• USAA’s Disregard For Members’ Concerns Is A Mark Of Failed Leadership

    August 23, 2023
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    Eight Questions For USAA Board Of Directors Concerning The DEI Agenda
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    The United Services Automobile Association’s (USAA) extreme emphasis on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), corporate social responsibility (CSR), and environment, social, and government metrics (ESG) is a grave concern to many of its members.  The company's departure from its fiduciary responsibilities and foray into the realm of politics contributed to the first non profitable year in its 100 year history.  Correspondence sent from USAA members, expressing dismay on the current state of affairs, to USAA CEO Wayne Peacock and the Board of Directors has been met with a lack of response or cursory excuses.

    Effective leadership requires open communication and consideration of the needs of those under one's charge. As General Colin Powell noted, "Leadership is solving problems.  The day soldiers stop bringing you problems is the day you stop leading them. They have either lost confidence that you can help or concluded you do not care. Either case is a failure of leadership."  USAA's departure from this fundamental element of leadership is a sign that the company has drifted away from its four core values—service, honesty, service, and integrity. 

    An open letter to the USAA Board of Directors written two weeks ago detailed a number of serious concerns about the company and its uncertain future under its current leadership.  Robust commentary in response to the letter elicited a plethora of far-ranging concerns and evidence supporting the author’s claims...

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    Scott Sturman

    Scott Sturman is an MD, USAFA Class of 72, and affiliated with STARRS.us, a non-profit fighting Critical Race Theory in the Department of Defense.
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    Being a member of USAA for decades, I can attest that over the last few years their member service has declined dramatically. Their atuomated digital receptionist makes it extremely frustrating and time consuming to reach a human staff member. Once connected to a human representative, their assistance it often equally frustrating, lacking in both subject matter knowledge as well as general customer courtesy.
    USAA service is at it's worst when dealing with an insurance claim.

    Larry Sawell

    I had my account closed after I was hacked and I was accused falsely of giving out my access information. The real disservice was holding over $5000 and not returning it immediately. Instead I have to wait 60 days before my money is returned to me. This was money needed for food, utilities and gas as prices are at the highest in history.


    Hello Larry, something stinks at USAA... last week a good friend shared his "Hacked accused closed account" story which is still ongoing.
    Maybe... critical security policies and reflexive countermeasures common in the BANKING industry are intentionally mis-managed to allow bad actors access to customer account data.
    Then they just BLAME it on the account holder, close your account and keep all your money.
    The Hackers first Deposited money into the account then over drafted it.

    Louise Richardson

    The digital receptionist has been making my blood pressure rise for 15 years! I complain about it to representatives every chance I get. Needs a total overhaul.

    John P Clarke

    Joined in the 1970's when I received my commission. I have watched USAA customer service deteriorate, ever so slowly, for the last several years. The digital receptionist - I should time it sometime - 1) asks TOO MANY QUESTIONS 2) Asks the WRONG questions and 3) TAKES TOO MUCH OF MY TIME. I usually end up screaming and cursing into the telephone - and their software is programmed to discern an emotional voice; you get a real live person, faster, that way.

    John Connor

    All true


    I have been a member of USAA since 1982. I did not realize that USAA had gone over to the dark side, participating in the nonsensical and irresponsible DEI and ESG policies. I will be watching USAA and I will let USAA know how I feel. If USAA continues in this ridiculous woke behavior, I will start looking for another company for my home and auto insurance.

    55-yr Member

    My USAA auto coverage began as a dependent in 1962 and my own full membership started in 1968. Back then, membership was for ring-knockers - officers only - and everything USAA did, it did superbly well. Not sure what, other than greed, caused the board to think that USAA "needed" to expand its membership. First it was to enlisted. OK - fellow veterans. Then it slowly became anyone ever related to a veteran. Now it seems that if you can spell veteran, you're in. Hit the limit on words...


    Called to make a claim. I was told I was covered. Adjuster emailed me check was in the mail. After not receiving the check I called and was told the claim wasn’t covered by insurance. Total BS!

    John Given

    It seems they started their nosedive about the time they started advertising.
    They lost an approximately 40 year member due to shenanigans on a minor auto claim. The rep flat lied to me.
    You get one shot at integrity with people.

    Ronald J. Loomis

    We have auto ins with USAA and have always been happy with that although I think it is way overpriced but home ins is a different story we live in Colorado which is very hail prone and several years ago the hail took the shingles and the siding they took care of the roof right away but the siding we could not get them to replace it with the same quality siding that was original if it had not been for the adjuster I doubt if they would have ever replaced it as it was it took nearly two years .

    Joined in 87

    36 year member, used to be a great company focused on members. Today’s focus is on profit only. Closed shop perm in Col Springs, shut down tele links everywhere, min hour long wait in drive thru in SA with inside lobby shut down, customer service is hit or miss, etc. etc. I shifted to GEICO and saved $ on car insurance. Moving banking to NFCU. Sad to watch the decline, believe the current CEO is the first non retired GO/FO. 

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