• United Airlines Restricted Access To Personal 401k For Not Taking Vax

    February 25, 2023
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    United Airlines Restricted Access To Personal 401k For Not Taking Vax
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    In CDMedia's 3rd episode of Wings for Liberty and Justice series about the United Airlines' lawsuit over mandated covid "shots," American Conversations Host Christine Dolan interviews Ken Locke and Rhett Wolff.

    Locke has been employed by United for 24 years as a Flight Attendant. He refused to take the covid "shot" mandated by United in 2021, and applied for a religious exemption. That meant nothing to hold onto his job. He was put on "standby" and pushed off the schedule.

    Locke was not officially fired so he could not apply for unemployment. He was not collecting a paycheck and his wife also lost her job for refusing to take the shot required for her hospital job. Finances were tight. Locke had been put on furlough like many other United Airlines employees during 2020, but they had an active life insurance policy and access to his 401(K).

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    After Locke applied for his religious exemption in 2021, and was on "standby," he lost his active life insurance policy coverage at that time, and was denied access to his 401(K).

    There was no forewarning by United Airlines that if their employees applied for religious exemptions and put in limbo that Fidelity would not give them access even when applying for "financial hardship."

    Rhett Wolff has been employed by United Airlines as a pilot for 31 years, and was just shy of 30 years in 2021 at time of being kicked off United's property because he too refused the mandated "shot." Wolff also applied for religious exemption. He suffered religious discrimination from both United Airlines and Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA). Todd Insler, who was head of ALPA at time, sat on United Airline's Board of Directors.

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