• Why Have Individuals And Organizations Conducted Treason In America?

    May 16, 2024
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    Greed – Power – Money – Control

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    As Shakespeare said in his play Hamlet, “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.” A fish rots from head to tail, and so do corrupt government systems.

    They rot from top to bottom.

    When the truth is depicted as a threat (Mind War) to those who govern a country, you no longer have a democratic state. Only some things can be disclosed to the public in real time. Still, we are sitting on a mountain of classified intelligence material that goes back more than sixty years and reveals the breeding grounds for covert treasonous activities.

    How much time needs to elapse before the American people have the right to know the truth behind what their government agencies have been doing within their own country and abroad in the name of the “free” world?

    From this recognition, the whole matter of declassifying material around the Russiagate scandal in real-time, and not highly redacted fifty years from now, is essential to addressing this festering putrefaction that has been bubbling over since the heinous assassination of President Kennedy on Nov. 22, 1963, and to which we are still waiting for full disclosure of classified papers fifty-seven years later.

    If the American people want to see who is standing behind that curtain in Oz, finally, now is the time to unveil what is behind the curtain, behind the current Treason in America. As they say, “Follow the Money.”

    The intelligence bureaus need to be reviewed for what kind of method and standard they are upholding in collecting their “intelligence,” which has supposedly justified the Mueller investigation and the never-ending Flynn investigation, which have provided zero conclusive evidence to back up their allegations and which have massively infringed on the elected government’s ability to make the changes that they had committed to the American people.

    The Church committee constituted the most extensive review of intelligence activities available to the public. Much of the contents was classified, but over 50,000 pages were declassified under the President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act of 1992. President Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas, on November 22, 1963. Two days before his assassination, a hate-Kennedy handbill was circulated in Dallas, accusing the president of treasonous activities, including being a communist sympathizer.

    Just as the Iraq and Libya war was based on cooked British intelligence, Russiagate appears to have also had its impetus from our friends at MI6. It is no surprise that Sir Richard Dearlove, who was then MI6 chief (1999–2004) and who oversaw and stood by the fraudulent intelligence on Iraq stating they bought uranium from Niger to build a nuclear weapon, is the very same Sir Richard Dearlove who promoted the Steele dossier as something “credible” to American intelligence.

    In other words, the same man who is mainly responsible for encouraging the illegal invasion of Iraq, which set off the never-ending wars on “terror,” that was justified with cooked British intelligence, is also responsible for encouraging the Russian spook witch-hunt that has been occurring within the United States. for the last four years over more cooked British intelligence. The FBI and CIA are knowingly
    complicit in this.

    Neither the American people nor the world can afford to suffer any more of the so-called “mistaken” intelligence bumbling and paths to treason. It is time that these intelligence bureaus are held accountable for, at best, criminal negligence and, at worst, betrayal, including war crimes against their own country.

    What we have today is greed that surpasses all understanding, and that is the idea.

    Greed is defined as “terrorism,” anti-this or anti-that, patriotism, or a lack of it, and on and on. One word is all that is necessary to describe the sorry situation in America (the world) today, and that word is GREED.

    What have we truly learned since 9/11? If nothing else, we have learned that the greed of those in high places overwhelms the people there. Presidents, Congresses, the American legal system, the media’s talking heads, preachers, and schoolteachers. About every influential person in America is consumed with greed and consumed to the point of being corrupt.

    So much are Americans consumed with greed that they have overlooked—or not looked at all—at the words used by their politicians, so America takes part in endless wars and rumors of war—lying about WMDs, lying about terrorism, lying about the destruction of America, and lying about what happened on 9/11. The destruction of America is ongoing, gaining speed. Like a runaway train—but not by any foreign entity—the destruction of America occurring. That is if one discounts the International Bankers—which, of course, would be a mistake—America is being destroyed from the top down.

    From illogical and illegal immigration policies to excessive interest charges, late charges, charges/taxes on credit, and everything Americans have been led to think is necessary to succeed in life, from Enron to political contributions to the terror that is vote fraud. From the overvaluing of the stock market to the present-day buying up of America by the big international moneymen, the stock market has been used to buy up America’s prosperity over the centuries and for pennies on the dollar. It happened before, and it is happening today. Tomorrow, America will have nothing left to call its own. After that, we will know poverty as we have never known it before. The beast is not coming. The beast is here, and it has been here from the beginning.

    History has led to this time on Earth—the religious soothsayers, the Pharaohs, the Caesars, the Kings, and the Landowners. Today, we have Lending Institutions leading us into slavery. All of it leads to total control, division, and destruction, so much so that today, the whole of life on Earth swings in the balance.

    Where once the herders (as opposed to shepherds) of humanity did their evil in the open, today, the herders have developed a plan that causes society to enslave itself by borrowing themselves into slavery.

    The evil agent is a worthless piece of paper called ‘money’—and like the worthlessness that is modern religion—made legal by the Government and its Armies.

    In a way, everything has stayed the same, and that is the problem. Greed engenders only one thing: even more Greed. In olden times, there were plagues, and men could not fish in the rivers and lakes for fear of being put to death. Back then, men could see their oppressors, the religious mendicants living in the palaces they called churches, the Kings and Landowners living in their castles and manors.

    The ‘herders’ realized such high visibility was a weakness, making them vulnerable and easily killed.

    Today, of course, the world's powers are hidden, rarely seen in the light of day. Few people know where they live, and those who do cannot approach them for fear of being shot dead. The media, servant of the herders, does its part in hiding the cancer known as The Rich, if not now always so “famous,” … but still just as deadly.

    Today, the whole meal is poison; one spoonful leads to destruction. But when humanity is near starvation, who will not try out the food served… the only food served? Hungry? Then, eat up and sign on the dotted line. Americans are busy making deals that will make them individually stronger, have more of the good life, have their cup full, and even run over. All the while, America’s culture, heritage, and the ownership of America is changing. We are losing our country.

    From the American people’s obsession with homosexuality and sex in general— thanks to Hollywood—to cheaper wages, to the “godliness” that is affording illegal immigrants benefits not even American citizens are allowed, etc., etc., etc. If a person, having lived most of their life in America, had been asleep for the last couple of decades and woke up now, after about thirty minutes of watching television, they would think they were on another planet. But who cares, right?

    There are enough immigrants now (over fifteen million by most estimates) that they will offset any voter who might remember America the way it was and wish to return to that era.

    There are so many laws today that a president can lie and lead the nation to war, costing thousands, even hundreds of thousands, of innocent people their chance to live on Earth. There are enough dollars run off the presses of The Federal Reserve that there is always enough to go around so that the payoffs are covered. Or is there? Looking at it from where I am, there can never be enough, not even when the oceans are fished clean of life or when the rivers are full of poisons. Not even when the atmosphere is destroyed, so a walk in the park can lead to physical damage and even death.

    How is it that the common man cannot look to his old age with any certainty or security unless he feeds the gluttonous affluent international bankers/investors or the corrupted and murderous government from his meager dish of bread and water? Rather than “investing” with one of the New York City firms or paying into Social Security, it all ends up in the hands of humanity’s worst terrorists: the chosen few… those few who in the end, always gain the most from whatever men try to do. That “trickle-down” effect is a river, a flood, and it all goes into the same greedy, bloody hands every time. Everything we do is a gain for them, and they use that gain to enslave or entrap the United States even more, and more until today, we can barely survive.

    The gains made by investing over the last several decades have been stolen away from those who invested, i.e., the working people. The money paid into the Social Security system has been used to finance the Government and its employees, that is, what little was not sucked off to pay the “National Debt,” provide contracts for the Haliburton’s of the world, and grease the palms of the chosen Bolsheviks for having been corporate executives or running some worthless or destructive Federal Program. It is enough to make one sick, if not enough to make one want earnestly to do something about it. But what can we do?

    We have lost America. Invisible treason is behind every rock!

    Who lost America? While village-idiot-bred elites on the Left and Right fret over “Who lost China?” and “Who lost Russia?” they do not think to ask the weightiest question for this bloody 20th century: Who lost America? More specifically, who lost white Western civilization in North America and Europe? Why is it happening? —because the fattest cow gets slaughtered when the farmer is not vigilant in protecting his property.

    Our federal government (especially Congress) is a drunken farmer unaware of what is being lost, as it serves special interests on both the Right and Left to affect a wrong end. And it has been deaf and blind from the time when Abraham Lincoln hammered the South, not for the sake of blacks’ freedom but for keeping tyrannical power in Washington (Note: All military academies before the war over states’ rights taught that states had a constitutional/democratic right to secede, which understanding is a no-brainer if the ideas “constitution” and “state” and “majority rule” and “democracy” and “democratic Republic” and “self-determination” have any real meaning and value in the Founders’ America).

    Who lost America?

    Many vulture capitalists who greedily sought profits over any moral principles or patriotic concerns, profiting from the unhindered flow of people and goods across borders, loving that diversity (DEI) movement, which this unbridled immigration helps to feed—feeding capitalists’ god, CONSUMERISM, over any of Cultural Man’s principles and concerns: moral virtue, family, race, community, religiosity, country, and flag.

    Utopian Marxists/socialists hungered for a universal nation in America to serve the internationalist proletariat under Global Economic Socialism and loved the diversity movement because unbridled immigration guarantees the deterioration of all races in America to effect perfect human equality, which equality requires the complete genocide of America’s white race.

    America is not lost. Not yet. Things are bad now, and they continue to worsen. That is true. But it will not be true forever. The education system is failing, but even that is a good thing. Good parents are starting to realize the problem and are doing what is suitable for their kids. Many people are fed up with the Government, and they will soon be on the point of acting. There continue to be good people out there.

    Good people built this country, and they will fix it.

    Do not accept the lies of the government and the media any longer. We have always believed once a liar… always a liar. There continues to be hope for change.

    It will not come from the top of society. It will come from those sickened that a treasonous Biden administration has dismantled America. They are the ones that will have to fix this. We will not live under tyranny and dishonesty.

    Greed, money, and dishonesty have aided and abetted the enemies of America, leading to acts of invisible treason. The punishment for treason is death.

    Released and Distributed by the Stand Up America US Foundation.

    For more information, contact [email protected]



    Major General Paul Vallely (USA, Ret)

    Paul E. Vallely is a retired U.S. Army major general and senior military analyst. He served in the Vietnam War and retired in 1993 as deputy commanding general, Pacific Command. In 2004.
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