• U.S. Dept Of Commerce To Digitize Identities Of Veterans Receiving ‘Public Benefits’

    June 14, 2024
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    Federal ‘Guidelines’ have already been secretly adopted for a Digital ID program that will start off as ‘voluntary’ but only the most gullible Americans would believe that’s anything but temporary.

    In the globalist drive toward the creation of a national digital ID for all Americans is well under way, and the first group of citizens to be coerced into accepting a digital ID will be those receiving public benefits of one type or another.

    Government healthcare benefits, Veterans’ benefits, Social Security benefits, and of course low-income welfare programs of every type will all be fair game for digital IDs, and the U.S. government is already far down the road to adopting a strategy of digitizing all government-dependent citizens.

    Do you remember ever voting on this? I don’t. And where is Congress? Why aren’t they involved in more than just a periphery role in something as big and important as the creation of a national digital identification process? Instead, it looks like the digitalization of America, and the world, is going to be crammed down our throats. It will be up to us to resist.

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    D Pureblood

    I am retired and I would just like to sayu FUCK OFF.


    This is the beginning of, “show me your papers!”. If we don’t stand for freedom we kneel to tyranny! Never give up, never give in!

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