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    August 11, 2023
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    The Intersection of Treason and Politics Lacks Legal Clarity

    A collection of the several statutes, and parts of statutes, now in force, relating to high treason, and misprision of high treason. Circa 1710
    Public Domain

    “Treason doth never prosper: what's the reason? For if it prospers, none dare call it treason.” Sir John Harrington, circa 1650.

    For many years, the radical left has been working to normalize treason, to make it socially acceptable. Jane Fonda and John Kerry (well-connected leftist “ruling elites”) had the spotlight in the Vietnam era. While still a serving Naval officer during the war, Kerry met with the enemy to support them in Paris. Fonda posed on an antiaircraft gun in Vietnam, doing a photo op to support shooting down our planes. Neither was punished, and both became folk heroes for the Marxist left. Meanwhile, our brave soldiers, often young draftees, were spat upon when they returned home and called “baby killers” by the left-leaning (now Fake News) media.

    Recently, Kamala Harris publicly proclaimed support for violent, destructive, city-burning-dines Antifa rioters. She raised bail money for them. This gave aid and comfort to enemies of America, but no one even bothered to charge her with treason. The “Overton Window” – what’s socially acceptable to discuss -- had been shifted.

    Today, truth is strongly censored. If a church or patriotic group dares to host or feature this book, even as a free guest talk, they could lose their tax-exempt status. Treason has become socially acceptable and debate impossible, even dangerous. Our book Mindless War Two discusses that.

    Dare to wear a Trump hat, and you might be attacked. On August 29, 2020, Aaron Danielson, a supporter, was shot in the back of the head and killed by Antifa in Portland. Trump protestors from January 6, 2021, are still in DC Gulags. The FBI, now weaponized politically, won’t release the videos of exculpatory evidence. Several groups (e.g., Operation Jericho, by Stand Up America US Foundation, and others by Ted Nugent and Trump) are trying to get the Jan 6 videos released, and these patriots moved to ordinary prisons where they can get good legal counsel, fair trials, and be subpoenaed to testify to Congress, without success.

    America has been shredded by embedded enemies within who weaken us in myriad ways. China and the world have shifted from kinetic war (e.g., bombs and nukes) to “Unrestricted Warfare” with bioweapons and where American officials (e.g., Biden) have been bribed or coopted. We are losing this new form of war. Our nation suffers managed decline, invasion across our open borders, lockdowns, crime, and more. We now lose more young Americans to Chinese fentanyl yearly than in the Vietnam War. We suffer lies, stolen elections, and a two-tier justice system. We (and the world) suffered genocide and lockdowns from bioweapons.

    In America's almost 250-year history, we have seen only two momentous events in our past that could have decided whether we survived to be the free, self-governing nation under God the founders promised or an autocratic country more typically imposed by oligarchs or self-appointed despots. The Revolutionary War and the American Civil War are those events. The two World Wars never saw a moment when our nation’s right to exist was as much in question as today. Think about that. Our country was founded on freedom, but Americans are now less free than in 1776.



    Major General Paul Vallely (USA, Ret)

    Paul E. Vallely is a retired U.S. Army major general and senior military analyst. He served in the Vietnam War and retired in 1993 as deputy commanding general, Pacific Command. In 2004.
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    Thank you, for your words of wisdom, General. You need to be careful. Too many people who attempt to share the truth have failed to survive their "accidents". Much like in Russia, where critics have a propensity to fall out of windows of tall buildings.



    Bill Daniel

    And . . . We are being told not to do anything about it - it will make us look bad.
    We have a puppet evil president being controlled by Obama, and now they are publicly Mike Obama as the next President. And . . . China will once again do the vote count.

    Ben Colder

    The country has become communist no doubt about that but there is more to it than communism seems like it is a mixture of communism and nazisum along with a hate for any thing pertaining to God

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