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    March 16, 2024
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    Retired Army Col. Robert L. Howard, a Medal of Honor recipient, talks to Soldiers at Joint Task Force Guantanamo, July 29. Howard travels the country telling his stories and the importance of patriotism, leadership, democracy and the history of the Medal of Honor.
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    Guest post by James Atticus Bowden 

    Over the past several days, a royal donnybrook has been spawned by the decision of the West Point Superintendent to remove the Academy motto, Duty, Honor, Country, from its mission statement. AFNN reached out to the MacArthur Society, and here is their response to this issue and a long list of other concerns impacting the World’s premiere military institution of higher learning.[1]

    The MacArthur Society of West Point Graduates is about restoring, reforming, and improving the United States Military Academy so that it can continue to serve the needs of the U.S. Army and the Nation for the rest of this century.

    So, what needs to be restored, reformed, and improved at USMA?

    The cheating scandal and special treatment for football players, cadets OD’ing on drugs, a broken Honor System, the insubordinate “Anti-Racist West Point” screed, graduating a proud Communist, race-based admissions, and teaching DEI and CRT indicate something really is rotten at West Point.  Removing “Duty, Honor, Country” from the USMA Mission statement is the latest evidence of institutional rot.

    Consequently, the MacArthur Society proposes the following:


    1.     Restore the Honor System to the Corps of Cadets with an absolute standard of integrity.

    2.     Restore academic excellence in every degree-granting program.

    3.     Restore the highest standards of meritocracy, excellence, and integrity.


    4.     End race-based admissions of candidates and selection of faculty and administration.

    5.     End teaching, training, and favorable discussion of the Cultural Marxism of Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, and Critical Race Theory at USMA.

    6.     Reform the faculty's composition and terms of service to increase the role of active duty and retired Army officers in classroom instruction.

    7.     Reform the core curriculum to serve the U.S. Army for the next century.

    8.     Reform Corps-Squad athletics recruitment, privileges, and exemptions to more fully inculcate athletes as members of the Corps of Cadets.


    9.     Improve USMA to ensure that graduates add a quantitative and qualitative difference to the Army compared to every other officer accession program.

    10.Improve USMA to motivate more graduates to serve successful, full careers as Army officers.

    11.Improve the process for the periodic review and accountability for USMA.

    The MacArthur Society is working with USNA and USAFA graduates in the Heritage Foundation’s Project 2025. If a new administration can be elected on November 24, we propose a Presidential Executive Order establishing a blue-ribbon panel for all three Service Academies.

    We call this “Joint Borman Commission 2.0” because, like the Borman Commission following the USMA’s 1976 Cheating Scandal, it must address why West Point is no longer “a unique institution where young men and women, in a spartan military environment, learn the academic and military skills necessary to be a professional soldier.”

    A Presidential Commission is needed to conduct an apolitical, serious investigation to see how deep the black mold of Cultural Marxism rots the institution.  Furthermore, the reforms must include legislation that a Presidential administration change can’t sweep away.  West Point needs to be kept further away from politics.

    If the MacArthur Society can’t get a Borman 2.0 after this election, we will focus on shedding as much light as possible on what is being taught and trained at West Point.  We will advocate the “harder right instead of the easier wrong.”

    While old grads created the MacArthur Society, anyone concerned about West Point and the U.S. Army is welcome to join our mailing list and contribute to our common cause.

    If you want to help restore, reform, and improve West Point, sign up on the MacArthur Society email list at https://macarthursociety.org/

    [1]American Free News Network, March 15,2024

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    Duty, honor, country is now diversity, equity, inclusion.

    Scott Shires

    They, at West Point, have introduced. "Army Values.......the values do not include Country....... THEY want Golalism.....

    Amy Williams

    Borman 2.0 is a great plan! All Patriots need to 🙏🏻🇺🇸❤️ for a real Commander in Chief to execute it.

    Dan Gilfry

    What country do THEY fight for!?

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