• West Point Now Offering DEI Degrees

    September 27, 2023
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    The United States Military Academy at West Point has sank to a new Marxist low as the institution now offers degrees in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).

    Well, West Point had an good run, didn’t it? Once a beacon of prestige and elite training, this institution produced some of America’s most outstanding leaders. But times have changed. Today, West Point is just another woke joke, churning out young Marxists with contempt for the very nation they’re supposedly preparing to defend, reports Revolver.

    West Point has reached the point of no return, particularly after the exposure of their latest “woke” agenda. Believe it or not, but they’re now offering degrees in “Equity and Diversity.” And no, unfortunately, this isn’t a joke.

    What a travesty, and how embarrassing for West Point. The left has successfully transformed many of our nation’s college students into pint-sized Marxists, and now they’re seeking to steer our US military officers down the same ideological path.

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    This is not "woke or marxist" its anti racist/fascist training that is desperately needed in today's military industrial complex more than ever! because soldiers, contrary to certain ideologies are human beings and beyond faliabile! treating other human beings with basic dignity and respect should be a given standard! but sadly it is not and coexistence and cooperation is vital to our continuation as a species! unlike the multiple other species we humans have ultimately driven to extinction!

    AFP Staff

    You sound vaccinated...

    And must have missed the video admission by Black Lives Matter founders that they were trained Marxists...

    Or the class on the Cultural Revolution...It's exactly Mao's tactics.

    Amy Williams

    We “used” to be a country of people who treated each other with dignity and respect. Now the perpetual “victim” mentality has become the culture- and, the Military was America’s Best example of an anti-racist culture- now it has been infiltrated to cause nothing but division👿




    Terminal derangement, total disconnect from truth and reality.

    Really, a slide with a heart! Lethality and winning battles are the sole reason for a military academy. This is brain rot, pushed by deviants in office.


    If this is the state of the education that West Point is offering I hope a member of Congress will put forth a resolution to dissolve and permanently close West Point, and then start looking at every other service academy.

    This is a complete betrayal of the people of the U.S.!

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