• The Simple Solution To Our Military’s Recruiting Crisis Is The Rejection Of Woke Ideology

    November 5, 2022
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    According to longstanding doctrine, a military unit is considered “combat ineffective” when it loses roughly 30% of its end strength.   Following recent reports that the Pentagon missed its recruiting goals—in the Army’s case, by as much as 25%—America’s military is teetering on the brink of being combat ineffective.  Put simply, our armed forces are now at risk of being unable to defend the nation if called upon.  

    These are America’s worst recruiting numbers since President Nixon and General Creighton Abrams conceived the all-volunteer force in 1973.  And the Biden Administration’s contention that recruiting numbers are down because of a strong economy is nonsense—recruiting soared during the Reagan and Bush years when the economy boomed.

    The bottom line is that parents—even those who are themselves veterans—are no longer sending their children to the military in the aftermath of Biden’s Afghanistan disaster and his failed social policies. They refuse to support a President and a Pentagon who insist on dividing the ranks by force-feeding grievance politics to those in uniform...

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