• The Army Can't Feed Its Soldiers Stationed At Texas' Ft. Cavazos—And That's Not The Only Problem

    August 10, 2023
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    Are They Doing It To Further Hurt Recruiting?

    Things at Fort Cavazos are not optimal.

    Cavazos (formerly Fort Hood) is located not far from Killeen, Texas, and is the home to the Army’s 1st Cavalry Division, with over 34,5000 uniformed personnel and 48,500 family members. It is a city unto itself. And it can’t feed its residents.

    The Military Times reported that the sprawling base had only two of its 10 major dining options open every day for junior enlisted personnel. While the hot Texas summer rolled through central Texas, the base wasn’t able to provide its men and women in uniform with convenient dining, leaving thousands to spend an hour on the road traveling to and from a dining hall just to eat...

    To read more visit Red State.

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    Charles R McRae

    Who is getting fed with the Armies food???

    Dano S.

    Maybe they can ask Ukraine for a tiny fraction of the billions given to them in US aid for some of that money to feed US soldiers.


    If it were still Fort Hood I bet there would be no problem.

    Ben Colder

    And Bribeme is to blame the sorry old bastard


    C/K/T/MRE/MKT, termites, separate rats, roach coach, madonna's, SKIP LUNCH COMPLETELY OR BRING A SNACK. Brown bag, yo. ''Can't.'' REEEAALLLY...LOL

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