• "You Know It's Not Valid! It Is An Experimental Vaccine That Just Came Off The Shelf!"

    October 5, 2022
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    Tuesday morning, Brian Kilmeade on Fox and Friends confronted National Security Council spokesman, retired Admiral John Kirby, on the Department of Defense's decision to remove 20,000+ servicemen from active duty service for not complying with the illegal unapproved FDA COVID-19 gene therapy mandate.

    Fox & Friends - Tuesday 04 October 2022

    After John Kirby claims it is a valid military requirement, Kilmeade responds with "You know it's not valid! It is an experimental vaccine that just came off the shelf!"

    Evidence has been released that the vaccines are owned and manufactured by China. Over 8,000 women in the Department of Defense had 'malformed' pregnancies due to the 'vaccines'.

    Furthermore, evidence has been released that over 1,200 patients died in the clinical trials during the first 3 months from the 'vaccine'.

    Evidence also shows massive placenta damage in pregnant women from the COVID-19 'vaccines'.

    The Department of Defense has also committing fraud against our troops with the 'vaccine' approval process. The only 'vaccine' approved by the FDA the BioNTech. However, this injection is not provided to the troops. The only injection available is the Pfizer 'vaccine'.

    See below for the whole interview:

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