• The F-35 For Close Air Support - Finally Sends A-10 To Boneyard

    July 4, 2023
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    A-10 is revered as a lifesaving “flying tank” able to support soldiers in a close-in ground fight under enemy fire.

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    By Kris Osborn, President, Center for Military Modernization

    The A-10 warthog has earned a permanent place in history.

    The aircraft is revered as a lifesaving “flying tank” able to support soldiers in a close-in ground fight under enemy fire. Despite the emotional allegiance the aircraft inspires, it might at last be flying into the sunset.

    In what could be seen as a defining moment for the A-10, U.S. Air Force leaders recently announced they will be closing out or stopping A-10 operations at two key bases and replacing the A-10’s missions in one location with F-35s.

    For many years, the Air Force has wanted to fully retire the A-10 and let the F-35 perform critical Close Air Support (CAS) missions. Pentagon weapons developers, Army and Air Force service members, ground troops, and many prominent members of Congress have fought to make sure the A-10 keeps on flying...

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    nothing can ever replace the A10, not ever. Only an enemy or a moron would say so
    SGT Hina
    USAF crew chief


    So the F-35 is armored enough to be as tough as the A-10? I think not.


    i know not


    CAS is truly dead. Until we get the A-X, if we ever get it. The A-10 is not replaceable by F-35s. They still have life on the wings, and CAS is a hard skill to master. We will regret this.

    David Smith

    The F35 cannot do the job of the A10 in close air support, it's as simple as that.
    A foolish move by a bunch of fools.

    Steve Settle

    Just another rung of the ladder in making our military strength dwindle by this admin.


    We won't be able to keep the F-35 flying. The Air Force has assited China in disarming us.

    Robert Powell

    Well, a Billy Mitchell all over again - concept proven, time after time in this case. Case in point Douglas A-1 Skyraider - obsolete maybe - enemy feared it -  "45" must become 47" - Raven6 1965 - 1993


    I have to agree with the posts here. NOTHING can ever replace the A-10. So what do we do? Simple make more of them! Keep them the same, no hi-tech wiz-bang, no fly by wire...keep it the same. It was designed for a very specific role and it is very, very good at what it does. No aircraft in history has come close to it's capabilities. DOD needs to procure many, many more new ones. Put out the existing specs for bid with no changes and get a contract for 500 new ones out there!

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