• Where Did All The Chips Go?

    September 4, 2023
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    The shadowy and silent Chip war is on going and getting little attention

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    Like the resurrection of the secret war in Syria which bogs down American Special Operation Forces and an inordinate amount of the decision capacity of the senior levels of the Pentagon and White House, there is another Secret War going on.

    There is an on-going Chip War that is getting barely a nod in Big Media or corrupt trade media. There’s about a 80% chance if you bought a computer, a smartphone, a car, or a major appliance, it has a computer chip from TSMC of Taiwan and a 95% chance if you throw in Intel Corporation and Samsung.

    The world economy needs computer chips, chips are dual use between commercial and military applications, and the Biden Team has their boot on the neck of China in harsh restrictions against China on access to computer chips. We need to be tough on China, but the Biden Team is schizophrenic and bi-polar with China. The Biden Team grovels to China that America doesn’t want to de-couple, but at the same time have cut off China from access to the world’s chip supplies which are largely controlled by the US, Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea.

    When Roosevelt cut off Japan from oil and rubber in Southeast Asia in summer of 1941, that triggered the six month countdown to Pearl Harbor. The secret Chip War has very possibly triggered a similar timeline.

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    John Mills (Col, USA, Ret)

    COL (Ret) Mills impacted history since the Cold War to our fight to save our Republic. www.TheNationWillFollow.com documents my fight against the Deep State. War Against the Deep State out this fall.
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    Chip Henry

    What does this writer want? Weakness? Is he one of those in the military we need to purge?? What's his point? You fight the enemy, not acquiesce.

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