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    April 27, 2023
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    Guest post by Jerry Keenan

    Once upon a time the United States had the most powerful, most advanced military in the world but It didn’t even take Joe Biden and his Nazi Regime two years to destroy over 270 years of pride, dedication and loyalty.

    Under the Biden/Austin regime our military has become weak and sloppy. During my 25 years (20 in uniform, five in a suit) and my wife’s 21 years (both Vietnam era veterans) we had a strong dedicated military loyal to our country, its interests, and the Constitution. About 75% of my family has served, mostly Navy but also Army, USAF, USCG and our youngest daughter’s ex was a Marine. We were a Navy of about 600 ships. Bill Clinton reduced that and it was further reduced by Obama and Biden until we now have only 296 ships. Recent projections have the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy at approximately 440 vessels in the next five years, while the USN is projected to stand at 291.

    Today’s military is a very sad descendant of the military most of my family served in from WWII to Iraqi Freedom.

    Under the “leadership” of socialist/woke leaders like SecDef Lloyd Austin and CJCS Mark Milley, Joe Biden’s military is more interested in being vaccinated with experimental drugs that are known to kill as many as the virus it claims to cure Their Marxist critical race theory teaches troops to hate their team mates because of their skin color, identity politics and/or their political leanings. Loyal military members are tossed out because of this woke agendas.

    Biden’s SecDef, Lloyd Austin, under orders from his Fuhrer, is discharging dedicated, loyal, highly trained military personnel because they refuse to subject their bodies to an experimental drug forced on them (and the citizenry in general) by a twisted aristocrat with an inflated ego who actually calls himself “I am science”. Dr. Fauci is the very definition of a quack. His experiments on military personnel are no different than the human experiments conducted at Auschwitz by the Angel of Death, Dr. Josef Mengele. He killed millions. Fauci may not have killed millions, but certainly many died because of him.

    The Biden Nazi party is responsible for our military becoming the political arm of a treasonous, tyrannical government just as the Wehrmact became under Hitler. If you are not vaccinated, you are gone. If you voice a political view opposite that of Biden and his woke generals and admirals, you are gone. At this time I’m assuming that these discharges are being issued under “Less than Honorable Conditions” for these illegal and purely political separations of otherwise dedicated and loyal personnel. For those unfamiliar with the various types of discharges, Less Than Honorable is a halfway measure between Dishonorable and Honorable.

    As in Nazi Germany, BLM and Antifa thugs will eventually become Biden’s Waffen Schutzstaffel (SS – “protection squadron”).  It remains to be seen who will lead Biden’s SS and reprise the role of Heinrich Himmler – Milley? Austin? Or does he have someone else in mind as Reichsfuhrer of this new SS?

    We haven’t reached the point where Biden’s political enemies are being executed as they were during Hitler’s reign, at least not yet. But it’s becoming obvious that the Oath of Enlistment is, or will soon be, changed to resemble the oath German military personnel had to take swearing allegiance to Hitler and not the German state, the former Weimar Republic. The American Republic, like the Weimar Republic, is rapidly disappearing under his tyrannical dictatorship. This blatant anti-Americanism extends to religious freedom.

    When I was going through Navy boot camp in Great Lakes, IL in 1963/64, every Saturday our Jewish shipmates would be asked if they wanted to attend Jewish services. If they replied yes they were formed up and and marched to synagogue. On Sundays the same was done for Christians. Atheists and agnostics were left to their own devices. No one cared about your religious convictions. We were all equal.

    Not so today. Just before Easter Franciscan priests were denied access to Walter Reed National  Military Medical Center. The excuse was that the college’s contract had expired after the military opted to partner with a different firm – Mack Global LLC - which does not have Catholic clergy under contract to provide services/sacraments to Catholic troops. The Franciscans from Holy Name College have been providing services for Catholic troops at Walter Reed for over 20 years. Suddenly Catholic services were no longer permitted.

    But does it stop there? No. Biden claims to be Catholic but authorizes his Gestapo (aka; FBI) to infiltrate and spy on Catholic churches and clergy; particularly those that celebrate the traditional Latin mass. Why?

    The Pentagon claims our military needs diversity and inclusion to meet readiness. This is a leftist lie. During my 20 years’ service I never once saw or experienced any form of discrimination or racism. During my wife’s 21 years of service (both of us Vietnam era veterans) she also never saw or experienced any of this. We were all one and we all had each others’ backs. Not so today when the DoD itself is forcing the Marxist CRT ideology on the troops to teach them to hate the person next to them because he/she is a different color, religion, ethnicity, or sexual orientation.

    “Diversity” is destroying our once proud military because those in charge place more importance on Marxist and Nazi ideologies than on the actual purpose of a military – warfighting and winning. I’m sure our adversaries’ militaries are really concerned about the color, sexual orientations and politics of their troops as we are as they are killing ours. The spirit of Bastogne and the Chosin Reservoir is gone.

    Are we alone in this degradation of our now-woke military? No. This is happening in many western militaries because of the globalist elitist agenda. One of the strongest military allies of the US, the UK, has also fallen victim to the woke globalist agenda. In August of 2022 the senior female Royal Air Force recruitment officer, unnamed for her safety, resigned because of the RAF’s “diversity” goals which even suspended the recruitment of white males in favor of minorities regardless of qualifications.

    The once great RAF has also lost its spirit – the descendants of those heroic fliers famed for the Battle of Britain defeat of the Luftwaffe. Three RAF Squadrons, known collectively as the Eagle Squadrons, were all American volunteers and flew in the Battle of Britain. With today’s woke agenda  the west, in particular NATO, is in a very bad place. I even doubt,  if it became necessary, that many American fliers would volunteer as the Eagles did, or that they would even be accepted by the RAF, or any other military branch if they aren’t the right color or sexual/political  persuasion.

    Jerry Keenan is a retired 20-year USN Navy veteran who served in numerous capacities; primarily overseas and aboard forward-deployed staffs.

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