• BREAKING: Outbreak Of Hepatitis In Ukraine – Vinnytsia Locked Down

    November 20, 2023
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    An outbreak of diseases is expected in Ukraine

    BREAKING: Outbreak Of Hepatitis In Ukraine – Vinnytsia Locked Down
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    KYIV – Helsi, a state-owned medical agency of the Ukrainian government reported an outbreak of Hepatitis A in the Vinnytsia region.  262 people were identified with this disease.

    Several other incidences were identified in other regions of Ukraine: Mykolaiv, Dnipro, Sumy.

    Later the Ministry of Health of Ukraine reported that the “outbreak of Hepatitis” is not an outbreak and that the numbers are very traditional to this time of year.

    We consider the source of Helsi as original. We understand that the news on “quarantining” Vinnytsia and closing the transportation from Vinnitsa to other cities of Ukraine were real. The outbreak in Vinnytsia was localized and is now under control.

    We also forecast the same kind of threats to appear in Ukraine in the nearest future in order to scare people to sit at home and not to travel to other cities. 

    The Ukrainian government is approaching an agony. The government will initiate all different methods to keep people from traveling from one city to another city and gathering for public meetings. The government in Ukraine is fearing next Maidan Revolution in the country.




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