• The Pandemic Is Over But The Consequences Continue

    January 26, 2024
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    COVID-19 and Vaccine Mandates

    The COVID-19 pandemic created havoc around the world. Death. Illness. Overcrowded hospitals. School closures. Stay at home orders. Shuttered churches and businesses. Mask mandates. And more.

    Big pharma produced a vaccine and secured Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for it by December 2020. Public health officials implemented a large-scale effort to vaccinate the entire population. There was even talk of a vaccine “passport” to prove one’s vaccination status before being permitted to participate in routine public activities such as using mass transit, eating in restaurants, and attending entertainment venues.

    Informed Consent v. Coerced Compliance

    A notice in the Fact Sheet accompanying the EUA vaccine informed the recipient that receiving the vaccine was voluntary. Responding to a White House inquiry on the legality of vaccine mandates using an EUA vaccine, OLC opined that §564(e) of the Food Drug and Cosmetic Act (FDCA) did not require “informed consent.” OLC said the administrator of the vaccine must inform the recipient of the risks, benefits, alternative products, and the consequences of refusing the vaccine...

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