• Army Admits Veteran Suffered COVID Vaccine Injury ‘in the Line of Duty’

    June 27, 2024
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    American Military News reported:

    The U.S. Army reportedly admitted that a young veteran who suffered a vaccine injury was injured “in the line of duty.”

    According to an interview conducted by investigative reporter Catherine Herridge, Karolina Stancik, 24, said she took two shots of the Moderna vaccine that caused debilitating injuries. Stancik was discharged as a result of her injuries, but the Army reportedly refused to pay for her medical treatment. Her injuries included complications involving her heart.

    The veteran said the Army subsequently sent her a letter in which the service admitted her vaccine injury occurred “in the line of duty.” Since taking two doses of the Moderna vaccine, Stancik said she has suffered multiple heart attacks and a mini-stroke. She was also given a pacemaker to support her heart.

    Herridge said documents show the U.S. Army admitted Stancik’s condition “is considered In Line of Duty by the preponderance of evidence in lieu of a Line of Duty Investigation.” Herridge said Stancik is now facing $70,000 in medical debt.

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    Amy Williams

    Maybe this “uncaring” treatment of someone willing to give their life for their Country, has something to do with recruitment?🤔

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