• The West Point Conundrum: How Do You Fight For A Country You’re Taught To Hate?

    October 4, 2023
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    West Point has a storied place in American history. During the Revolution, Benedict Arnold tried to give the fort to the British. After the Revolution, it became America’s first military academy, graduating such luminaries as Ulysses S. Grant, Dwight Eisenhower, Generals Omar Bradley, Douglas MacArthur, and George S. Patton, and many other men who have shaped our nation. All the alumni were driven by patriotism even if, as with Robert E. Lee, that patriotism was misplaced. Now, though, West Point has a “minor” that is the essence of anti-patriotism. Welcome to West Point’s Diversity and Inclusion Studies Minor.

    West Point describes its new minor this way:

    Diversity and Inclusion Studies (DISM) is an interdisciplinary minor administered by the Department of Behavioral Sciences & Leadership that consists of humanities and social science courses. America is a multicultural polity and demands knowledgeable and pragmatic thinkers who understand the range of human experiences. The Diversity and Inclusion Studies Minor (DISM) exposes cadets to varied perspectives & methodologies for understanding and studying the humanities. By carefully drawing from existing courses in multiple departments, the DISM complements and enhances the core curriculum, academic majors, and several West Point Centers and committees. Moreover, the DISM at West Point offers cadets a framework for critically and creatively thinking about the broader impact of diversity and inclusion at the individual, organizational, societal, and/or global levels - providing them with knowledge and insights that can help prepare them to lead in today's Army.

    That academic gobbledy-gook hides what DEI really is: The assertion that America is systemically racist—and sexist and homophobic, and all the other “isms,” “ists,” and “phobias” that drive leftism. Under the DEI rubric, these horrors are baked into the American system. The Constitution, the 14th Amendment, the Civil Rights Act…none of them matter. America and its faults are so inextricably intertwined that you cannot have one without the other. Indeed, you can see the hostility to America’s institutions in the classes students must take for this minor:

    To read more visit American Thinker.

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    "...we NEED a civilian force, just as strong, just as well funded as the military"!

    Now why is that, Barry?

    Amy Williams

    Disgusting to read the “word salad” that abounds in our Institutions,Universities-, and now beloved West Point! Anyone even remotely intelligent, can see there is zero substance in DEI- in fact, Ibrahm Kendi’s Marxist Antiracist Institute is imploding- no research produced- misappropriated funds- because these people are truly stupid(I am a BU alumni- would not permit my college bound children to even apply to BU because it has become a shell of a University, like many).

    Mad Celt

    Answer is simple. They follow whoever can pay them.

    Mensa Graham

    Draft every college professor for front line army duty. That will fix the problem of hating America one way or another.

    Enword G. Robbinsome

    The US military is the enemy of Freedom, the enemy of the Constitution, the enemy of Patriots. It all went haywire in Viet Nam and never recovered. Eisenhower warned us - we didn't listen. Shut it all down.

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