to protect and defend us.  The time to act is now.    

Image by spDuchamp 

Ninety-nine red balloons

Floating in the summer sky

Panic bells, it's red alert!

There's something here from somewhere else!

The war machine springs to life

Opens up one eager eye

Focusing it on the sky

When ninety-nine red balloons go by

                                                    German Band: Nena, “99 Luftballoons”

By now most people in America know that China launched a “red” balloon and successfully navigated it across America and over some of our most sensitive installations. I am a Montanan living just south of Great Falls and the ballistic missile fields that are overseen from that location. To say the least, I was concerned, and many fellow Montanans watched the news or the skies waiting for an explosion. Either our Department of Defense would defend our airspace and shoot it down in a blaze of glory, or maybe there was something explosive on the balloon that would also be triggered. Neither happened, but I was reminded of growing up in Belgrade, Montana in the 70s and 80s, ducking under my desk in school wondering even then how thin walls and a classroom desk would save us from something like a nuclear blast.

The American people are rightfully upset that this single balloon crossed our country unhindered. We knew where it was from, China even admitted to it and called it a weather balloon. They were right that it was taking the temperature of a nation. We looked to the sky and knew there was something here from somewhere else, it was spying on us, and our administration simply watched. Thank you to Larry Mayer of Billings, Montana for taking a picture of the balloon, if he had not we may never have known. 

Angered and alarmed, Americans turned out in large numbers on television, radio, and podcasts to call out the administration for its lack of action against a threat to our nation. I was one of those Americans. It is time to admit though that the balloons that have us looking to the sky are worth noting, but spy balloons come across our shores every day and we are not upset enough. We better get there, or we will find ourselves homeless on the land our forefathers built. These “balloons” look different but are equally and maybe more dangerous. 

1. Exchange Students – Chinese students attended colleges and universities across the country. Keeping an eye on them and spreading propaganda are an estimated 80 collegiate-level and 500 high school-level Confucius Institutes. Controlled by the Chinese Education Administration they are there to influence Americans and report on Chinese student activities. 

2. Congressional Girlfriends – Eric Swalwell is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Chinese influence at all levels of government.   

3. Land and Business Ownership – throw a rock and you are likely to find land or a business owned by the Chinese. From several businesses in West Yellowstone, Montana to land purchases in multiple states like Arkansas and Mississippi, the Chinese either publicly own a lot of America or own it through proxies. 

4. Social Media/TikTok and Tech – our technology is infected with the cancers of spyware, malware, and many other means of collecting personal data. TikTok is banned in a number of state governments across the nation now, but America’s desire for followers, clicks, and likes is an addiction the Chinese are happy to feed. 

5. Trade Manipulation – it is no mystery that the Chinese have used our desire for things against us. We buy what they make, they take our money and buy up as much of the world as they can. Free Trade should be free, instead, it has come at the price of selling our independence overseas. 

6. Intellectual Property Theft – anything we can make the Chinese can copy and make cheaper. From movies to microchips, airplanes to asthma medication, it is copied and sold. In my younger days, I bought a lightweight jacket in South Korea and was asked which logo I wanted embroidered on it. This is what China does on a global scale. They steal our intellectual property. 

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7. University Grants – money comes with strings attached. When China is the source of money going to American colleges and universities we should expect there to be many strings. Professors and teachers who dare teach the U.S. Constitution accurately do not last long. 

8. Immigration/Invasion – China considers itself at war with America and has for a long time. The open Southern land border, the open and seemingly unguarded skies to the north, and barely controlled waters around America are the invasion routes. No Trojan Horse required China, just walk, float, or sail on in. 

9. Globalist Organizational Control – the United Nations, World Economic Forum, and many other global organizations have Chinese Communist Party members in key positions. They do not do this for philanthropic reasons. 

The lyrics of the 99 Red Balloons song fit America over the last two weeks, we focused on the sky, except the war machine did not spring to life. It stayed in the basement instead. If we as a nation keep allowing all the other “trial balloons” to cross our shores we may live out another part of the song:

Ninety-nine dreams I have had

In every one, a red balloon

It's all over and I'm standin' pretty

In this dust that was a city

If I could find a souvenir

Just to prove the world was here

If we do not start thinking like the Chinese and ask ourselves why they are doing the things they are, we will be looking for souvenirs of America in the “ashes” of what we once called home. 

China wants Taiwan, an independent democratic island nation off its east coast, to be part of it, and has threatened to take it by force if necessary. While many analysts agree China will invade Taiwan at some point, no one knows when. In this episode of China Uncensored, we look at the prediction one US general made about 2025, why others have predicted different dates, and why Xi Jinping isn't the problem with China's aggressiveness in the Taiwan Strait.

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America is Sending Our Adversaries Another Bad Message, They Heard It

By now most people know that my home state of Montana was all over the news as Chinese surveillance balloons moved overhead. As a good Montanan my first response, along with many of my fellow Big Sky country friends, was to ask if it could be ranged by high-caliber hunting rifles. If our government was not going to defend our nation, then we would take it upon ourselves. 

Alas, at an estimated 60,000 feet of altitude, we could not reach it. 

As the nation became increasingly aware of this balloon’s existence, more questions were asked, and Americans had the right to answers. Instead, they were told many things, except good answers. First, our nation must thank Larry Mayer, a Billings, Montana based private pilot and sharpshooter with a lens, and no doubt a rifle too. He is the reason why a nation became aware of this balloon. He is the reason why more Americans are now aware of how our federal government refuses to take decisive action when needed.   

Here are some critical concerns our government needs to address concerning this incident. 

There is a bigger message because of this incident though. One is a message of weakness. The second is a message of trust, or the lack thereof.

MESSAGE 1. A nation ruthlessly defends its borders from clear and present dangers. This administration is showing that it will not defend America.  Not only are we invaded from the south on land, but we have also now been invaded from the air as China replicates tactics used by Japan going back to World War II.  Not in eighty years has America dealt with a threat like this. (Rebuilt Japanese World War II era balloon)

Instead, consider Gary Powers getting shot down over the Soviet Union in May of 1960 in his U-2 spy plane, or China’s knocking an American Navy EP-3 plane out of the sky in 2001. Those were times of high tensions, and these nations did what they thought was required to defend their nations. It is not a matter of whether we agree or disagree with their actions, but that they were taken and that we failed to take similar action when we needed to. 

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When a clear and present danger was upon us as a nation, our government watched. The only war that was started was in the meme wars as this incident created days of material on social media. Here are only a few examples. They are humorous but rest assured a nation watched and received a message as clear to them as it was to China. 

America surrendered and ran from Afghanistan.

America allows for a human invasion across its Southern border.

America severely degrades its readiness by sending critical supplies and systems to Ukraine. 

America attacks its own military through woke agendas and vax mandates. 

America is willing to adopt Chinese and global entity social credit scoring systems via other means.

America pursues its patriots with more energy than it does its true enemies. 

MESSAGE 2. The people do not trust the government to tell them the truth, and often wonder when we became so bad at telling a lie. The meme wars and many other comments on the news and social media make it clear that people will not trust this administration or government in general. They assume that if any agency of government is updating the American people, what is shared is likely a lie. Even if the government suddenly started telling Americans the truth, it will take a long time for trust to rebuild, if ever. 

There are plenty of actions the government needs to take that are specific to the “trial balloon” incident. They can start by proving to Americans they care about our borders be they land, sea, or air. They can also start telling us the truth, We the People can handle it. What we cannot stand are bad lies. 

Lt Col (ret), US Army, Darin Gaub is a Co-founder of Restore Liberty, an international military strategist and foreign policy analyst, an executive leadership coach, and serves on the boards of multiple volunteer national and state level organizations. The views presented are those of the author and do not represent the views of the U.S. Government, the Department of Defense, or its components.

Kathy Chung who packed the Biden documents and moved them to Chinatown, currently serves as the Deputy Director of Protocol for the Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin

Screenshot Maria Bartiroma - Fox News

Maria Bartiromo reported this morning on her show Sunday Morning Futures, that the person who packed then Vice President Biden's classified documents was Kathy Chung, an assistant recommended for the job by Hunter Biden. 

In searching for information about Ms Chung's background, it has come to our attention that she currently serves as the Deputy Director of Protocol for the Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and has served a number of Democrat senators in the past, including Senators Ted Kauffman D-Del, and Mark Udall D-Colo.

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More curiously, Ms Chung has turned up in the news on Hunter Biden's infamous laptop.  In 2015, she CC'd Hunter Biden at his Rosemont Seneca Partners firm on an email containing phone numbers for the Clintons, senators, and most of the Obama cabinet.  Why would the assistant to the Vice President sent personal cell phone numbers for top US government officials?

Interestingly, no news agency has been able to obtain a photograph of Ms Chung.

When Maria asked Devin Nunes how it would be possible for someone to move classified documents from the White House, out of the secure locations, through DC, including Chinatown, and ultimately to the Penn-Biden center,  Nunes responded “it’s not possible unless you’re breaking the law.” 

Nunes went on to describe a precise process used to simply move classified documents from the House to the Senate areas of the Capitol.

A strategic messaging campaign portrays the new law as a counterproductive and lawless act.

When the Chips and Science Act (frequently referred to as the CHIPS Act) was signed into law in August, President Biden and Congressional lawmakers celebrated. 

The legislation included subsidies to bolster America’s domestic semiconductor industry and tackle supply chain vulnerabilities, addressing key national security concerns with China. The Biden administration boasted that the CHIPS Act would lower costs, create jobs, strengthen supply chains, and counter China.

But China has not taken the news lying down. The PRC has mobilized a strategic communications campaign to undermine support for the Act...

To read more visit Defense One.

Higher Levels Of Inoculation Against Covid-19 Increase Chance of Death While Infected With Virus.

The pertinent comments start at the 7:20 minute mark.

Dr. Naomi Wolf: Lipid Nanoparticles, Created By The CCP And Present In The Covid Vaccine, Are Changing Human Beings At The Core.

China and the US are battling over the Pacific. As US attention strayed from the region, China crept in, wooing Pacific island leaders with promises of investment and trade. In this episode of China Uncensored, we look at China's strategy for taking the Pacific, why the Pacific is so coveted, and what it means for the international balance of power, writes China Uncensored.

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On 17 September, 2022, Dr Wu Zunyou, China’s chief epidemiologist at the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention announced the first monkeypox case in China.  At the same briefing on Weibo he warned against contact with foreigners.  "It is necessary and important to strengthen the monitoring and prevention of monkeypox," Wu wrote in his post, emphasizing the risk of disease spreading through international travel and close contact. He gave five recommendations for the public -- the first being, "Do not have skin-to-skin contact with foreigners."1

China’s population is 91% Han Chinese.  The other 8-9% are of Asian descent.  Approximately 200,000 foreigners reside in China.  China is one of the most homogenous countries in the world and has been accused of genocide against Uyghurs, who are of a different ethnicity and religion.   Dr Wu’s statement appears racist in its call for ostracizing all people in China who don’t look like the 91% Han Chinese.  Further, monkeypox is an STD and the first monkeypox clusters were in ‘Westerners’ who practiced deviant sexual behaviors.  Thus, Dr Wu could be describing all Westerners as sexually deviant.

From a common sense standpoint, such a recommendation could be considered pragmatic in that the index case was a non-Han Chinese westerner.  Further, every country in every era of time has had racism embedded in its culture.  Thus, whether Wu’s statement was meant to be racist or not, it is not too far fetched to see how a public advocate could make such a recommendation about a specific group of people.  However, China has a habit of subjugating humans who don’t look like them within and without their borders.

The problem is that US politicians and medical entities have given Dr Wu’s comment a complete pass.  When former President Trump restricted travel with China in early 2020, he was called a xenophobe.  The same commentators later interestingly criticized him for not taking that exact action earlier, but didn’t take back the racist moniker.  The next year, when ‘their’ President restricted travel to 8 southern African nations when omicron emerged (despite the correct observations and pleas from South African health leaders not to), Biden received no such criticism.  Within the medical community, doctors have criticized Trump’s ‘xenophobia.’  The American College of Emergency Physicians even went as far as issuing a statement in mid 2020 stating “The American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) denounces racism and all senseless acts of violence. Racism is a social determinant of health.”  ACEP was quiet over Biden’s restrictions placed against Black African nations and has similarly been quiet concerning Dr Wu’s post.

Three conclusions emerge from the latest statement involving policy recommendations along racial lines.  1.  China is a ‘world’ phobic society that discriminates against non-Han Chinese.  2.  Woke Westerners only decry racism when it involves a political enemy (ie Trump and Republicans).  3.  Woke Westerners continue to give China a pass on their racist and genocidal policies, possibly out of admiration of Marxism that drives CRT and other blessings they hope to force on the Western World.  Ie – the Woke don’t want to insult their friends.

The rest of us should take note.  Woke politicians and doctors are proudly standing up to be counted with the enemies of freedom and human decency.

John Hughes, MD

Emergency Physician

USMA Class of 1996

3rd Generation West Pointer

4 combat tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan


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But, the enemy has awoken a sleeping giant…

USS Arizona burns at Pearl Harbor

The United States of America is under attack by a foreign power. The attack is diabolical, long-term, and unrelenting.

However, it will fail in the end.

This is a sneak attack, but not fast. It is oh so slow and destructive.

The attack is multi-pronged.

It includes the long-term destruction of our education system, medical system, judicial system, and an infiltration of our institutions and national security apparatus.

It is an attack on Western society itself, on the Western family, our children, our future.

The attack is meant to destroy the Christian West, its historical success and all that represents, to usher in a dark world of totalitarianism, medical torture, and control.

There is a vast attempt to indoctrinate and mutilate our children.

The Left is brilliant at projection, this has been a deadly attack on women and motherhood for decades, a real war on women.

Does it make sense now?

Is it so hard to see they want to stop our ability to create new Americans -- abortion, vaccine injuries, CRT, gender assignment surgery, destruction of marriage, even the ability to say 'mom and dad'?

We have been hit with biological warfare. It is completely obvious the Covid pandemic and the subsequent vaccine mandates were all planned and executed (no pun intended). Millions died, and millions more will die from long-term damage to immune systems.

We don’t know the exact alliance which is involved in this dastardly behavior, but we know it includes the Chinese Communist Party, the World Economic Forum, and American, Western elites.

We know it includes global corporations, and has been long-planned and carried out by our betters.

The good news is, this attack will be defeated, as the sleeping giant is now awakened.

Be prepared — Hell is coming.

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