• LARA LOGAN WARNING: The Snakes Are Inside The House - SOF Members Targeted

    May 27, 2024
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    Journalist Lara Logan, known for her sourcing inside intelligence circles, has put out the following dire warning to U.S. Special Operations troops.

    The recent incident of Chechen spies targeting a SOF officer, which resulted in the death of one of the Chechens, is the canary in the coal mine for our current military vulnerability.

    Taken from Telegram...

    Got some inside baseball from friends in the Spec Ops community at Bragg. The incident last week in Carthage, NC was at the property and home of a Special Forces Colonel. He discovered there were trespassers on his property and went to investigate and discovered two men taking photographs of his house with a professional camera that had a telephoto lens. They claimed to be “Utility Workers” but had no ID Badges, no tools or tool belts, and no work van. Plus, these “Utility Workers” barely spoke English and turned out to be Chechens. One of the Chechens tried to attack the Colonel, and he produced his sidearm and shot the attacker in the face. The other Chechen dropped immediately to the ground and surrendered. According to the Spec OPs guys I know, these were Chechen Mercenaries attempting to collect surveillance on the Colonel and his family to obviously extract revenge for American Special Forces killing many Chechen Mercenaries in Afghanistan. They’re here. They’re here as a result of the O’Biden Administration’s intentional opening of the border to destroy the United States as we know it.

    More information here from Red State.



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    Sgt. Stiener


    Great job by the S.F. Officer defending- his home, and our country. Every military person at ever base that I talk too echos what the Admiral is saying in the above link. The bastards are here and they are brazen as hell with the probes of our facilities. Tighten down your helmet straps- something wicked this way comes.

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