• The Navy’s Misplaced Priorities Versus Core Navy Priorities

    June 7, 2023
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    Misplaced Priorities

    A conflict with China is likely in the near term and fundamentally that conflict will be maritime in nature. China’s geography dictates the conflict will be at sea. Chinese early objectives are conquest of Taiwan, Japan, and the Philippines. Thus, China’s provocative actions are manifest against those nations. Non-kinetic skirmishes are already so commonplace that they barely excite attention in the West. Tensions are vastly different on the other side of the world. Asian nations are buying billions in advanced U.S. weaponry to get ready for the inevitable. The Middle Kingdom views its manifest destiny is to rule the world and that starts with conquering its nearest neighbors.[i] 

    Navy leadership should be laser focused on preparing for the coming conflict. They are not. In recent years from Obama’s Presidency to the present, the Navy has gone woke in a big way and is rudderless in preparing for the coming challenges. First let us examine the new woke Navy. Then, we will examine Navy basics like ships, leadership, and readiness.

    The new Woke Navy:

    To read move visit Real Clear Defense.



    Brent Ramsey

    Captain Brent Ramsey (ret.) served 30 years in the Navy and 23 years in Navy Civil Service including many years at CBC Gulfport where he was the Executive Director. He formerly served as Member/Secretary of the Military Advisory Group for Congressman Mark Meadows (NC-11) for 4 years. He currently serves on the Military Advisory Group for Congressman Chuck Edwards. He is on the Board of Advisors for the Center for Military Readiness and STARRS. He is a leader with Calvert Group. He provides media support for authors and produces podcasts for several venues. He writes extensively on defense matters.
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