• 2021 CDM FLASHBACK: Were Ukrainian Neo-Nazis Involved In Planning, Executing The Capitol Hill Siege?

    September 5, 2023
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    Originally posted January 18th 2021

    With all of the coverage of Ukrainians at Jan 6, we thought we would let you know we reported it 2 years ago...

    Democrats were working with Ukraine as well as US militants (AntiFa, BLM) to stop the January 6th presentation of election fraud evidence on Donald Trump’s behalf.

    How far did that cooperation to destroy Donald Trump go?

    At the end of the article, I’ll clearly lay out AntiFa’s long relationship to Ukraine’s violent neo-Nazi groups. In Ukraine, what the world labels “neo-Nazi” are official Antifa groups.

    There is both direct and circumstantial evidence Ukrainian nationalists working with AntiFa were the violent parties that attacked Capitol police on January 6th. The circumstantial evidence raises big questions.

    The direct evidence is Pravy Sektor’s Sergei Dybynyn at the front of the violent Capitol groups yelling “Faster! Faster!” in Russian. At first, the media started trying to paint Dybynyn as a Russian propagandist and provocateur. But, the fact Dybynyn received a medal from former Ukrainian president Petr Poroshenko for his work changed that story and big media dropped it.  Because of his work for Poroshenko, he is wanted for supporting terrorism in the Donbass Lugansk People’s Republic. 

    In August 2020, we reported on the ties between Ukrainian neo-Nazis and US Antifa. The Ukrainian fascists were given asylum in the US by the Obama administration working with John Brennan in the tens of thousands from late 2016 to 2020. When the FBI caught on to the violent groups relocating to the US from Ukraine, they stopped it. Over 17,000 Ukrainian nationalists emigrated during this timeframe.

    According to the WaPo article, “an unlikely nationality has come to represent a disproportionate share of the refugees who have been entering the United States in recent years: Ukrainians.

    The United States last year resettled more nationals from Ukraine, a country that barely registers in the United Nations’ assessments of the global refugee crisis, than it did almost any other nationalityMany of the newly arrived Ukrainians have ended up here in Washington state, near Seattle…”

    In that article series we warned the large groups of Ukrainian nationalists came to the US for the purpose of beefing up riots against Donald Trump after they started. This Obama policy brought the worst of the worst into the US under a false asylum claim until it was finally stopped.

    Sergei Dybynyn self-identifies as a Pravy Sektor (Right Sector) member in the middle photo. The blood and soil (red and black) menorah is what Jewish members wear showing off affiliation.

    The connection between Ukraine’s radical nationalists (fascists) and AntiFa-BLM is they began their history together. Azov battalion which I’ll be focusing on is another Pravy Sektor spinoff and US aid funding goes through Pravy Sektor leader Dmitro Yarosh hands.

    Time Magazine’s January 7th article seems to be a lead-in waiting for the proof of Azov’s participation in the Capitol siege. The article lays it out and makes that point.

    “Outside Ukraine, Azov occupies a central role in a network of extremist groups stretching from California across Europe to New Zealand, according to law enforcement officials on three continents.

    “Azov has been recruiting, radicalizing, and training American citizens for years,” the letter said. Christopher Wray, the director of the FBI, later confirmed in testimony to the U.S. Senate that American white supremacists are “actually traveling overseas to train.”

    In their letter to the State Department in 2019, U.S. lawmakers noted that “the link between Azov and acts of terror in America is clear.” The Ukrainian authorities have also taken notice.”

    Former Ukrainian president Petr Poroshenko has supported the work of Pravy Sektor and Azov since 2014 when they propelled him into power; they in turn support him. Poroshenko has worked non-stop to unseat Donald Trump since the 2016 election season.

    Ukrainian MP Andrey Derkach published taped conversations between Poroshenko and then Vice President Joe Biden explicitly detailing how Poroshenko fabricated allegations about Paul Manafort in an attempt to derail the Trump campaign.

    CD Media’s investigation headlined “BREAKING: Ukrainian MEP Releases Further Biden Tapes…JOE CONSPIRED WITH FOREIGN GOVERNMENT AGAINST TRUMP.” The media claimed this was just an attempt to interfere with Joe Biden’s campaign even though the proof was clear Biden was party to election interference in 2016. From the 2016 until the impeachment vote in 2021, Poroshenko and the Democrats focused the Information Operations tools, methods, and assets the Obama-Biden administration set Ukraine up with on the Trump presidency. 

    What kind of opportunities requiring courage would Ukraine be looking for? The following Poroshenko tweet after the Capitol siege caught my eye for that reason.

    The ICC is investigating Ukraine for atrocities committed by Azov and Pravy Sektor on his watch as president and even before any of the facts are known, he’s condemning Donald Trump. Was he in on it? I started watching for a cookie to be thrown to him and didn’t have to wait long for it.

    On January 11th, the US Treasury sanctioned the Ukrainians who exposed Poroshenko and Joe Biden’s effort against Trump as well as Burisma ties. MP Andrey Derkach also exposed the details of the Biden-Burisma scandal at the same time. Exposing the Biden-Ukraine 2016 election interference is the same as the Russian election interference narrative in 2020.

    Poroshenko did take advantage of every window of opportunity to make sure Biden made it past January 6th.

    What you are about to read raises serious questions for me. Is there such a thing as too many coincidences? When does coincidence line up to conspiracy? This is Maxim Yarosh (Макс Ярош). According to his own statements, his job in Azov is infiltration and crowd agitation. Yarosh is a Pravy Sektor member and very active in the violence in Ukraine from Maidan until now. As you can see in the photo, Poroshenko awarded him medals for his service. His reputation for thuggishness speaks for itself.

    In the photo below, he is in the first row, second from the left, and on the right is former US Ambassador Geoff Pyatt. Ukrainian soldiers didn’t take photos with Pyatt unless they have high enough standing with Petr Poroshenko. Poroshenko and Yarosh knew each other well going all the way back to Pyatt’s tenure.

    Around the January 9th through the 11th, Yarosh makes a point of establishing he was in Quito, Ecuador for a religious pilgrimage (his words). The timing itself raises an eyebrow and the proof he posted on Facebook are two photos showing him at the airport and this one placing him outside the Mayor San Jose Seminary showing off his neo-nazi tattoos.   

    Even if we know one Pravy Sektor member, Sergei Dybynyn, was videoed taking part in the Capitol siege, so far it’s not newsworthy. But if Yarosh was there, then things change completely.

    At the same time, according to Petr Poroshenko, he took his family (wife and children) to Ecuador. His story is they flew in under an assumed name (fake passports), rented a yacht, and toured the Galapagos Islands for a couple of weeks starting at the end of December until around January 11th or 12th.

    The circumstantial evidence that points to the possibility Yarosh was involved in the Capitol siege, which involves Poroshenko, was reported in the news. Maxim Yarosh made a point of confronting Petr Poroshenko on the flight to Amsterdam and again after they landed.

    CDMedia is being de-platformed and obviously too effective! We need your support to put more reporters in the field! Help us here!

    In light of the events on the 6th, this looks like a crude attempt at establishing an alibi for Maxim Yarosh. The following video is unedited and of poor quality. Unless you speak Russian, I’d suggest turning the volume off and concentrating on what’s wrong with the video.

    Petr Poroshenko was the President of Ukraine until 2019. Ex-presidents have State provided bodyguard details for life. If you google “Poroshenko bodyguard” you’ll see why Poroshenko doesn’t travel without bodyguards anywhere.

    There were no bodyguards on the plane intervening or even visible. There were none at the airport to intervene for Poroshenko. The ex-president looks like he’s playing a part.

    Ukrainian Billionaires like Poroshenko that fly halfway across the world to rent a yacht for a few weeks don’t fly business class on commercial airliners. Looking at the seating arrangement, he might as well have gone with economy class. His wife kneels in the aisle next to his seat to take part in the conversation. It makes you wonder if he moved to this seat just for the video. 

    Petr Poroshenko and his wife are the only two people not wearing COVID masks on the flight which makes them the only two people that were 100% identifiable on the video.

    At the airport, for a few seconds, Poroshenko drops back a few steps talking with what might be another radical. Again, there are no presidential bodyguards to be found.

    Here’s the problem. Yarosh has the motive, method, time, and opportunity to have been part of the Capitol siege.

    Yarosh is the right guy for the job, has the needed skill sets and mentality, and most importantly places himself with the one guy in the world that wants to make a Capitol siege event happen so he can claw back into power.

    If anyone has facial recognition capabilities, this is a key person to look for at the Capitol.

    Poroshenko’s Ukrainian neo-Nazis and AntiFa

    According to AntiFa, from the beginning of the group in pre-Nazi Germany, they were a socialist group fighting fascists like the Nazis. While the statement is almost true in a specific timeframe, they were never the social humanitarian heroes they pretend to be.

    The leader of the political group Antifa belonged to at the time was an architect of the final solution during WWII. That’s a little different than they like to present themselves.

    AntiFa’s history can be summarized like this -- the group started out as the military wing of the German Communist Party (KPD). Before the rise of Hitler, they supported Stalin and Marxist socialism. Nazis were fascists. The KPD didn’t like other socialist groups so they were labeled fascist too.

    The KPD’s armed group was AntiFa and they fought in the streets against every group the KPD labeled fascist. The KPD decided it liked Hitler so Stalin was fascist. Then Hitler was fascist again. After this they merged with the SA, better known as the Brownshirts and Stalin was fascist again.

    The Waffen SS was formed as a subgroup by the SA (Antifa) which was demanding the socialism Adolf Hitler promised them.

    “The Munich-born American historian Konrad Heiden was one of the first to document this phenomenon in his 1936 book Hitler: A Biography, remarking that within the Sturmabteilung (Brownshirts, SA) ranks there were "large numbers of Communists and Social Democrats" and that "many of the storm troops were called 'beefsteaks' – brown outside and red within.” The switching of political parties was at times so common that SA men would jest that "[i]n our storm troop there are three Nazis, but we shall soon have spewed them out.” Wikipedia

    Hitler didn’t like the political power the leader of the SA, Ernst Rohm was gaining or the AntiFa SA elements who were looting, robbing, and raping and demanding socialism while he was trying to consolidate power. He set up the Reichstag fire to deal with all the Nazi’s undesirables and his competitor. The night of the long knives followed.

    The Nazis prosecuted the KPD-AntiFa’s top leader, Ernst Torgler. After Torgler was found innocent, he worked for Reinhard Heidrich in 1941. Hitler called Heidrich the man with the iron heart.

    In 1942, they presented “The Final Solution to the Jewish Problem.” Reinhard and the KPD-AntiFa leader Torgler were the architects of the Holocaust.

    In 1941, Ukrainian nationalists formalized their relations in with the SA and SS Antifa groups with 3 Waffen SS Battalions.

    In 1991, the last Ukrainian nationalist leader from that period (Slava Stetsko) immigrated to Ukraine and started her own political party with a militant wing. The militant wing called Trizub-Bandera is led by Dmitro Yarosh, the head of today’s Pravy Sektor, Azov, and the other groups that came out of the 2014 Maidan.

    German Foreign Policy notes the successors to Slava Stetsko’s OUN (Ukrainian Nationalists) are Svoboda, CUN, Pravyi Sector, and UNA-UNSO.

    Ultra-Nationalist UNA-UNSO also doubles as Ukraine’s Antifa and has taken this mantle for a few decades.  

    Why would Ukraine neo-nazis help Antifa and the Democrats with the Capitol siege? In the photo they're working together in Lviv, Ukraine.

    All three share the same politics. Imagine the 3rd Reich without Hitler. Imagine.

    It’s not only the Ukrainian nationalists and US Antifa-BLM, but over 120+ Congressmen and Senators from both parties support the groups that made this happen and should be investigated formally.

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